Sunday, September 28, 2008

I Have Found Me A Home!

In 1973 my music hero, Jimmy Buffett. Wrote a love song for his favorite place in the world. "I Have Found Me A Home", expresses all the love and joy that can be experienced. When living in a unique and special environment. Jimmy found love and peace when he ventured to live in the island city of Key West, Florida. Back in the early 1970's. Which helped a lot to turn his life around in a positive direction.

In October 2007. I ventured for the first time to visit the state of Vermont. When I received my first look at Lake Champlain. I knew like Jimmy Buffett. "That I Had Found Me A Home". Vermont also provides a very special environment. Because of the lush greenness. Because of the rolling mountains. Because of the scenic rivers. Because of the quaint villages and towns. Because of the relaxed and quality way, Vermonters live there lives, and because time has no meaning here. You will experience this. When you visit the land that lies between, Lake Champlain and the Connecticut River.

Here is the opining verse of Jimmy Buffett's song. "I Have Found Me A Home".

The days drift by
They don't have names
None of the streets here look the same
And there're so many quiet places
And smilin' eyes match the smilin' faces

This verse captures the beauty and uniqueness of Vermont to the letter.