Thursday, July 27, 2017

Living The Life on South Hero Island

Riding on "West Shore Rd". Nice views of Lake Champlain and White's Beach.
My final day of my quality time living the life on South Hero Island. Was a special day indeed. My day would begin with a wonderful breakfast. As always I like to enjoy some sore of healthy cereal to start my day. Then Karyl decided to make fresh and delicious egg English Muffins. Served with Canadian Bacon and slice of Vermont Cheddar Cheese. For all the guests stating at the Ring Dang Doo. Enjoying a great breakfast will defiantly give you the opportunity for a great day!

After the wonderful breakfast. I set out on a very nice and relaxed final bike ride of this holiday. Here was the route designed by the "Travel Wolfe". I rode my Raleigh Serengeti Mountain Bike east on Martin Road until I reached South St. Then I turned right on South St until I reached "West Shore Road". Then I proceeded west on West Shore Road until I reached Sunset View Rd. Then peddled north on Sunset View Rd until I reach highway 2. Then I headed east on highway 2 until I rode past the village of South Hero Island. Then I rode my bike until I reached Landon Rd. Made the right turn on Landon Rd. Then I peddled until I reached South St again. Then headed south on South St until I reached Martin road and finished my bike ride after arriving back at the "Ring Dang Doo".

Then I stated to get in a complex demeanor of relaxation. By going for a swim in Lake Champlain. I did enjoy my swims in Lake Champlain very much! Then I enjoyed a tuna sandwich for lunch with some onion-garlic potato chips. Then with Lake Champlain in a very mellow mood. I proceeded to take one of the kayak belonging to the Ring Dang Doo for a nice ride in Lake Champlain. It was a simply marvelous experience going for a ride being a part of Lake Champlain. I didn't want the ride to end. But knowing it had too. I enjoyed another nice swim in Lake Champlain when my kayak ride was over.

I must say it was a great day to end my experience living the life on South Hero Island Vt. The State of Vermont continues to be a positive force in my life. At a time when everything in what is suppose to be the normality of the world around me. Continues to become more complicated! I would like to again thank Karyl and Bob owners of the Ring Dang Doo. For giving me the chance to enjoy holidaying on South Hero Island. We will always look forward to Sailing Away to a brand new and fun adventure!
Still on on West Shore Rd. riding towards "Sunset View Rd.

Riding my Bike on "Sunset View Rd. heading north. I did have to negotiate a steep hill on this part of the ride.
Travelling east on Highway 2. The Green Mountains in full view!
Peddling southbound on "South St".
Riding home to the "Ring Dang Doo" on Martin Rd.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Island Line Trail- "The Cut"

I spend a relaxing day today. Just went for a nice drive into the country. To pay the village of Johnson a visit. Looking for rare and valuable antiques and collectibles. Nothing was found. However the search will always be a big part of the fun. I enjoyed a nice swim in Lake Champlain on my return to my digs at the "Ring Dang Doo". Then when I was able to find the energy and ambition to ride my bike. I completed the short distance to where "The Cut" is located on the "Island Line Trail". The Cut is a 61 meter gap in the Colchester Causeway. That use to be the home of a swing bridge. The Swing bridge was taken out in the 1960's. Leaving the "Cut"  in the causeway to allow free access from boats going from Mallets Bay to enter Lake Champlain or vice versa.

I enjoyed some relaxing time. Just taken photos of the boats passing through the "Cut". As always I have included some photos from my experience.

Biking- Missisquoi Valley Rail Trail

Today was another great day enjoyed on my Summer Vermont Adventure. When I had to get a flat front tire repaired in a local bike shop. early during this trip. During my wait to have the shop repair the tire. I started to look at a brochure on display in the bike shop. Giving the information on biking on the "Missisquoi Valley Rail Trail". This very scenic hiking and biking trail begins in the town of St Albans and continues northwest to the the town of Richford. This hiking and biking trail is 26.4 miles in length. The trail is what remains of an old rail line. Biking or hiking on this unique trail. Gives the user and excellent opportunity to See what's makes the State of Vermont. A beautiful place to be!

I have included my photos from my experience of biking on the "Missisquoi Valley Rail Trail" from St. Albans to past the town of Sheldon. Then I returned to St Albans.

Friday, July 21, 2017

A Sunset to Remember!

To enjoy  the evening after my great afternoon visiting the town of Stowe. I decided to relax at the 'Ring Dang Doo" bunk house. Declining an offer to watch a free concert being held at the "Snow Farm Vineyard.

My purpose during tranquil and clear skies overlooking Lake Champlain. Was to try and get some great photos of the pending sunset. I was not disappointed. Mother Nature rewarded me. As the great lady put on a spectacular light show over Lake Champlain. These are some of the best photos that I took. using my Panasonic Lumix  DMC-LZ6 Digital Camera.