Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Why Travel, and where shall I go?

For me, it getting close to that magic time again. The time when I get the chance to hit the road, and visit a brave new world.

On February 6, I fly KLM to Amsterdam. I must admit I can hardly wait! Getting away from my normal life, has always meant real pleasure for me. My opinion if it means anything at all. Traveling gives the traveler the chance to transforms life, from existing to living. Sadly most people never really get the chance to experience what I mean. Every trip I get to go on, becomes more special as time goes on.

You may be asking yourself. Why is Donny going back to Europe in the winter? Why go there, when he can fly somewhere warm. That is a very good question, I'm glad you asked.

I love going to Europe, the old country, as I kindly like to refer to it. If all goes well. This will be my 7th time crossing the pound to visit the old country. Like a lot of us Canadians. Most of our family came from various places in Europe. The main reason for me going back again is. I really feel at home, being in Europe.

Also one of my best friends lives in Europe. Peter V/D W. and I have been great friends since we met in St. Moritz, Switzerland, in 1986. Peter is not only a great friend, he also a mentor. He is one of the best travelers' I have ever met. Peter has traveled extensively around the world, and has a collected, quite an impressive collection of great experiences, and memories. He lives in an appropriate place. The town of "Best" located in The Netherlands.

Even though it is winter. It really doesn't matter to me. Europe has a lot to offer, no matter what the season is. While you are in Europe you get to enjoy; the history, the culture, the people, the food, and the atmosphere. That is always your companion during you stay on the continent. Also if you visit a warm weather destination, you have to worry about obtaining a bad sunburn, fighting off the mosquitoes, and don't forget my favorite. Coming home to minus 15 Celsius, when you have just gotten use to being in plus 27 Celsius!

The first two weeks of this trip. I will get to relive my holiday from 1991. I will go back to visit classic cities in Belgium, and The Netherlands. For example; Brussels and Brugge in Belgium, and Maastricht and Amsterdam in The Netherlands. It is also possible that I may end up going to visit Liege, which is the largest French speaking city, located in Belgium. I may also have the chance to visit the city of Cologne, Germany.

The final week of this trip, will be spent in the capital of England. Which of course is the classic and historic city of London. This city is the birth place of my Grandfather. So the city will always hold special meaning for me. It is also the place where the Democratic world. Made the heroic stand against Nazism, and happily defeated it. That is another reason, London, England will always be a special place for me, to be.

London also has a lot to offer as a tourist destination. Believe me, you will never be bored when you become a Londoner. You get to enjoy; the museums, the theaters, the pubs, shops, and numerous places to eat, of all price range, shape and description. Also riding the rails underground, on London's historic tube, is a real pleasurable experience!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cheese and Maple Syrup, anyone?

You can't talk about food and Vermont. Without discussing two foods that the "The Green Mountain State are famous for. Vermont produces the most Maple Syrup in the U.S.A. then any other American state. You can find this natural liquid sugar product everywhere in the state. I believe that you can get better prices to purchase, the closer you get to Canada. Compared to the prices in the south, of Vermont. But for god's sake enjoy this gift of nature when you are there. Put in on your pancakes and french toast, and try it in your tea or coffee, instead of using that white powder stuff. Your body will thank you in the end for sure. Maple syrup makes a great souvenir of a Vermont vacation. It also makes a great gift to bring home for friends or relatives.

Say Cheese! Say Cabot Cheese. This historic Vermont creamy has been making high quality dairy products since 1919. They are now famous for there outstanding Cheddar cheese. It comes in many different varieties. All are outstanding! Cabot cheese has won many awards, and also has the honor of being the only U.S. cheese that is imported to England. Make sure and pay the Creamy a visit during your Vermont vacation. It is located at 2878 Main Street Cabot, VT 05647. They offer free samples of this pleasure in life at the visitor center, and offer tours of the factory for a nominal fee.