Saturday, September 21, 2019

The Million Dollar Highway

Part of the fun of travel, for the Travel Wolfe. Is to enjoy adventure! This journey led me to the town of Durango. From there I would experience driving the "Million Dollar Highway" Colorado route 550. Through up and over the beautiful San Juan Mountain Range in Colorado. I believe one of the most scenic and unique drives certainly in North America and in the World.

This amazing drive is in 2 parts. The 37 miles part from Durango to Silverton. Then the 15 miles from Silverton to Ouray. So I will present my photos of my amazing drive in 2 parts. I will also do a post on my experience visiting Silverton and Ouray. Plus a post dedicated to the old Steam Train that still ply it's trade. Transporting eager tourist. The chance to transported back in time. Back into the history books. The chance to ride a Steam Locomotive from Durango to Silverton and back. On a journey through the San Juan Mountains.

The drive was both difficult and exciting.I did complete the drive to most scenic way. Driving north on the "Million Dollar Highway". You are totally amazed by the beautiful and scenic views that you are enjoying. However the road goes up and down, and there are lots of curving switchback as you go or down or up in elevation.Driving northbound. You are driving in most places with no guardrails. Leaving the road for any reason could present serious consequences.I would not want to drive Colorado route 550 in darkness or in any sort of bad weather conditions.My friend Mother Nature provided perfect weather conditions for my special drive to the scenic and unique town of Ouray!!! Not the time for my photos.

Part 1 Durango to Silverton

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Travel to Durango Via Wolf Creek Pass

The drive to get to the town of Durango was quite the journey. It seemed very ordinary and predictable. I would stop and refuel my rented vehicle in the town of South Fork. Then everything would change dramatically after this point. The surrounding would become very lush with trress. trying to persuade me that I was back in Vermont. Then the road signs were preparing us drivers for what was to come next.
We were approaching the Wolf Creek Pass and the Continental Divide. I was now entering the San Luis Valley into the south-west Colorado. Many switchbacks to combat the 6.8 maximum grades of the road. Would be a challenge for us driving Colorado Route 160 westbound.

In all my traveling. I have driven mountain routes in Oregon, Washing State, California, and Arizona. But I had never encountered anything close to this before. I have included the photos from my experience.

Great Sand Dunes National Park

                                 Driving towards Sand Dunes National Park
After my quality experience enjoying the Breckenridge area. My itinerary would now take me south to visit the southern region of Colorado. I would be heading for the very nice town of Salida. After leaving "Summit County and very high altitudes. I would be now changing scenery into more desert and flat areas of Colorado.

I traveled though farming ranches heading towards my comfortable Air B&B lodging in Salida. The following day my travels would take me to visit yest another wonderful National Park located in the United States. Located close to the town of Mosca, Colorado. You can find "Great Sand Dunes National Park".

Perfect weather condition were enjoyed in this naturally wonderful and unique place. It always a wonderful experience visiting these places of natural beauty. A very great opportunity to relax and get back into a positive frame of mind!

I have included my photos of the experience. After leaving The Great Sand Dunes National Park. I would then be traveling onward to the southwest part of Colorado, and the town of Durango.

Turquoise Lake

Located 5 miles west of the town of Leadville. You will find a beautiful lake named for the turquoise deposits that were found where this piece of sheer beauty is located. The lake is at an altitude of just 10,000 feet under sea level.

Happy I stopped in to enjoy a look. I have included some photos.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Leadville "On Top Of It All"

Yesterday I enjoyed some very pleasant time visiting the historic town of Leadville. Which at 10,200 feet above sea level. Is located at the highest altitude of any town in the United States.

I relaxed, looked in a very interesting antique store,enjoyed a nice lunch. I was planing to have a look in the historic Silver Dollar Saloon.But is was closed for a private party. The town of Leadville has a very interesting history. During the mining boom in Colorado. The town of Leadville had the second largest population in the State of Colorado.

I included my photos of this unique and historic town.