Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Love The Land of Enchantment

           Getting ready to land at the International Sunport
   Lake State Park
  The Blue Hole
I always enjoy to review and enjoy newly established memories of a recent holiday. I did get to enjoy my second chance to visit the U.S.A. State of New Mexico. I went on this trip during a concerning situation as we are now in the midst of a World Wide Pandemic. The Corona Covid 19 Virus which began in China and is unfortunately circulating all over, our beautiful planet Earth,

My holiday was from March 2nd until the 10th. This was not really sufficient time to enjoy the beauty and serenity of "The Land of Enchantment. But I defiantly wanted to enjoy a vacation and wanted to experience and see New Mexico for the second time.

Very glad I got this holiday in. Not sure when I will be able to travel again. Currently almost all international flights have been canceled. Also non essential travel to the United States has been temporarily curtailed. Also a big economic upheaval is currently underway. Not sure when or how well our society will cope with, survive and recover from this very contagious and dangerous virus. Only time will tell.

My trip got off to a very good start. The American Airlines experience, to get me back to Sunport located in Albuquerque went very well.I first flew to Dallas/Fort Worth Airport. The Sun was shinning brightly as we landed back at The International Sunport, located in Albuquerque. Before I left on this journey. I wisely changed my car reservation to Alamo Rent a Car. I was treated very well by this rent a car company. I rented a small compact car for this adventure. The Alamo representative was happy to give me a much nicer vehicle to drive, for no extra fee!!! I choose a very nice 2020 Toyota Camry to be my transportation for my holiday! This car was amazing!!! Just a dream to drive, full of luxury and safety driving features, also being very economical on fuel.

After I picked up my rented Camry. I drove east on highway 40 to reach the town of Santa Rosa. Time to unwind and relax and get in holiday mode. I stayed in a nice hotel for my first accommodation. Which was located on historic Route 66 in Santa Rosa, New Mexico. During my stay in Santa Rosa, I visited the famous "Blue Hole" and also  went to see the beautiful "Lake State Park".

The next destination on my second journey though "The Land of Enchantment". Would be the city of Clovis. Which is located in the far eastern part of New Mexico. The city of Clovis is famous for railroad transport of goods, dairy food production. This city also contains some famous music history. Norman Petty became a prominent music producer. As Buddy Holly & the Crickets produced all of there rockabilly hits in the Norman Petty recording studio, located in Clovis.

On the way to Clovis I drove through the town of Fort Sumner where on July 14, 1881. Famous American outlaw "Billy The Kid" was killed and laid to rest. The Kid's resting place was not far out of my way. So I stopped off and paid my respects. To this famous American folk hero. Who lived a short but very adventitious life.

After my visit to Clovis. I set out to visit for the second time. The beautiful mountain town of Ruidoso. Located at 6,920 feet above sea level. In the Sierra Bianca Mountains in Lincoln Country New Mexico. The area is where Billy The Kid lived during most of his life. It was great to back there, and enjoy another visit to Ruidoso Downs Racetrack. No live racing in winter, but I enjoyed making some cash betting on the horses, at the Billy The Kid Casino.

Then I set the next day, driving to the city of Alamogordo. So I could enjoy my second visit to the White Sands. One of the best natural attractions to visit in "The Land of Enchantment" The White Sands is the largest gypsum dunefield located on Planet Earth. I did enjoy my experience getting another opportunity to enjoy this place of unique and extreme beauty!!!

Then I traveled to visit the town of "Truth or Consequences" to relax and enjoy this historic quaint city. Famous for the Geronimo Springs, which allows people to soak and relax in the naturally hot mineral water. I did enjoy that experience.

The final part of my 2nd trip to enjoy visiting New Mexico. Was traveling back to Albuquerque. On the final day. I had the opportunity to enjoy a nice visit to the State Capital of Santa Fe.

I enjoyed this trip. Very happy I got to go back and enjoy living in New Mexico again!!! The open spaces, and the chance to enjoy the most attractive desert region in the world is a very unique experience. It is the combination of high altitude and the beautiful mountains ranges that contributes. To New Mexico's special scenery and Eco system that exists. Which has created this Very Enchanting Place!!!

I have enjoyed all of my travels. All the experiences have been enjoyed! As always I give thanks to have the chance to enjoy all of the trips, the excitement and the enjoyment of life!!! Our Planet Earth is a beautiful place!!! Always hopeful that I will be able to hit the road and enjoy another new experience and a new adventure! The problems that plague mankind are getting more and more complicated and severe. So we will see what happens down the road!

I am forever grateful to my Dad Sheldon and my Mom Charlotte for giving me the gift of life. I have enjoyed the journey. Also a big thanks to Mother Nature, for always being my guide and my guardian. For your amazing job! For creating a totally awesome place to enjoy living!!!

  My Rented Toyota Camry 2020
  The resting place of Billy The Kid
  Ruidoso Downs Racetrack
 The Beauty of The White Sands

My photos from the City of "Truth or Consequences.

 The beautiful State Capital of New Mexico "Santa Fe"

Monday, March 9, 2020

A Look Around Santa Fe

Today the final day of second visit to New Mexico. I made the right and decision and drove the 54 miles to visit the beautiful capital of the Land of Enchantment. The beautiful city of Santa Fe. Lots of history and charm in this USA capital city.

On my first visit to Santa Fe. During my 2017 holiday visiting "The Land of Enchantment". I spent 3 days in Santa Fe. But used that quality time to visit; Los Alamos, The Rio Grande Bridge, and the town of Tos.

On this trip I had a look around the downtown of Santa Fe.Also enjoyed some time looking around the beautiful capital building.

I present my photos from my visit to Santa Fe. The capital city of "The Land of Enchantment"

The State Capital Building in Santa Fe

More of the charm of the Capital City of Santa Fe

Sunday, March 8, 2020

The Back Country Byway to Emory Pass

Caballo Lake
My full day spent in Truth and Consequences was enjoyed. Travelers enjoy to travel. The day was sunny and beautiful. The Zia had inspired to set and enjoy a new part of the "Land of Enchantment". My first destination was Caballo Lake State Park. Another beautiful lake area located 15 to the south of Truth and Consequences.

Then I drove the back Country Byway all the way to reach the Emory Pass on Hillsboro Peak. I passed through the small villages of Hillsboro and Kingston to reach the Pass. The Emory Pass reaches a height of 8228 feet. The views are excellent.

Then I returned back to the small village of Hillsboro and enjoyed a great lunch at the general store located there.

Then I drove back to Truth and Consequences. Did some shopping and then returned back to my motel. I then went to enjoy a hot bath at the Pelican Spa. The hot bath was enjoyed enjoyed. I then just relaxed after the bath in town and enjoyed the sun and just the fact that I`m back in New Mexico and on vacation.

The drive up to Emory Pass and the views!

The small New Mexican town of Hillsboro
 Excellent lunch at the General Store
 The Hillsboro Post Office
The drive back to Truth or Consequences