Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Cycling Down "West Shore Rd."

A view of Lake Champlain. From School St looking west.

Certainly I can say that Cycling can be thoroughly enjoyed in all parts of Vermont! Also when you are visiting the Vermont Islands. You can peddle for miles in basically flat terrain.  Which is a further extension of the lush Green Mountain vegetation. Plus with lots of beautiful views of Lake Champlain.

This morning after enjoying a very nice breakfast as the Old Schoolhouse. Which featured some delicious French Toast made by Carol. I set out for a very nice bike ride on the Isle LaMotte. I road west down School Street which runs into "West Side Rd". Then I rode south on West Side Rd. I have included some photos I took of this great cycling experience!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Vermont Trip part 2- "The Isle LaMotte"

A final swim in Blueberry Lake.

Today has been a fantastic day! As this holiday is turning out to be a smasher! Today after I woke. I started to organize all of my belongings. To prepare to leave for part two of my Vermont Adventure. I will travel today to The Isle LaMotte. Which is a beautiful island located on Lake Champlain.

I enjoyed a nice breakfast of farm fresh eggs. Which are free to all the guests at the Gathering Inn. I do admit I will miss the Chickens and their eggs. Plus I do love staying at the Gathering Inn! Kathrine showed me the work  being done on the local general store in Hancock. Which has new ownership and a whole new eating and shopping experience.  Soon to be enjoyed in the village of Hancock!

After enjoying a nice chat with Rick. I finished packing my car and was on my way to begin part 2 of this exciting adventure! The first activity on the day was enjoying one final swim at Blueberry Lake. When I arrived it soon became apparent to me. That I was the only person at the lake. I was to enjoy wonderful Blueberry Lake all to myself! What a special treat that was!

Then I continuing  traveling north to Waitsfield. To gas up my Corolla. The next stop would be the popular Vermont destination of Stowe. To enjoy some lunch and a bike ride. On the beautiful "Rec. Path". I did enjoy a very nice lunch at the "Cafe On Main". A great place to eat while visiting the town of Stowe. Now it was time to enjoy my bike ride on the "Rec Path". Happily I have completed this ride many times. It is a wonderful bike riding experience! Before I left Stowe I enjoyed a wonderful cup of coffee at "Black Cap Coffee". I enjoyed the coffee with a maple cookie I purchased at Cafe.

The drive to Isle LaMotte went very well! I arrived just after 4 PM. It was great to see Carol again and to be back on the Isle LaMotte! After relaxing for awhile. I did enjoy to short bike rides. It is a wonderful experience biking on this island. More of what Vermont is. A quiet peaceful place of beauty!!!

Riding the wonderful "Rec Path" in Stowe.

The Country Store located on North Hero Island Vt.

Being back on the Isle LaMotte feels very special!

Hangs inside "The Old Schoolhouse B & B"

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Moss Glen Falls- "A Cool Place to Be"

The weather has been warm in Vermont for the last couple of days. Saying that it is an easy problem to handle. Being here in the Green Mountain State. For their are lots of lakes and rivers. To go for a swim to cool off.

Also a favorite attraction in the area. Is "Moss Glen Falls". Which is a very accessible. As it is located just about 3 miles north of the village of Granville on the west side of the road on Vt. Route 100. Their is some parking spaces and a fenced walkway. That takes you right to the falls. Nature air conditioning takes over at this point. You will quickly notice that the air temperature. Is much cooler compared to being in an open space exposed to direct sunlight.

Moss Glen Falls is a very cool place to enjoy on a very hot day! I have included my pictorial and some information on Moss Glen Falls (Granville)

Magnitude: 32

 Abs Mag: 38

 Beisel Rating: 0.28 (Class 1)

 Height: 68 feet

 Tallest Drop: 68 feet

 # of Drops: 1

 Type: fan

 Stream: Deer Hollow Brook

 Latitude: 44.0181

 Longitude : 72.8503

Friday, June 24, 2016

Blueberry Lake & The Warren Store

I have enjoyed a wonderful day of life today. During my 2016 Vermont Adventure! Again Mother Nature my friend has come through with flying colors. Creating such wonderful summer weather to enjoy during my vacation.
I have enjoyed two swims in unique and wonderful Blueberry Lake. With a great lunch also enjoyed at "The Warren Store". Also I completed two bike rides to Rochester. One in the morning and one in the afternoon.

The beauty of "Blueberry Lake" is hard to be beat. It is a man-made lake. That seems hard to believe that Mother Nature didn't create this small and idyllic piece of blue water. Today was my first experience to swim in Blueberry Lake. The water was so warm and clean. As the source of Blueberry Lake is a natural spring. I enjoyed the swim so much in this tranquil place. Like famed singer Jim Croce use to say. "If you dig it do it"!  "And if you really dig it, do it twice".

So after a very enjoyed lunch at the "Warren Store". I enjoyed a second swim in Blueberry Lake. The surroundings in and around The Warren Store are so special. As you get to totally enjoy being apart of nature. Even though you are also enjoying  the very nice amenities of a special Vermont Village!

I have enjoyed this day to the max!!!. It has left me feeling; relaxed, tranquil and feeling physically better! Thanks Vermont I sure needed that!!!

My received fortune, drinking a cup of herbal tea. Summed up my entire day today!

To find beautiful "Blueberry Lake". You turn onto Plunkton Rd. off of Vt. Route 100. The turnoff to Plunkton Rd is 4 KM (2.5 miles) north of "Moss Glen Falls". Just follow Plunkton Rd until come to Blueberry Lake.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Getting Away From It All!

 Riding north on Vt Route 100 towards the village of Granville.

People reading this blog. Will always wonder why I love it here in the State of Vermont so much. After all there is no large major cities located here in Vermont. There is no legal gambling outside of some State Lotteries. There are no major league sports teams that get to call Vermont their home. Also there is no exotic tropical beaches that are located here.

But the point that is. Why I love it here so much. That Vermont is so simple, peaceful, quiet and beautiful. Their is a special charm that the State of Vermont possesses. That only a few other locations on this planet Earth. That we all get to call home. Get to make that claim.

Just enjoying a simple pleasure. Like riding a bicycle can be so spectacular! When you get to do it here. Riding in "The Green Mountain State. Just take a look at my morning bike ride today for example. The weather conditions were ideal. The temperature was about 20 Celsius. Their was no humidity. The air is so clean here. As their is such of thick concentration of trees. The sunshine seems to feel and shine brighter! Compared to being located in a large urban area. Your eyes will be casting upon some wonderful natural scenery. No matter where you look! All these wonderful ingredients just work together to produce some wonderful results. Which takes you away from all of your troubles, and all of the troubles of the world. They are of no importance and have no part. In  this wonderful world. That is called Vermont!

Riding south on Vt Route 100 towards Hancock.