Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"See Vermont"

It is now time to put my 8th Vermont trip into perspective. Eight times I have ventured to visit the Green Mountain State. Eight times I have crossed Lake Champlain to enjoy all that the Green Mountains have to offer. Which is so much!
It is the natural beauty of the land. The diversity of the state of Vermont. Which includes; lakes, mountains, rivers, islands, and valleys. It is the rich history of Vermont. How a tiny area. Inhabited by simple farm people. Banded together to form a country. The Republic of Vermont founded in 1777. Under the leadership of Ethan Allan. The fact that today in the year 2013. Vermont hasn't really changed very much. The Green Mountains are still as beautiful as ever. They are still inhabited by a small group of simple and strong people. Who are proud to call Vermont there home. The state of Vermont to me resembles a beautiful and unique European Country. That is forever lost in North America. For living in Vermont today. Is totally different then living in Canada or the U.S.A., in my opinion. Vermont represents a quality of life. That the other two counties just can't match!
So for anybody who reads this post. Do yourself a favor and "See Vermont". You will be happy and glad when you do!

The picture is a vintage 1971 Vermont licence plate. That was obtain on this recent trip.

The Burlington Scene

My last day of 2013 trip to Vermont. Was spent in the beautiful city of Burlington. I drove up from The Gathering Inn. Then found a great place to park my car on Pearl Street. There is a nice parking lot in behind the Dunkin' Donuts located there.
After getting settled in. I rode my Raleigh Bike to get some lunch. I found and ate at a nice Mexican restaurant. The food was very good. The portion was small. But much better. Compared then if it was the other way.
Then I rode my bike down to Lake Champlain. To ride the Burlington Bike Path. I rode the path for about 5 miles. Until I reached and crossed the bridge that crosses the Winooski River.
After I rode back to Burlington. I had a brief look in a Record Shop. Then the rain began. I found a great coffee shop to enjoy a hot cup of Joe. Before I headed back south to enjoy a party at the Gathering Inn. being held in my honor. There is no way I could be late for that.
I have included some pictures of enjoying my time. In Vermont's beautiful city. The city of Burlington.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Time For Some R & R!

Today was more classic weather over the Green Mountains. I just decided to stay close to home. To relax and do some bike rides on route 100.
The first ride was again to visit and enjoy a nice cup of coffee at Sandy's. I also ordered a sandwich to go. For my sustenance at lunch time. After the first ride. I just chilled out at the Gathering Inn. Just trying to relax and rejuvenate my mind and body. Isn't that what enjoying quality time is all about? After enjoying the lunch that I purchased from "Sandy's" in the morning. I then set out on my second bike ride of the day. This time it was to visit one of the most impressive water falls in Vermont. That would be "Moss Glen Falls". Which is located only 7 miles to the south of the Gathering Inn on Route 100. It took me about 1 hour of peddle power to arrive at "Moss Glen Falls". I did enjoy to hang out and enjoy this awesome natural site for awhile. As I had Moss Glen Falls all to myself.
The ride back to the Gathering Inn was all downhill. Much easier then then moving north on route 100. The return ride of 7 miles was achieved in about 40 minutes. Then I enjoyed a short dip in the clear and cool White River that is a short walk from the Gathering Inn. Also enjoying to sit out in the backyard of the Gathering Inn after dinner was also a great part of a perfect day. During my 2013 visit to "The Land of Green".

The Gathering Inn of Hancock Vt.

I have to do a post on this great place to stay. Where I have enjoyed to stay. During 3 of my Vermont vacations. Located in the village of Hancock. Which is located right in the heart of the Green Mountains. Where the Middlebury Gap (route 125) connects with Route 100.
Kathleen and Rick who operate the Gathering Inn. Will make you feel at home when you arrive and during your Vermont vacation.
The Gathering Inn is a classic Vermont farm home. That is very comfortable to stay in. The atmosphere will still give you the pleasure. Of living on a farm. Plus it is well situated. For day trips to visit other locations in the State. I would recommend the Gathering Inn for anyone planing a short or long stay in the "Green Mountains State" of Vermont. http://www.gatheringinnvt.com/

Thursday, June 20, 2013

South To Manchester!

Today, Mother Nature was in her best mood. The weather today. In the Green Mountain State was spectacular!
After my bike ride to Sandy's Bakery and back, in the morning. I set out to head in a southerly direction. To visit Manchester, Vermont. The visit consisted of having lunch at Zoey's Sandwich Shop. There Sandwiches are excellent. Served on there homemade bread. The homemade cookies are huge, and very tasty! The handmade potato chips are mediocre at best.
Then I went to try and have a swim. At the Old Marble Quarry, located in the village of Dorset. You have to travel about 5 miles north on Route 30 to arrive there. Just a fabulous place to take a dip. However the temperature of the water today was frigid. I only went in the water one time, and didn't stay in for very long. I am now a member of the polar beard club! Yahoo!!!
Then I continued north on route 30 heading towards the town of Poultney, Vt. This part of the journey. I got to enjoy again another scenic Byway in The Green Mountain State. "The Stone Valley Byway". Also as an added bonus. I passed right by the beautiful Lake St. Catherine. I just had to spend some quality time there. Just enjoying the view and doing nothing else!
Then I checked out a very nice book store located in Poultney. I picked up a couple of nice additions to my library. Then it was again relying on my GPS to guild my back to The Gathering Inn. Dinner was a homemade steak dinner at the Inn! A day to remember. Spent here in "The Land of Green!!!!