Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Morrisville Loop

Belvedere Pond

Today was the last full day of my Vermont 2012 Odyssey! It has been another wonderful experience in the Land Of Green.

I decided to go and check out an area of Vermont. That I have not been to yet. So using my vivid imagination and looking at my Vermont Map. I came up with a great plan. I drove north on route 100. Until I reached the capital of Vermont, Montpelier. Then using route 12. I continued north until I reached the town of Morrisville.

After I arrived in Morrisville. I stopped for a healthy lunch. A diner salad. Which was good. I could taste the vitamins! Plus the maple sweetened dressing they used to top this huge salad.

I passed this amazing lake just before I reached Morrisville. It is Elmore Lake State Park. I stopped briefly to take some pictures. Before I continued with today's journey. I then configured a route starting and finishing in Morrisville. I named my trip; The "Morrisville Loop".

I continued to drive north on route 100. Through the villages of Hyde Park, and Eden. Then continued west on route 109. Driving through the village of Waterville. This devised route took me directly then into Jeffersonville. Where I switched back onto route 100. Heading southbound. Which took me back to Morrisville, and back to the place, where I began!

Then I enjoyed a leisurely and scenic drive back south using route 12 as my country roadway. I continued this route. Until it was time to traverse the Rochester Gap. Through and over Rochester Mountain. I was ready for a great dinner to celebrate this excellent adventurous holiday. That I have enjoyed. Sandy's was my choice. A great dinner was enjoyed there.

It is time to get ready for the return trip. Back to the harsh reality of the Rat Race, tomorrow. I have enjoyed all of my time living here in Vermont. It is truly one of the most beautiful places on our planet. A must to see and enjoy!

I have included some picture from completing the Morrisville Loop. I have included several pictures of Lake Elmore. The other picture of a body of water on this post is of Belvedere Pond.

Friday, September 21, 2012


After I enjoyed an amazing lunch at Sandy's located in Rochester. I had the energy to complete another short hike on this amazing day. Do yourself a favor. If you do come to visit Vermont for a vacation. Enjoy a meal at Sandy's. You will enjoy it.

The second hike on this day. Was recommended by Rick. Co-owner of my Vermont home for this trip, "The Gathering Inn". Rick recommended the short hike on the "Long Trail" to reach Pleiad Lake.

You take route 125 heading west to reach the Long Trail. Park in the parking lot. Take the Long Trail heading south. Until you reach a side trail that will take you a short distance to reach Pleiad Lake. This picturesque little lake located on Worth Mountain is one of the highest lakes located in Vermont, and is not very well known.

The Great Cliff

Today was my day to do some hiking in the Green Mountain State. I started with short but strenuous hike to reach the "Great Cliff". To begin the hike for the Great Cliff. I drove west on Vermont Route 73 (The Brandon Gap) until I reached the "Long Trail". There is a small parking lot available. Located where the Long Trail crosses the road. You then head north on the Long Trail. Gradually gaining height. Until you reach the side-trail that leads you to the Great Cliff. The final part of the journey is the most difficult as you have to transverse some very steep natural steps to reach the cliff.

But the views are worth the effort. Just check out my photos that I took from the "Great Cliff". On this beautiful Vermont Day! From the Great Cliff you get excellent views of the surrounding Green Mountains, the Brandon Gap below, and The Champlain Valley looking to the west.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Key

The key made by the friendly locksmith in Monteray, California.

This is a post that I have been meaning to do for quite some time. Better late then never.
The story is about a key that was made for a bike lock. The bike lock in question was given to me by long time friend Radar G. When Radar gave me the lock. I was just starting my interest to become a biking enthusiast. Of course you need a reliable lock. To keep your bike safe. Keeping thieves at bay.

The lock was given to me by Radar. He informed me that he had misplaced the extra key. So he only had one key for the lock. Which is a problem. What good is a lock, if you only have one key. You always need a backup plan. In case something goes wrong. Just in case you loose or misplace the existing key. A replacement key would be a necessity. Especially if you take the bike lock on a trip.

After receiving the lock. I tried several times in The Greater Toronto Area to have a second key made for the lock. I had no luck in doing so. I took the lock and existing key into places that made keys, and also to locksmiths. I got nowhere with trying to get a second key made. These are some of the answers I received; It can't be done, it would be too expensive to have made, it is a bike lock and it is impossible to find a blank to cut a duplicate key.

I wasn't ready to give up. Failure was not an option. I was going on a trip to California in the winter of 2007. I took my folding Dehon bike with me on this trip. Also I took the bike lock along. Hoping I could find someone that would and could make the key for me, during my vacation. I first tried in San Francesco. No luck was found in the city by the Bay.

Finally I was visiting the city of Monterey. I found a locksmith and took the key in. I showed the key to the owner of the shop. He was a very friendly man. He informed me that a duplicate key could be made. But he needed to see the lock as well. I was now full of optimism. I returned to where I was staying in Monterey. Picked up the bike lock, and quickly drove back to locksmith's shop. The locksmith had his young assistant make the key for me. It took him 5 minutes, and the cost was $5. I was thrilled! This key has always held special meaning for me.

Don't let them every tell you. It can't be done!

The bike lock with the orginal key.

Into The Valley Of Green

Today I enjoyed a return visit to Stowe, Vermont. In which I refer to as "The Valley Of Green". Stowe is one of the most popular ski areas in the State Of Vermont. I enjoy to visit there because of the beauty of the valley. Also because of the Stowe Recreation Path. That is a biking enthusiasts' dream come true. It is 5.3 miles in length and meanders through all the scenery that make the State of Vermont such of a special place to be.

I enjoyed a great sandwich at the "Main Street Cafe". Chicken Salad Sandwich to be exact. To give me the necessary energy to complete the 10.6 bike ride. The ride went very well. The weather conditions were perfect. Not a cloud in the sky, and high temperature about 18 Celsius. I just feel great when I am here. The air is so much cleaner. The sky is that much bluer. The food tastes that much better. The constant green and beautiful surroundings. Will always make you feel relaxed and at home!
This photo is of the Headquarters to the "Green Mountain Club" located in Waterbury.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Welcome To Vermont "The Green Mountain State"

Today was just a day to relax and enjoy the fact. That I get to enjoy life in Vermont, for a few more days. That I get to refer Vermont as my home! I spent most of my quality time today enjoying the Champlain Valley. I also traveled back to "Crown Point". The place where I crossed Lake Champlain last Saturday, from New York.
Take a look of the pictures I took today, and "Welcome to "The Green Mountain State Sign"

The bridge picture is of the new Crown Point Bridge. That replaced the originally bridge that was built in 1929. The old bridge was torn down in 2011, and the new bridge opened during the same year.