Friday, September 27, 2019

Thanks Colorado!

                     Beautiful Boulder, Colorado
                               My Schwinn Mountain Bike
It is always a happy time to reflex on the recent journey that you have just experienced! The gratitude that you had the chance to travel! The happiness that everything went well. Without enduring any major problems along the way!

It was a challenging and very rewarding destination. Visiting the beautiful USA State of Colorado. Living in the Great Lakes Area at such low altitude presented some concern on going on this holiday. For Colorado is really a very high place to be. With the average altitude being 6,800 feet above sea level.I however did my research well. The Travel Wolfe picked a nice itinerary. However it was a very demanding itinerary. For my adventure to experience Colorado. I traveled a lot during my adventure. I enjoyed a lot, during my short time visiting the "The Centennial State".

There was lots of highlights during my Colorado experience. Enjoying the city of Boulder, my biking experience and visiting the town of Breckenridge, visiting the towns of Leadville,Silverton,Ouray visiting the Great Sand Dunes National Park, my drive through "Wolfe Creek Pass", my drive northbound on the "Million Dollar Highway", visiting "Black Canyon of the Gunnerson National Park". Also the beauty on the drive back to Denver. Passing through the Blue Mesa Reservoir area was unique and very special.

I would like to give thanks on this trip. To all of my Air BnB hosts. I enjoyed staying in these great locations during my journey. I enjoyed driving the rented Kia Sportage that safely provided transpiration during my adventure. Also my Garmin GPS that guided me safely though the mountains of Colorado. I also have great praise and thanks for Mother Nature for perfect weather during my trip! We now can just look forward to the next great place located our beautiful Planet Earth. To enjoy to visit!

Never stop looking forward to creating happiness and special days. Never stop dreaming!

                  Biking in Breckenridge!
               The Great Sand Dunes National Park
 Driving west through "Wolf Creek Pass"

 Driving "The Million Dollar Highway" northbound

"Black Canyon of the Gunnerson National Park"
My Kia Sportage

        Blue Mesa Reservoir- Highway 50 eastbound

    My Garmin Nuvi GPS- my guide

The Long Way Home

 The Drive out of the "Black Canyon of the Gunnerson National Park"

After enjoying a short but nice visit. To "Black Canyon of  the Gunnerson National Park". I used my old Nuvi Garmin GPS to guide me back to Denver. For my final Air BnB location.

It was a very nice scenic drive out of Black Canyon back to Highway 50. I took Highway 50 east through some very beautiful area that seemed to be not part of living on Planet Earth. This is the Blue Mesa Reservoir area.

Then the drive took me through the Monarch Pass back through the Continental Divide. It took me 7 miles to reach the top of the summit, reaching 11, 312 feet in altitude. I believe the highest I got, during my vacation in Colorado.

Everything went well with the long way back to Denver. Until I reach the city of Denver and I was located less then 10 miles from my final accommodation on the trip. But the bad drivers in Denver delayed my arrival by almost 1 hour. As a nasty car accident delayed my arrival. But the positive was that I had main it safe and sound. I have added a few photos from the drive!

                   Blue Mesa Reservoir Area

Monday, September 23, 2019

Black Canyon of the Gunnerson National Park

After my brief visit to the beautiful town of Ouray. I headed for my second last stop on my adventure in Colorado. This would be a very nice Air BnB in the city on Montrose. My final day on this trip. Would consist of a visit to "Black Canyon of the Gunnerson" National Park. Then I would have to travel back to Denver. So I could fly back to Canada. To resume my normal life. All good things in life just have to come to an end.

Saying that. As long as we have life. Never stop dreaming. Never stop the quest to enjoy the gift of life!
I have included my photos of my visit to this unique and beautiful National Park!

Sunday, September 22, 2019


There was one final stop on the "Million Dollar Highway" after completing this amazing journey. I took a few more photos on the final amazing part of the highway. Then got back in my rented Sportage. Then did the last mile downhill and rolled into the very special Colorado town of Ouray!

I felt both exhilarated and exhausted from completing the drive! Defiantly feeling very happy that I had made it to Ouray! A very beautiful town Ouray! The town sits in a valley, completely surrounded by the mountains!They say that it is the town that will give you the feeling that you are in Switzerland and not in the USA. I found a safe place to part my Sportage on the main street of Ouray. Got out and just started to relax. I went into a local supermarket and purchased a ice-cream treat. Then walked across the street and found a very nice local coffee shop. I sat outside and enjoyed sipping the coffee. Until I felt revitalized and it was now time to move on to my next Air BnB location. North in the town of Montrose!

I have included some photos of the town of Ouray!

Worth Every Penny! Co. Route 550- Silverton to Ouray!

Now for part 2 of the Million Dollar Highway. I had 15 miles more to go. To arrive in the very scenic town of Ouray. Which lies at the end of the "Million Dollar Highway". There are conflicting reports how Colorado Route 550 came to be called "The Million Dollar Highway". So reports were the cost of building this scenic road was so high. Created the nick-name. Other reports are. That the beautiful scenic views. That are your constant traveling companion. Created the name "Million Dollar Highway". I can honestly say the driving the "Million Dollar Highway" is worth ever penny. It cost to built this magnificent stretch of road!

Enjoy the photos! For the final part of the scenic and unique road. I couldn't take any photos due to keeping safe! Not very many safe turnoffs to take photos.