Saturday, December 26, 2015

My Annual Zoo Trip on Boxing Day!

Happily I have just finished enjoying Christmas in the year 2015. Lots of turbulent to overcome. With losing my mom and dad in 2013! Saying that you still have to always be thankful for all of the positives you get to enjoy in our lives. I have had my fair share of good and exiting times!

A family tradition has been to enjoy a day visiting the Toronto Zoo on Boxing Day! The tradition lives on. I remember when back in the not to distance past. On Boxing day (December 26th) the Toronto Zoo offered free admission an of course free parking to all those who decided to come out an enjoy to day at the zoo. To get some free air, badly needed exercise. After gorging ourselves with all kinds of wonderful food and drink. Also to visit the animals. Most which are sadly now in a threatened state of their existence!

For the last few years. The admission for the zoo is 1/2 price, plus you have pay for parking. The weather on this 26th of December during the year 2015 was excellent. With no snow on the ground and no precipitation at all. The temperature was about 5 to 7 degrees Celsius. My brother John and I had a god day at the zoo today. Plus I used my new camera today. Which is a Canon SX400 camera. I have included some of the best photos!
The Bactrian Camel
Steller Sea Eagle
This Polar Bear was in no mood to discus the potential for Global Warming!
Arctic Wolf
Cougar (Ghost Cat)
A Nice Pair of Mallard Ducks
North American Buffalo
Canada Goose

One Jaguar Happily Grooming Another!