Sunday, October 5, 2014

Cycling on Vt Route 100!

The final day of my Vermont Autumn 2014 has been excellent! After an enjoyed homemade ham & eggs breakfast. I biked into Rochester to enjoy a hot herbal tea at Sandy's. By the time I cycled back to the Gathering Inn. It was very clear that the weather had totally rebound from yesterday wet and dreadful conditions.
I made the decision to bike the 7 miles north on Route 100 to visit "Moss Glen Falls". The 14 mile bike ride was enjoyed. Also with the heavy rain from yesterday. Moss Glen Falls was also recharged and revitalized. Putting on a beautiful display of Nature's beauty.
I have enjoyed my Vermont Vacation 2014! Vermont is the medicine a Doctor cannot prescribe! I have included some photos from the 14 mile journey visiting Moss Glen Falls today.

Hancock Oktoberfest 2014

The rain came in earnest yesterday. So it was a day just to relax and rest. I can't complain about the weather. As mother nature has looked after the Travel Wolfe as she always has. With very fine conditions prevailing in "The Green Mountain State". Allowing me to enjoy my holiday in Vermont very much!

I did attend the local Oktoberfest celebration yesterday, held in the village of Hancock. Despite the heavy rain. There looked to be a decent turnout. I enjoyed a very nice lunch. Which included; a cabbage soup, a brat with sauerkraut, two spring rolls, and a delicious & humongous chocolate chip cookie for desert. Then I walked back to the Gathering Inn and just slept and recharged for the final day of my trip.

Friday, October 3, 2014

The Burlington Bike Way on Lake Champlain

The weather here in Vermont was outstanding today. Just what dreams are made of. In fact all the time I enjoyed visiting Vermont. Gives me the sensation. I am in fact a part of some elaborate dream that has come true!
Today I spent some special time enjoying Vermont's only urban place that is a city. And what a beautiful place it is. The only city located in North America that contains a pedestrian shopping district. Just like they enjoy in major cities in Europe. Lots of great shopping and quality restaurants can be found in downtown Burlington. After a great lunch at the Noodle Shop. I rode my bike onto the Burlington Bike Way. I rode until I found my favorite spot. Just feeling totally relaxed, enjoying the bright sunshine and great vistas of Lake Champlain.
The entire day and this trip have been outstanding!!!

The Morning Bike Ride

Vermont is a photographer delight! Trying to preserve the beauty of Vermont onto a digital impression or film. Is a very popular hobby here in the Green Mountain State. I know I have enjoyed a lot of fun doing it. These 4 pictures were taken just prior to arriving in the village of Rochester, this morning!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

My Drive to Lincoln

Today was another wonderful day of this vacation. That has been enjoyed in "The Green Mountain State". After speaking with a friendly fellow named Les at the Gathering Inn., after breakfast this morning. Les convinced me go on a very special and scenic drive to the village of Lincoln. I drove up heading west on route 125. Until right after you have passed the Breadloaf Campus.  Then you make the first right hand turn. Which is an old dirt mountain road that leads to some excellent hiking trails. This road also takes you right through some very scenic forest settings all the way to the village of Lincoln. After a break from driving. Which was spent at the Lincoln General Store. I then drove down the mountain, using the "Lincoln Gap Road". The Lincoln Gap road takes you onto route 100 very close to the village of Warren. Where my next stop would be. Enjoying a another delicious sandwich and cup of coffee at the Warren Store for lunch.

I have included some photos of this unique drive today
Pictures on the dirt mountain road to Lincoln.

  Pictures driving the "Lincoln Gap Road" to Warren.

Scenic Vermont Route 125

I just wanted to post a few pictures. To preserve my memory of driving through the Middlebury Gap. Also know as Vt. Route 125. These pictures were taken driving east on my return trip to arrive at the Gathering Inn, located in the village of Hancock! This drive in Vermont is considered to be one of the best scenic drives located in The United States.

The scenic route 125 "The Middlebury Gap" connects the village of East Middlebury with village of Hanock. Where this scenci drive comes to an end when it reaches Vt. Route 100.