Saturday, March 6, 2010

Thank You Texas!!!!

Happily the beginning of this post on my Travel Wolfe blog. Is coming from "George Bush Airport" located just outside of Houston Texas. I left the Austin Hostel just after 5 am to allow for plenty of time. To arrive safely at the airport for my flight home. I did not want the return trip to be anything like the nightmare. That I experienced at Toronto's Pearson Airport, flying down to Houston.

It was night and day difference getting my luggage checked, and through the airport security, compared to Toronto. The main reason is that Houston Airport has 5 terminals to accommodate passengers, and the various airlines that fly in and out of the airport. Toronto's Pearson only has two! The only possibilities to make flying in and out of Toronto better. Is to build an additional terminal building, at Pearson International Airport. Or to build a second airport to serve Toronto.

When I arrived at the airport in Detroit. I was soon to realize that the Motor City even has a more modern and efficient airport then Toronto has. Detroit Airport has a neat express train, located in the main terminal building to move passengers around quickly and efficiently. Also there is a huge tunnel and lots of moving sidewalks to move people to there other main terminal building. My flight was an hour late leaving Detroit due to dicing the airplanes. To make the 43 minute flight back to Toronto.

Happily there were no curves thrown my way on the return trip. I returned back home very content and happy on a marvelous holiday and experience in the state of Texas.

I have always felt very lucky and fortunate that I have been able to go out and travel, and visit all of these fantastic places. I have lots to be thankful for.

On this trip I would like to say thanks to Helena Antonaccio. It is a pleasure to know you, Helena. Your zest and spirit for enjoying life are both contagious and inspiring. For all the people that are fans or friends. We are very lucky to know you.

I would like to always say thanks to my wonderful mother Charlotte. Who always will be a guiding light and a tower of strength in my life. Also I got the ambition to travel the world from her.

Special thanks goes out to my Garmin GPS system. You gave me direction to ever place I wanted to go. Without ever getting me lost. This special journey would not of been possible without your valuable support.

My "Giant" mountain bike. I was lucky to find you in Houston. The riding was sweet, and special!

Thanks to Stephenie Abrams and Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel. I was entertained and learned a lot. You both make watching T.V. fun again, for me.

Thanks to all the great people that I met during my Texas adventure. It was special and great to meet all of you. Hoping we will stay in touch and meet again. Don't forget keep traveling!

The last special thanks go out to William B. Travis and all of the defenders of the Alamo. Texas will never forget you. Also Donny Wolfe will not forget you any time soon. Thank You Texas!!!!!!!!!!

Pictures on this post are, from top to the bottom;
Playboy Magazine- Playmate for June 1969 Helena Antonaccio & book author "What's Your Secret" How to stay young and healthy past the age of 50.
My Wonderful Mom! Charlotte
My Garmin GPS
My "Giant" Mountain Bike
From the Weather Channel- Stephanie Abrams, and Jim Cantore
Last but not least, yours truly standing in front of the heart of Texas "The Alamo"