Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Where do I go from here?

Well, I have enjoyed presenting my travels on this blog. I hope that what I have done in my life will inspire others to get infected by the travel bug. Don't get stuck in an unhappy situation in your life. Get out and live your life. We only get one chance. Make your life count! So where do I go from here in the year 2008? I would like to go back and visit the U.K. Channel Islands. They are very high on my list. Also a return trip to England is always a very good possibility for me. I enjoyed my trip there so much. When I was there back in 1998. Also the Island of Man, and the Isles of Scilly, are also good possibilities. I would like to visit Yellowstone national park. I have already been to Yosemite, and The Grand Canyon. I have yet to make it to the orient. So I will try to make it there for sure. The rest of Scandinavia is also another part of this world I would like to visit. The quality of life is so good there. Norway is considered one of the prettiest countries on the planet. The Baltic's also have some interest for me. Also it has also been my goal as a traveler to visit New Zealand. From talking to people that have been there. It isn't to be missed.

Here is an idea for the ultimate world trip. This journey would begin in Santiago, Chile. From Santiago, I would fly to Easter Island. Easter Island is the most remote island on the planet and a very interesting place to visit. I would then continue west to Tahiti . I have heard many great things about this tropical paradise. From Tahiti I would fly to New Zealand and tour maybe the prettiest country in our world. I couldn't leave this area without a visit to Tasmania and Australia. Then on to visit the far east and get a real taste of Asian culture. Visiting South Korea, Japan,Vietnam , Thailand and Singapore are all countries of interest for the Travel Wolfe. Then a visit to India would be a possibility on this world tour. Then travel to Europe. To enjoy stops in Greece, Poland, Austria, The Czech Republic, France, The Chanel Islands and England. Then back to reality and home to Canada. This trip would require at least 6 months minimum. I think you would need at least $30,000 per person at toady's prices to make this trip a reality. It would be worth ever second and cent!

Any comments about this blog. Will be appreciated by me. It is always great to hear from other people. Who really enjoy to travel! Remember, travel well and travel safe, and you will have the time of your life!

Freeport- Grand Bahamas Island- winter 1983

My first trip. 1983, I went with my older brother John. John is two years older then me. We went to Freeport on Grand Bahamas Island, for a week. The old saying, “you learn how to crawl, before you learn how to walk”. It was a package trip, and all inclusive. That is the easy way to travel. You get a great price for your flight and accommodations. The trips of today also include all your meals and drinks. So they are a great deal, for a short trip or the faint of heart. Nice Island, weather, and hotel. The hotel we stayed was the Princess. They also have two 18 hole golf courses on there property, and a full casino. The high light of this trip was getting away from winter in Toronto for a week, and having the chance to visit a whole brave new world. Very exciting reality for me. We did go on a guided tour of this beautiful island. Our guide was Alexander the Great! That’s what he called himself. He sang a great Caribbean folk song, called “Your Just a Member of The Family” great song!

Florida- winter 1984

Florida in the winter of 1984 was my first big trip on my own. I have been a big fan of Jimmy Buffett and his version of folk music. He classifies it as “Drunken Caribbean Rock ‘N’ Roll Music”. I associate with a lot of his songs. Most of his songs are about trying to stay happy and survive in this crazy society, in which we all live. The Rat Race, which I enjoy to call it. When I travel. I tell all my friends. “Now there is one less rat in the race!” Back to my trip. We had some excellent friends in Ocala, Florida at that time. That is horse country in Florida. I flew to Orlando. Rented a car (a Ford Escort), and drove to visit the Little family in Ocala. They put me up at there place for the weekend. Beautiful place they had. I then drove back to Orlando and went to Walt Disney World and Epcot Center. I spent 2 days there. Space Mountain is a fantastic ride! I then drove 50 miles east to the coast. To Merritt Island. Which is the home of America’s Space Port. The Kennedy Space Center. Had an excellent tour there. It is a must see, on a Florida vacation. I then drove down the coastal highway to Miami. To visit friends working at the racetrack there. My good friend (Radar) Gutzman. Arranged free accommodations for me at the track. I spent 1 week in southern Florida. The highlight was the drive to Key West. It was Jimmy Buffett's home in the early 1970’s. Going there turned around his career and his life. This is the only trip. That I didn't bring home any pictures. The pictures that are posted. Were retrieved from the net.

The U.S. Southwest- winter 1985-86

This is the cover of the 1985 Las Vegas Phone Book.

In 1985 my adventurous nature was starting to come into its own. I flew to Phoenix, and rented a car. I didn't get a Mustang for that trip. A Renault Alliance was my wheels for the trip. I spent 2 days in the “Valley Of The Sun”. Then drove to Flagstaff, for one night. The Following morning I drove to the Grand Canyon, and had my first look at the “Amphitheater Of The Gods” I loved it. From the Canyon I drove to the Hoover Dam, had the tour there, and then drove onto Las Vegas, and spent two days there. From Vegas I drove to L.A., and met my brother John there. We did 4 days in L.A., and 3 in San Diego. I was hooked on travel after this trip. The high lites of this trip were; going to the races at Turf Paradise, seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time, the drive into the mountains from Phoenix to Flagstaff is outstanding, the tour of the Hoover Dam, going to the races at Santa Anita, and being in the city of San Diego.

It was the 50th Anniversary of the Hoover Dam during the year of my visit  in 1985. Here are great photos of one of the Hoover Dam from the cover of Las Vegas Phone Book.

In this photo you can easily see the Hoover Dam in Black Canyon, which created Lake Mead.

While John and I were holidaying in Southern California. During our visit to Los Angles. We went to visit Universal Studios. We were in the live studio audience to enjoy this great episode of "Who's The Boss" staring Tony Danza and Judith Light. The guess star was Betty White. The episode title "Eye On Angela"

You can enjoy this great episode of "Who's The Boss"

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Switzerland- The Confederation of Freedom- summer 1986

In 1986 was my first trip to Europe. A dream comes true for a wide eyed farm boy from Maple, Ontario. On July 15th. I flew Swiss Air. To the Confederation of Freedom, “Switzerland”. I call it that because the Swiss invented democracy on August 1st, 1291. Most other democracies have really done there best. To do a poor imitation of the Swiss invention. It was also my first summer vacation. I spent 27 days exploring Switzerland, and all the beauty and joy, that the Alps and this country have to offer. It is also a great location for your first trip to Europe. The Swiss have 4 national languages, and 3 distinct cultures. Which are German, French, and Italian. The fourth national language is Romansh, a Latin dialect. The highlights of this trip. Was meeting Peter V/D, my hike on the Matterhorn, staying two nights at Schloss Heggi, and the cities of Geneva, and Lucerne . I did leave Switzerland for 3 days during this holiday. Two days were spent in Saltzberg, Austria, and one day was spent in Munich, West Germany. The stay in Munich was a very sad and serious side of this trip. I went to see the infamous Dachau concentration camp. Which is located just north of Munich. It was the first death camp. That was opened by the Nazi's shortly after they came into power in 1933. An estimated 18 million people perished in these horrible places during World War 2. The camps are left as a memorial to all the innocent people that were slaughtered there. The hope is that there memory will prevent history from repeating itself.

Think Pink- Bermuda- winter 1987

Mark Twain- "Bermuda is the right country for a jaded man to loaf in. There are no harassment's; The deep peace and quiet of this country sink into one's body and bones and gives his conscience a rest"

1987 was my two week trip to Bermuda. I think I developed a taste for Island life on this trip. Wherever you are on Bermuda you can always see the ocean. That creates a very special atmosphere for sure. Bermuda has there pink beaches, don’t forget that. They have some of the prettiest beaches in the world. Also renting a moped is a lot of fun. But be careful when you drive there. On Bermuda they drive on the left. Like they do in the U.K. Also don’t drink and drive there. There Rum is a lot more potent then the rum we can buy here in Canada. When you travel you want to try and create positive memories. That you will remember for the rest of your lifetime.

The top picture was taken on our final approach. Just prior to landing on Bermuda.

Journey to the Holy Land- winter 1988/89

1988 was my biggest trip to date. On the Swiss trip. I made a great friend in Peter V/D, a teacher from the Netherlands. We met in the hostel in St. Moritz. We became great friends right away. We remain great friends today. The first week of this trip was spent in the Netherlands. My first visit there. It is a great country. With very nice people, and very nice cities to visit. The Hague, Maastricht, and Amsterdam. Are on my list of nicest cities to visit in the world. In the summer of 1988, I worked with a nice girl from Israel. Who was originally from Toronto. Tamara had immigrated to Israel, and married and Israeli. She and her husband came to Toronto for a visit. Tamara loved horses. So she decided to get a job at the track. She worked for my parents for about 6 weeks. Tamara knew I loved to travel, and invited me to come to Israel. From Amsterdam I flew to Tel Aviv, and stayed in Israel for a month. I lived on the Kibbutz for 2 weeks, and also toured the country for 2 weeks on my own. It was an amazing journey to say the least. I thank Tamara and Offer L. for making this incredible trip possible. The high lites of this trip were; the Golan Heights, being in the Dead Sea, living on the Kibbutz, my hike up Mt. Sinai, and being in the old city of Jerusalem. I have excellent pictures from this trip.