Monday, August 31, 2015

Sunday At The Cottage

The photos that I took first thing in the morning!
The Sunday was so enjoyed at our friends cottage. Located up in Muskoka! AQ fond memory for me will be getting up in the morning, and shortly after that going for a very nice swim in Muskoka Bay. turn burn off some calories.

After a very nice bacon and eggs breakfast served by our friend Marni. John and I took out kayaks to burn off some calories and to have some fun!

After enjoying to relaxing time in there hammock. Sol took John and I out for a very nice boat ride into Lake Muskoka. The entire great weekend was capped off with a fantastic steak dinner. The quality of this weekend is very hard to beat! I have included some photos!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

RMS "Segwun"

Part of the fun of visiting the Muskoka Lakes Region. Was enjoying to see a floating piece of history! The RMS Segwun is the oldest Steam Powered Boat still in service in North America, built in 1887! Also it is one of only four vessels that still caries the tittle RMS (Royal Mail Boat).

I have included a few photos I took of the Segwun!
Name: RMS Segwun
Port of registry: Toronto, Canada
Ordered: 1887
Builder: Clyde, Scotland
Laid down: 1887
Launched: 1887 (as SS Nipissing) 1925 (as RMS Segwun)
Completed: 1887 and 1925
In service: 1887-1915 as SS Nipissing
1925-present as RMS Segwun
Out of service: 1958-1981
Status: in use
Notes: Oldest steam-powered vessel still in use in Canada
Length: 125 feet
Beam: 21 feet
Propulsion: two reciprocating steam engines, circa 1907, 1914

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Lake Muskoka & The Cottage

This weekend has been monumental. John and I are visiting our great friends Sol and Marni. At there wonderful cottage located on Lake Muskoka. Located near the town of Gravenhurst.

Just a wonderful experience to enjoy great summer weather. In one of the prime locations to enjoy summer in the Province of Ontario and our country of Canada!

I have included some photos of our wonderful day spent at the cottage yesterday. Which included; several swims in the Lake, a great boat ride compliments of Sol & Marni's daughter Beth, a short bike ride and of course enjoying great food and great company.
Mikayla demonstrates the fine art of wave surfing! And makes it look like child's play!

Fort Erie Racetrack 1897- "Alive And Still Kicking"

On Sunday my brother John and I did a day trip to historic "Fort Erie Racetrack". I have to admit some of my favorite horse racing moments were enjoyed at this fantastic place to enjoy Thoroughbred Racing. Sadly Fort Erie Racetrack and this area of Ontario is barely hanging on for dear life.

The two life bloods of this area were. The Crystal Beach amusement Park that was closed and demolished in 1989. The historic Racetrack is barely hanging on to life. Sadly the track seems to me to be in rundown condition. Also there are only racing a merger 3 days a week now. This a racetrack that in my mind should be the Saratoga of Canada! It is a real failure for the Canadian Horse racing Industry, Businessmen and and our beleaguered Provincial Government.That this is not so.

Some of my favorite Fort Erie moments; Hopenscope winning first time out during the Spring Meet in 1975. John & I win parle (Lucky Conn defeat of Norcliffe) 1976, Myrthful Mynx breaking the track record for 7 furlongs on the turf course 1979, Captain Dawn's miracle win 1980.

I have included a few photos of being at the Fort today.

Elora & The Grand River

On the Civic Holiday Monday. My brother John and I had a visitor. Great friend Keith Chaplin came over for a visit. For a great day trip. We decided to enjoy a day at the Standard-bred races. Being held at Grand River Raceway, located in historic Elora Ontario.

This would be Keith's first time ever enjoy the sport of horse racing. We enjoyed the raes at this beautiful little racetrack. Located in a very nice part of Ontario. I have to say it was a very relaxing and enjoyed day. Yes and we almost won a pick 4 bet. In the final race our horse finished a close second. "A Bad Day At the track, will always beat a good day at work".

After the races we enjoyed looking at the scenic "Elora Gorge". Also walking about the well preserved and idyllic village of Elora. Enjoy the photos!