Sunday, March 29, 2015

Why Did They Call This Place? "The Friendly Confines"

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In 1914 Weeghman Park was built for the Chicago Wales of the Federal League. When that baseball league folded after the 1915 season. The Chicago Cubs of the National League called Weeghman Park there home during the 1916 season. The name of this classic baseball venue was changed to "Cubs Park" from 1920 until 1926. By this time William Wrigley Jr. had gained full control of the Cubs, and renamed the stadium Wrigley Field for the 1927 baseball season.

We are now in the year 2015 getting ready for another major league baseball campaign. This has brought about my fond memories. During my visit to Wrigley Field in May of 2001. In the 1980's I enjoyed very much being a devout Cubs fan! I finally completed my pilgrimage to visit  "Wrigley Field" during May of 2001. I just loved being in Chicago and I enjoyed very much being within "The Friendly Confines" of Wrigley Field! Getting the chance to enjoy the game of baseball in this wonderful place. Gives the spectators the chance to relive the experience of viewing the game of Baseball from a forgotten time. The intimacy for the fans to enjoy the action of the game. In a place that is; comfortable, very simple, defiantly green and very friendly.  The rest of the real world of today is totally forgotten about when you are safe within  "The Friendly Confines".

 The real world of today that demands; luxury, decadence, convenience, and arrogance. Yes the late great Cubs player Ernie Banks loved calling Wrigley Field "The Friendly Confines". Visit there and you will quickly appreciate why! Will the Cubs finally achieve winning a world championship for Wrigley Field and Cubs fans everywhere? Hope Springs Eternal!!!

I have included a pictorial of my visits to the "Friendly Confines of Wrigley Field" May 5 & 6,  2001. The Cubs beat the L.A. Dodgers 20 to 1 in the first game, and 3 to 2 in the Sunday game. Enjoy!

box score for the game May 5 2001

box score for the Sunday game May 6, 2001

I have to give my opinion. On the current alterations of "Wrigley Field". That I am opposed and appareled by them. Defacing a cherished antiquity as "Wrigley Field" is. Will never be accepted by the Travel Wolfe. The constant over commercialization and greed of baseball and other pro sports. Will just make it even more expensive for hard working fans  to afford to attend the games. Which may come back to haunt the management of the Cubs and Wrigley Field, and also our society as a whole!

I end this post with a great song by folk singer "Steve Goodman". There was no bigger fan of the Cubs and Wrigley Field as him. Take it away Steve! "A Dying Cubs Fan's Last Request"

The story of "The Curse of the Goat" The legend of the goat! In 1945 is the most recent time the "Chicago Cubs" have played in a World Series. They lost that series 4 to 3 to the Detroit Tigers. In game 4 played at Wrigley Field Billy Sianis and his pet goat named "Murphy" were both ejected from The Friendly Confines. Billy Sianis then put a curse on the Cubs. Vowing that they would never play in another World Series Game!

The Chicago Cubs last won the World Series in 1908!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Saying Goodbye to Daiter's

Today was the end of era. I enjoyed my last visit to Daiter's Fresh Market. Which has been a Toronto Tradition. That was begun by founder Harry Daiter in 1937. The original location that was located in Kensington Market. Quickly became well know in Toronto for serving up fresh cheese and dairy products. In the heyday for Daiter's Fresh Market. There were 8 family owned locations located in the Toronto area. The remaining location, located at 3535 Bathurst St.which was open for business since 1964. Will close it doors for good on April the 2nd.

My later mom first patronized the original Kensington Market location. Where her mother took her in probably 1939, when she was six years old.

I also have enjoyed the tradition of shopping and Daiter's. The fresh cheese, bagels, bread, salami, potato latkes,  smoked salmon, chopped liver, gefilte fish fish and there famous coleslaw. Were enjoyed very much by our family and shopping at this store will be missed.

The only good news for fans of shopping at Daiter's. I spoke with co-owner Stephen Daiter today. Stephen informed me that several of there popular products will be still be available for sale when this famous Toronto store closes for good. These popular and high quailty items will be available at other retail food locations.

I will be enjoying some great Daiter's food for my dinner tonight, also all of the great memories!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

"Test Ze Legend"

A very fond memory of my dream trip to France in the year 2000. Was the very pleasant afternoon on July 11th. Long time friend and fellow traveler Peter V/D W and I spent at the races, in Deauville. It was a last minute decision for us to attend the races at Deauville- La Touques Racecourse. But that decision created a fun memory for me that I wanted to record on my travel blog.

This special day at the races. Represented the first time I had attended the Thoroughbred Horse Races outside of North America. Also the seaside town of Deauville located in Normandy is a beautiful place to visit in its own right, I believe that Peter and I arrived in time to watch the 6th race. Peter and I were looking over the horses in the paddock area. We had no program, racing past performances to go by. So I selected  what I determined to be. The best two looking horses in the race to place the equivalent of a $2 win bet on each horse. I believe the distance of the race was 1 mile and 1/8. They have only turf racing at Deauville.

One of the horses I placed the $2 win bet on was a horse named "Test Ze Legend". He was a 3 year old in during the summer of 2000. Test Ze Legend breeding was "Legend of France" was his sire, the mare was "No Contest I" and her sire was "No Lute". Test Ze Legend ran a tremendous race! He stalled the front runners for most of the race. Then when asked by his jockey Davy Bonilla for more speed. Test Ze Legend was up to the challenge. Turning into the homestretch. Test Ze Legend has forced to the lead, and finished determined to win the race by a 1 horse length, for the  margin of victory.

To my delight. Test Ze Legend has gone off at 16 to 1 odds. I received the equivalent of $34 (Canadian) for my $2 bet. I treated Peter to dinner that night. Test Ze Legend has provided us with a great Pizza dinner and very fond memory of watching my fist race outside of North America!