Saturday, October 10, 2015

Life In The "City"

"The Church Street Shopping Area"
For the final day of my Autumn trip to Vermont. I started with a special breakfast. This consisted of a delicious meal of steak and eggs. A side order of baked beans and whole wheat toast were also included. Coffee was my beverage. It was a breakfast to remember! You have to enjoy special attributes while enjoying a vacation. This is an important element of having a great time!

Then I jumped into that car of mine and headed northward on Vermont Route 100. Before I reached the town of Waitsfield I couldn't avoid noticing a large garage sale that was underway. I just had to stop to check it out. Lots to look at. However my only purchase was a small portable car vacuum. That is very useful and should get used a lot to try and keep my ride tidy.

Then I was on my way to visit the big city located in the State of Vermont. This is in fact the City of Burlington. Which lies on the west coast of Lake Champlain. Located 94 miles south of the city of Montreal, Quebec Canada. The population of Burlington Vermont was a huge population of 42,211 as 2014. The metropolitan Burlington's population comes in at 213,701. Which is about 1/3 of Vermont's total population. Also Vermont's Metro Population is less then 1/2 of the population in my home city of Brampton located in Ontario, Canada. One of the great atributues of Vermont is that the state is not over crowded!

The downtown and Lake Front area of this wonderful city is both beautiful, green and unique! The Church Street pedestrian only shopping district. Contains lots of great shopping options plus lots of choice to satisfy any appetite! Also the city features the "Burlington Bike Path". That follows the shoreline of Lake Champlain and contains lots of beautiful views of the lake and assorted relaxing scenery! I enjoyed all of the above during my visit to Burlington today.

I have included some photos! The song "The City" performed by Jimmy Buffett.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Distracted Driving!

Today the rain came in determination. I certainly cannot complain about this. For Mother Nature has done a great job keeping Vermont sunny and beautiful during my vacation. After I finished my breakfast at the "Gathering Inn" I drove north on Route 100 to Sandy's for a hot herbal tea. After relaxing there for awhile. I then drove north through the Rochester Gap to the village of Bethel. I checked out a thrift store located there. I then drove north on Vt Route 12. Until I reached the town of Randolph. They also have a very interesting thrift store located there. No major finds today. I did purchase a MLB reproduction vintage cap which I have not yet identified. I think it is from the "Chicago White Stockings". However this is yet to be determined.
I believe this is a gray vintage "Boston Red Sox Cap"

I enjoyed a nice lunch at a diner in Randolph, named "Wright At Home". My meal was a ham, onion, cheddar and mushroom omelette with home-fries, with friendly service included. Then I made the decision to continue my day, by traveling north on Route 12 to the town of Northfield. The drive on Route 12 from Randolph to Northfield was fantastic! Despite the rain. The spectacular fall colors in Vermont were very much enjoyed! After I left Northfield. I drove on route 12A (The Roxbury Gap) first through the village of Roxbury. Then on to the village of Warren. Which was another unforgettable scenic drive. I then just had to stop at the Warren Store for one of there delicious coffees'. Before heading back to Hancock & The Gathering Inn.

Now I defiantly not condoning Distracted or unsafe driving in any way! These days there is too much of it going on. When people that think nothing of using there digital devises while they are operating there vehicles. Casing unnecessary injures, property damage and deaths. Very frustrating indeed. When safe hand-free options are easily available these days. The fine for "Distracted Driving" in my home province of Ontario has been recently raised to $500 Canadian! This fine really is too low. As the love affair people have with there digital devises and constant frivolous e-communications will persist! As being addicted to this type of behavior is considered by our society to be O.K. and normal!

My distracted driving today. Which I am guilty! Was absorbing all of the beauty of Vermont while I was behind the wheel of my Elantra. Driving on Route 12 to Northfield today. It makes me very happy to present these photos of the wonderful experience! Enjoy!

A few shots from Warren Vt.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

A Dream Day!

Today was a monumental day of this holiday! It is the kind of day you dream about taking place during a vacation. The weather has been wonderful during this week in the "Green Mountain State". Clear sunny Autumn days have been the norm. The high temperatures ranging from about 15 to 17C.

I planed to do a bike ride. That was recommended to me by a friendly lady working in the tourist office located in Middlebury. The ride would begin in the small village of Shoreham. Which is located in southern Vermont in the Champlain Valley. The suggested route would then take me from Shoreham to the village of Orwell. Then I would loop back to my beginning point. Which would be the historic Inn located in Shoreham.

I arrived about 11 am at the old Inn located in Shoreham. The Inn dates back to 1790. I asked permission to park my vehicle in there parking lot. The man I met working in the Inn said it would be no problem. The Inn doesn't open for bussiness until 5 PM. The man was very friendly. He was happy to fill my water bottle for me. Then the man also assisted me in securing the mount for my Garmin hand-held GPS. To the handlebar of my bicycle. The direction out of Shoreham was VT Route 74 east. Which took me threw some beautiful Vermont scenery. Which included farmland, rolling hills, views of the Green Mountains & the Adirondacks. Plus some brief views of Lake Champlain.

It felt like I was visiting heaven for most of this journey today. As I have described in previous posts on this blog. The State of Vermont is "God's Country" and belongs on the list of the best natural beautiful and unspoilt places that still exist on our planet Earth!

My journey took me to Vermont Route 73 into the village of Orwell. The Buxtons Store is located in Orwell. It is an excellent Vermont General Store that now ranks of one of the best that I have the pleasure to visit. During my Vermont vacations. The selection, atmosphere and the chicken salad sandwich I purchased were all great! I was now in a pure state of Euphoria as I enjoyed my lunch siting across the street from Buxtons. On this beautiful sunny Autumn Day. Located here in the State of Vermont!

I then leisurely rode my bicycle back on the North Orell Road. To where I had begun my journey today. In front of the historic Inn located in the village of Shoreham. Enjoy the photos!!!

Thanks so much Mother Nature & Vermont for making this great day possible!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

How About A Nice Game of Chess?

My talking Chess Computer Radio Shack 1900L.
The title from this post is from one of my all time favorite movies. The 1983 movie "War Games" staring Mathew Broderick and Aly Sheedy. The plot of the story is about Mathew Broaderick teen age character "David L. Lightman".Who finds the back door entry to the Norad War Simulation Computer "The Whopper". Believing he is playing some exciting new video games from a gaming company located in California. By David's ingenuity and brilliance. By use of what has become mainstream now "The Internet". David almost begins World War 3. Which would be a disaster for all of mankind!

Now back to my wonderful holiday which is ongoing. Located in the Green Mountain State of Vermont. I enjoyed another great day of my vacation. Starting to unwind and feel more like myself again. Which in this modern advanced world we now live in can be a real challenge.

I spent a nice time just browsing threw 2 thrift stores located in Middlebury Vermont. I found and purchased 2 computer chess board games. I also enjoyed a very nice lunch at the Thai restaurant located in Middlebury named "Sabai Sabai". I enjoyed a nice plate of Ginger Chicken & rice with a hot cup of Thai Tea. Also I spent some relaxed time with "Otter Creek Falls" which is located right in downtown Middlebury and is a special part of this idyllic Vermont town.

On returning back to the Gathering Inn. I was now in the mood to enjoy one of my favorite past times. Having some special time riding a bike. I rode 4 miles north on Route 100 to the Granville General Store. Then the 4 miles back to the Gathering Inn.

In the evening I enjoyed by first yoga class. Amanda who did a great job conducting the class. Made it quite clear how pursuing Yoga can become a very positive step in living a happy and active life. Excellent job Amanda!!!

I will end this post with a final quote from "The Whopper" from the movie "War Games".

With some hope for common sense and good reason. Maybe by using the intelligence necessary to learn and master the game of "Chess". Would help to avoid another world catastrophe. In the event of nuclear weapons ever being used again. Which sadly is a real possibility. In the state of our world today!

View looking out of the "Sabai Sabai" Thai Restaurant.
"Otter Creek Falls"
Riding my bike on Route 100.

Video of "Otter Creek Falls"

The trailer for the 1983 film "War Games"