Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ethan Allan Land

If all goes to plan. I will be keeping the streak alive. It will soon be my fourth year in a row. Visiting Vermont during fall foliage season. This streak to me. Is as important as the Great Joe DiMaggio amazing hitting streak of 56 consecutive games, with a least one hit.

Now to be a little realistic. I don't think I will make it to 56 consecutive years going to Vermont. Or anywhere close to DiMaggio record. However I do know I will always enjoy every second. I get to spend in the Green Mountain State.

Here is my itinerary. I leave my home here in Canada on October 2nd. Like all of my Vermont adventures. They begin in the old railroad town of White River Junction. This idyllic boarder town with New Hampshire. Is very special place for me. Also the Hotel Coolidge is located there. Which is always a great experience to stay within the historic walls.

I will stay in the Connecticut River Valley area until October 5, when I move to north to visit the "Mad River Valley". I have never been to visit that area in any my previous trips. So I am very excited to be there. Biking and also hiking a piece of the famous "Long Trail". Will be the recipe for fun and pleasure beyond belief.

Then on the 7th of October I move to the south of the "Mad River Vally". To stay in the hamlet of "Hancock". Which is also located on scenic route 100, located right on the Green Mountain National Forest. I can never get enough of being and enjoying life, in Vermont. It is like living in a completely different world. Which is a world where you are constantly surrounded by natures, natural beauty. No noise, no pollution, no overcrowding, not many unhappy people. Not in Vermont's World.

The last 2 days of Vermont trip number 5. Will be spent. Calling the city of Burlington home. It is also a great feeling being on Lake Champlain. The city of Burlington has most of the amenities of any major city. Vermont's largest city also contains a lot of; history, natural beauty, and charm.

So there you have it. My plans for my 5th journey to the land that the great Ethan Allan, and all of the Green Mountain people fought so hard to create, in 1791. Please follow along as I again journey into the Vermont, "The Land of Green". Hoping that this Blog also gives you the ambition to also visit Vermont. Do yourself a favor, and go!!!!

The pictures are, from the top to the bottom;
The famous Ethan Allan, founding leader of the Republic of Vermont
The original flag of the Vermont Republic 1777.
On a hike of Mount Ascutney, from last year.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Here a couple of shots from my experience to "Crater Lake". I was there on June 9th, 2010. The Lake is so huge. It is very difficult to photograph without a panoramic lens. I created these panoramic shots by places to of my photos together. Enjoy!