Saturday, June 13, 2015

Home Of The Brave & Land Of The Green

Another Vermont Vacation has come and gone. Many more wonderful memories were achieved by traveling to the Green Mountain State of Vermont!

All the fantastic vacations that I have enjoyed in Vermont. Have been the kind of medicine that any Doctor can not prescribe! I just feel so much better after I have had the chance to slow down the pace of life. To enjoy the refreshing environment that the Green Mountains has to offer. A place where the sky is still blue, the air is clean and free of pollution and you are surrounded almost constantly by all of the green beautiful scenery!

On every trip I leave Vermont with body and soul renewed. Ready again to fight to survive all of the pressures and stress of living life in the real world. Hoping that a great holiday in Vermont. Will give me the chance to visit the Green Mountains again in the future!

After visiting Vermont I have always been in complete awe of all of the natural beauty. That Vermont has to offer. After being away from the Green Mountain State for awhile. I start to doubt myself. Am I exaggerating on how beautiful Vermont really is? The answer to that question is an explicit no! The Green Mountain State of Vermont belongs on the elite list. Of the most beautiful places on this planet we call Earth. Just do yourself a favor and come and see Vermont for yourself!

On this trip I would like to thank Kathleen! The proprietor of the "Gathering Inn" located where route 125 meets Vt route 100. Hancock is a great location to call home during a Vermont Vacation. Also The Gathering Inn is an excellent and comfortable accommodation to stay!

I would again also thank my 2009 Elantra. This car is fun to drive and has done an excellent job. Replacing the Corolla!

Also thanks to my great friend "The State of Vermont". For being so Green! Also not letting the "Travel Wolfe" ever forget. What is the best way for me. To continue to enjoy my journey through life!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Waterfall Named "Moss Glen Falls" in Stowe

Yes that is correct! There are two beautiful waterfalls located in Vermont. That are both named "Moss Glen Falls". The waterfall that I'm very familiar with is the Moss Glen Falls located 3 miles north of Granville on route 100.

The village of Stowe also has a waterfalls named "Moss Glen". That is located a short drive from the village. To see the Moss Glen Falls in Stowe. It is also requires a short hike to take in all of the beauty. Also to hear that very relaxing sound of the naturally running water!

I have included my pictures taken today of the short hike and of Moss Glen Falls located in Stowe!

Stowe & The Fabulous "Rec Path"

By lunch time I made it to Stowe. Yes to first enjoy a nice lunch! That was taken care of by visiting the "Cafe on Main". Before I forget. When I arrive in the downtown old section of Stowe and you are plan on riding your bike on the "Rec Path". There is a free parking lot down the hill from the Church located in Stowe. You cannot miss the Church. It is white and had a very tall steeple.

The "Cafe on Main" is only a short walk to find it, after you have parked your vehicle. You will find good sandwiches and very friendly service at this eatery and is a great place to enjoy lunch! There are tables to eat outside on a beautiful day. In front of the historic building where it is housed!

After I enjoyed my lunch. They it was time to set out on my bike. To enjoy another fantastic bike riding opportunity located here in the "Green Mountain State". Beautiful scenery and fresh air are always your companion during the ride. I have completed the ride on the Stowe "Recreation Path" several times and will never get tired of doing it!

I have included a few photos taken by "DRW Media" of downtown Stowe and my bike ride of the Rec Path today.

The Flea Market in Waterbury!

Today was the final full day of my late Spring adventure in Vermont. I only continue to have wonderful things to say about this extraordinary place!

Travel and my quality time spent in the Green Mountains has been a huge plus for my life. Such quality and amazing times that have been so throughly enjoyed!!!

Beautiful weather prevailed today over the Green Mountains. My mind was made and I headed north on Route 100 the direction going to Stowe. I first stopped to have another visit at the Warren Store for a delicious cup of coffee and a few snacks.

Then driving along 100 just after I got out of Waitsfield. I found a huge Church garage sale. It was fun stopping off to have a look. Picked up a few more CD's of wonderful music and a couple other neat items. Then continued north to Waterbury. I stopped at an interesting garage sale. That had some obscure items. That you don't expect to see selling at a garage sale. For example original propaganda items from China. I didn't purchase any of the interesting items that were there. I didn't have much cash on me, and was still looking forward to see what I would find at the Flea Market.

I arrived at the Flea Market. On this gorgeous Vermont Day. Huge amounts of vender's, and a big crowd of eager customers. Lots of interesting items were found during my visit. I have to say I made an very rare purchase. I purchased an original NYC Subway Sign from the old Subway Stop at Shea Stadium. Lots of sports history were part of the life of Shea Stadium. The home of the "Miracle Mets" in 1968 and "Cinderella Jets" winning the Super Bowel lead by Joe Namath also in 1968.

I am going to really enjoy this little piece of what use to be a part of Shea! Shea Stadium was closed and demolished in 2008. I have included some photos.

The Subway Stop stills exisits and was renamed "Mets-Willets Point" and serves the new Baseball Stadium for the NY Mets "Citi Field".

Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Beauty of Lake Dunmore!

After my kite flying adventures that were enjoyed on the beach of Lake Dunmore. I then set out to enjoy my second bike ride of the day. I removed my Raleigh Road Bike from my car. Rode the bike outside the gates of "Branbury State Park". I turned right. Not sure what direction I was heading. I didn't really care!

On September 17th, 2012. I rode my bike completely around Lake Dunmore. This rides remains one of my favorite rides that I have completed in Vermont. It will also make my list of favorite bike rides of all time. Which will be a very impressive list.
Here is the post from 3 years ago;

All of the enjoyment of that ride came back to me, very quickly! I was planing to do a short ride. Which I did. I rode for 4 miles along the road that encompasses Lake Dunmore. Then rode back to Branbury Park. I almost was temped to keep going and travel around Lake Dunmore by bicycle for the second time.

My Vermont Vacation 2015 has been great, and yes I still have one more day to enjoy. Enjoy the photos I took today of biking Lake Dunmore!

Go Away & Fly A Kite! Lake Dunmore!

Today was another great day of my Vermont Experience 2015! I enjoyed visiting back at Lake Dunmore today. The weather turned out to be a bright sunny day! Also there was quite a breeze blowing up over the Lake. The prefect conditions to fly a kite. This is one of life's simple pleasures I have not enjoyed in many years.

I brought a kite with me on this trip. I have mixed results on flying this kite. I realized after getting it out of the storage package. That the kite is missing it's tail. So I improvised and made a tail for the kite out of a strip cut from a plastic grocery bag.

It was too cool for a swim in the lake today. But what an enjoyment it was for me. Being back at this great place to relax and enjoy many fun activities. I went for a very nice bike ride after my kite flying concluded. Happy that I got to visit my second beutiful body of water, located in the Green Mountains.

I have included some pictures.

A postcard of beautiful "Lake Dunmore"