Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Islands of Cape Cod

The time is now fast approaching where I draw up the anchor. And set sail for a brand new adventure. Venturing out into this big beautiful world we live on.

This time my destination are the islands of Cape Cod. The two main islands located off of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Are Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket Island. These tranquil and beautiful islands are located about 100 miles or 160 KM, south-east of the city of Boston.

I had a choice for this trip. I could have flown to Boston and rented a car. Then just toured the Cape Cod area. My decsion was to fly directly to Martha's Vineyard and spend 4 days on Martha's Vineyard and 4 days on Nantucket Island.

This way I have avoided renting a car for this trip. I will rent a bike and use public transit on both islands. I am avoiding peak tour season by visiting the islands in early June. I may be missing out on the best weather. But I am missing the overcrowding that these idyllic islands experience during July and August.

My plan as always. Is to; relax, enjoy, eat great food, meet interesting and friendly people. To enjoy life to the max! I am starting to feel better already! Time to go and start packing!

I have posted the flags of both Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket Island. Also a map of the Cape Cod area.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ride Over The Bridge

During the winter of 2007. I enjoyed traveling in the state of California for 3 weeks, in February. I spend 1 week in Northern California in the Bay area. That time was enjoyed! And yes I did fall in love with the city of San Francisco. You will enjoy your time spent in this classic city for many reasons.

My favorite love in the City by The Bay. Is an engineering wonder of our world. The Golden Gate Bridge was by far my favorite part of being in San Francesco. I enjoyed the pleasure of riding over the Golden Gate Bridge 3 times during my stay. I brought along on my California adventure my folding Dehon travel bike. The views and experience riding over the bridge were both outstanding!

The Golden Gate Bride is not only a historic and incredible feat of engineering. It also represents what can be accomplished if government and citizens work together for a positive purpose. As the Golden Gate Bridge was built during the height of the great depression in the 1930's. Both the U.S. government and the people of San Francesco raised the necessary cash for the construction of the Bridge to take place. The Golden Gate Bridge created badly needed jobs and income for the people of the Bay Area. The completion of the Golden Gate Bridge in 1937 created an important and vital transit link. As cars and cargo trucks could then travel along highway 101 down the coast of California.

Enjoy my photos of riding my bike. Over the Golden Gate Bridge!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

One Of My Greatest Days!

Through of all of my great life experiences. To be honest I enjoyed more then my fair share of fun and adventure along the way.
A lot of this was created by me. Because of my adventurous spirit combined with my imagination. One of the greatest days of my life. Occurred during my first big trip, back in 1986. I enjoyed the excitement of touring around the "Confederation of Helvetia". Also know to most people as the European country of Switzerland. Yes I enjoyed 1 month of my life. Living and loving life in Switzerland.

On July 22, 1986 I found myself located in the unique mountain village of Zermatt. Located below the Matterhorn. This great mountain which stands on the southern boarder between Italy and Switzerland. Stands a constant vigil overlooking and protecting the country of Switzerland. The Matterhorn stands 4,474 meters or 16,690 feet. It is one of the most beautiful and scenic mountains located on our Planet Earth. I know this first hand. Because on this beautiful summer day back in 1986. I hiked from the village of Zermatt onto the Matterhorn to an altitude of 2,580 meters or 8,464 feet. A cable car was the mode of transportation. On my return trip back down the mountain. On that special day. The Matterhorn and the country of Switzerland. Left me with a lasting feeling of joy. That will remain with me always! For that special day. Will always continue to be. One of the greatest days'in my life! Enjoy the photos from my hike!

The photos from the hike going up the Matterhorn!

Talking the cable car down the Matterhorn back to Zermatt.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Sherman Falls to Tiffany Falls

Today I ventured back to the Hamilton area to enjoy a short hike on the Bruce Trail. Thanks to my hand held Garmin GPS. I had no problem finding Sherman Falls. As I enjoyed a visit there last year. And I saved the exact position in the memory of the GPS. My Garmin GPS then gave me competent navigation in creating my route to get from my home, to the exact location of the Falls.

I enjoyed visiting Sherman Falls again. Like most of the falls located on the Niagara Escapement. They are hidden away from the rest of the world. You have to search a little to find them. They are worth the effort. As they are still located in a natural and pristine setting, and are there to be enjoyed.

After visiting Sherman Falls. I completed a short hike on the Bruce Trail. Which takes you right by Sherman Falls before continuing north in the direction of the end of the trail. Which ends in the Ontario town of Tobermory.

I did not hike a long distance today. I just wanted to enjoy some quality time on the Bruce Trail and to get better accustomed to my new Lumix digital camera. I was unaware that there is another very nice waterfall that is located very close to Sherman Falls. Tiffany Falls was found taking a side trail from the main Bruce Trail route.

You can be the judge of the pictures I shot of my hike on the Bruce Trail today. Any comments will be appreciated!