Saturday, May 22, 2010

One of the best parts of Canada- Niagara

Today will be a very enjoyable day. I will be traveling with a good friend to visit one of the best parts of Canada. Siobhan L. and I will going to visit the Niagara Falls region. I meet Siobhan 3 years ago during my Arizona trip. We met and became friends in Phoenix. We both stayed at the travel hostel, located there. Siobhan (her name is pronounced Chiffon) is from Ireland. Is a very nice person, and also a very talented singer-songwriter.

The planed itinerary is; drive out after breakfast to Ft. Erie. From there we will drive the scenic Niagara River Road all the way to the falls, and from the falls all the way to Niagara on the Lake. It should make for a very exciting day.

The day turned out very well. Despite an overcast and rainy day. It did not dampen the spirits of Siobhan and myself. After arriving in Ft. Erie we noticed that the line up for the people waiting to cross into the U.S.A. was huge. Very glad we had no plans too visit Buffalo on this day. It would of been an unbearable wait.

I showed Siobhan around Ft. Erie. We found a nice spot to view the Skyline of Buffalo, New York. Also it was a great place to view the beginning of the Niagara River. Where Lake Erie is the source for the river.

Then Siobhan and I drove to see old Fort Erie Racetrack. I was hoping to show Siobhan a live horse race. However there was no live races today. My how time has changed things. Sadly the popularity of mindless slot machines has replaced the popularity of enjoying live horse races. Lots of great memories for me being at Fort Erie. But a real downer for me, seeing what they have down to the classic grandstand, that use to exist at Fort Erie Racetrack.

Then it was time for lunch. We stopped at the Subway Sub shop for a fast and nutritious lunch. Then after enjoying lunch it was time to leave Ft. Erie, and to start the beautiful drive along the Niagara River to the Falls.

I haven't done this drive in a long time. So it was enjoyed very much by Siobhan and myself. After arriving in Niagara Falls, we found a good and cheap place to park. Then we set out on foot to get the impressive and intimate look at the Falls. Which is a sight you can never get tired to see.

Then after a nice visit at the falls, and the chance to get some great pictures. We completed the scenic drive. From the Falls to the town of "Niagara on the Lake". The very classy and European style town. Is a real Canadian treasure. The atmosphere and beauty of this town is unchallenged by anywhere else in Ontario. The location is hard to beat. As this town is located at the end of the Niagara River. Where it pours into Lake Ontario. Very beautiful place to be! Siobhan and I did a short walk about the town. Then we left to stop for dinner. Before we arrived home.

Our food choice on this day was a delicious chicken Souvlaki dinner at Master Steaks. Which might be the best value and taste, fast food restaurant in the Greater Toronto Area. This restaurant is located 5895 Dixie Road. The only criticism of this restaurant is the management. As the men's washroom is always lacking of paper towels to wash your hands, and yesterday as Siobhan and I looked for a clean table to enjoy our meal. We had a tough time to do so. The meal was delicious though.

It was a great day, enjoyed with a great friend. Travelling is always fun!!!!