Friday, October 7, 2016

A Special Day! Enjoyed in a Special Place!

  Mount Mansfield overlooking the Town of Stowe, Vermont.
Today was a wonderful day enjoyed on this vacation! I could never find the prefect words to properly describe. The true beauty of the State of Vermont. Taking in all of this extreme beauty. Leaves me just lost for words and in total awe. Of this wonderful place know as "The Green Mountain State".

My day started with a light breakfast at the Gathering Inn. Then I prepared my car for a day trip. I decided to enjoy this final day of vacation in the town of Stowe located north. From the town of Hancock. Which was my home base during this vacation.

It was not hard to drive to Stowe. It is just a northern trip on Vermont Route 100. I passed through the towns of: Granville, Warren, Waitsfield, and Waterbury. Until you finally arrive in the town of Stowe. Like the rest of Vermont. The town of Stowe is a delightful location. With lots of great amenities. Also with lots of beauty to offer the people who live here, or visit here. Stowe is also one of the best ski locations located in "The State of Vermont". The highest mountain located in the Green Mountains, Mount Mansfield overlooks the town of Stowe.

The weather conditions were just perfect today! Which included; bright sunshine, no wind, no humidity, and a high temperature about 23 Celsius or about 73 Fahrenheit. After I arrived in the town of Stowe. I enjoyed a wonderful chicken salad sandwich with a cup of split pea soup.  The Cafe on Main Street is consistently a wonderful place to enjoy a meal. While you are located in Stowe Vermont.

I enjoyed a very nice bike ride on the "Rec Path" located in the town of Stowe. I always enjoy taking photos while I am visiting a beautiful place. I have included the best photos from the experience today, on this post.

After the bike ride. I enjoyed a nice coffee located right across from the Rec Path. The Black Cap Coffee Shop always serves a deciduous cup of Joe. I then enjoyed the drive heading south on Vermont Rte. 100. Which would take me back to the village of Hancock. Where the Gathering Inn is located. The drive back to Hancock today. Just reinforces my opinion. That the State of Vermont is truly one of the greatest and most beautiful places located on our Planet Earth!

To make this day one to remember for all time! I enjoyed a great stake dinner. Cooked by the "Travel Wolfe" at the "Gathering Inn". Served with spinach salad and a baked potato. This day is a day. You just never want to see it come to an end!

          This photo taken from the "Black Cap Coffee Shop" located across from the Stowe                                     Church.
                                   My fabulous dinner tonight!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Beautiful Colors of Autum

Total was a very wonderful day of my Vermont Fall vacation. The overcast, gray skies and rain had vanished. Instead the sun rose into the rich Blue Sky. Which brought out all of the wonderful Autumn colors located in The Green Mountains!

After breakfast I traveled to the town of Pittsfield. I enjoyed a very good lunch in the old country store located in Pittsfield. The lunch consisted of a freshly made turkey burger. I have never eaten a turkey burger that was that good!

I have included some photos of my travels in Vermont today.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Traveling To God's Country!

The Car Ferry leaving Charlotte Vt. heading across Lake Champlain towards Essex New York.

Happily I am back in God's Country! Properly named "The State of Vermont". The Green Mountains is a wonderful place to enjoy living life!

I left on Friday afternoon. As I left my home in the Greater Toronto Area. I first drove to visit long time friend Keith C. Who lives in the Ontario town of Trenton. It is a big advantage doing the long drive to Vermont, in two parts. Which does allow me to enjoy the journey. Compared driving the long distance in one shot!

I left for Vermont after enjoying a very nice breakfast at the cafeteria located on the Canadian Forces Base located in Trenton. The prices are very good and the quality of the food is also very good! The general public is welcome on the base to enjoy this great place to eat!

I then set out to reach my Vermont destination. Which is the "Gathering Inn" located in Hancock Vermont. Most of the driving takes place driving eastbound on the 401 towards Cornwall Ontario. It is here that I travel across the St Lawrence River into the United States. I then travel further east. Until I reach the city of Plattsburgh. From Plattsburgh. I head south on highway 87. Making my way to the New York State town of Essex. This is the location. Where I can take a ferry across Lake Champlain. To arrive in the Vermont Village of Charlotte!

When I arrived in the village of Essex N.Y. The conditions were very calm and overcast. To my good fortune. It had not rained almost at all during my journey. After having now arrived in "The Green Mountain State". I then proceeded north on Vermont Highway 7 (Ethan Allan Highway) to reach Middlebury. After a short stop. To pick up a few groceries at a local food market.I then drove a short distance on Highway 7 to reach Vermont Route 125. When you turn onto Route 125. You will quickly arrive in the town of East Middlebury. Just before starting your accent through the Middlebury Gap. It is a very scenic drive. This route is a great way to start a wonderful Vermont Fall Vacation!

I have included a few photos of arriving in Essex N.Y. Also my Ferry trip across Lake Champlain.

A very calm and murky Lake Champlain on this very overcast day!

Photos from Essex New York.

The Car Ferry arriving in Essex New York State.

Reflections of the trees just before arriving in Charlotte Vt.
An incredible day to be sailing on Lake Champlain!