Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Visiting The Cascades

On this coming Saturday, October 1st. I'm off again on vacation for 1 week. With all the stress that is now. The normal part of our normal lives. It makes the importance of these getaways even more relevant then ever! Traveling to a wondrous and beautiful place. "Is the medicine, a Doctor cannot prescribe".
On this vacation I am heading back to the Pacific Northwest, and the Cascades Mountain range. I will be based in the "City of Roses" Portland, Oregon.
Thankfully it will be my third dose of visiting the Cascades, in the past 3 years.
For this trip. I want to explore the city of Roses and really have a chance to enjoy what makes the city of Portland so special. For Portland is the greenest city in North America. Also Portland is located so close. To the Magnificent Mt. Hood, and the Willamette and Columbia Rivers. This is what makes this city so special to me.
Also during the duration of this trip. I plan to spend some quality time visiting the Columbia River Gorge. One of the most scenic green areas. Not only located in North America, but on our entire planet.

I have posted a picture I took last summer during my Oregon Experience. As "The magnificent Mt. Hood. Welcomed me back to Oregon!!! Also I have included the city flag for the city of Portland. The flag was designed by Portland resident and graphic designer Douglas Lynch in 1969.
The Green represents "The forests and green which is a major part of the city, the blue repersents the Columbia and Willamette Rivers, and the yellow for the importance of agriculture and commerce.

I do enjoy to sail away. This is the way I survive!!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Right In My Own Backyard

With the summer of 2011 rapidly coming to an end. I enjoyed a wonderful day biking the "Caledon Trail Way. The trail is what exists of what use to be an old railway route that was retired in the 1980's. The Caledon Trail Way runs for 35 KM between Terra Cotta and highway 9 north of Palgrave. This trail opened in 1995 and was the first designated part of the "Trans Canada Trail"

I only live about 18 KM from the trail. I drove with my Raleigh Mountain bike. Placed on my bike rack, mounted on my car. Drove north on Dixie until I reached the trail. There was ample parking to park my car. Also to organize my gear for the ride ahead.

My bike ride was from the parking lot for the Caledon Trail located on Dixie. Just north of Old Base Line Road. I peddled all the way to the village of Terra Cotta. The total distance of the ride was about 18 miles or 30 KM.

The beautiful scenery enjoyed along the trail was varied. I enjoyed; farm country, wooded areas, and marshlands. I did cross a few bridges on the section of trail I rode. Including one that crossed highway 10. This scenic Ontario trail was easy to ride. As it is flat, and only runs east or west.

The highlight of the day was a short swim in the Credit River when I reached the village of Terra Cotta. There is a small park located in Terra Cotta on the Credit River. It was a great idea to be wearing my swim suit for this ride. Just like I knew it was going to happen. Thanks to good friend Harold for recommending this great biking trail! It was my first swim ever in The Credit River. It was a small, but very special pleasure. I will not soon forget!