Saturday, July 19, 2014

Taking Off From Saba!

Going back to January 29th of 2014. Was my day trip to visit the exotic island of Saba. During my St. Maarten adventure.
I was on an organized tour. In which a boat was the mode of getting to and from Saba, from St. Maarten. Shortly after experiencing the horrible boat ride over to Saba. The water was very rough in the Caribbean Sea. I made the decision to fly back to St. Maarten on a "Winair" De Havalland Twin Otter.The flight back was extraordinary to say the least. Taking off from the shortest commercial runway in the world was very exciting! The extra money spent was an excellent idea. Avoiding another rough boat ride to get back to St. Maaten. In return creating another great travel memory!

Just before I boarded the Twin Otter. The battery on my digital camera ran out of juice. However lucky for me. I was able to continue to take pictures. As I was carrying my disposal underwater film camera. I picked up these rare photos today. I'm am very happy with the results.

The moral of the story is. Always have a plan "B" ready, just in case. Just in case plan A fails!

The top photo is after existing the De Havalland Twin Otter, after arriving at St. Marrten.

The camera I used to get these great photos.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Back On The Trailway

Another day of almost perfect weather conditions. Which inspired me to continue on the roll I'm on. I went to visit one of my favorite local places. Located just to the north of Brampton is the town of Caledon. Which consists of many small villages and hamlets.My favorites of these in the village of Terra Cotta and Cheltenham. Both of these villages are located very close to the Credit River. Also the "Caledon Trailway" connects both Terra Cotta and Cheltenham.

My enjoyable afternoon began with lunch at the historic old General Store located in Cheltenham. There sandwiches are very good. Also included is a perfect place to relax and enjoy your meal. On the deck located on the back of the old store or on a picnic table located right on the Credit River.Which was my choice today.

Then I set out on my mountain bike on the Trailway west to Terra Cotta which is located 4.5 KM away. However I initially bypassed the village to visit the western marker of the Caledon Trailway. Something that I have never done before. Then I road my bike to the park located on the Credit River, to have my swim. The water was cold. My swim was short, but it did feel fantastic being in the Credit River. It is always a pleasure!

Then I proceeded to get back on the trail to ride to Inglewood. Which is located 8.5 KM from Terra Cotta. After a brief rest break after arriving in Inglewood. I rode the scenic trail the 4 KM back to the General store located in Cheltenham. Celebrating my fun afternoon. With a small "mint chocolate chip" ice-cream cone. Life is, and can be very good!

Enjoy the photos!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Niagara River Recreation Trail

Today was a splendid travel day for the "Travel Wolfe". The weather was near perfection. So I headed out to spend a lovely afternoon. Visiting Niagara On The Lake. So I could enjoy riding my bike on the "Niagara River Recreation Trail". This exquisite trail built in 1986. Allows visiting to enjoy an intimate interaction. With one of the most beautiful parts of Canada,  the Niagara Area. The trail which begins near historic Fort George in "Niagara On The Lake" continues all the way to Fort Erie some 58 KM away. The trail hugs the Niagara River and all of the beautiful scenery that is a joy to take in.

I have to thank great friend Harold for recommending this trip. So surprising it took me so long too take it all in. But as we say in the Post Office. Better late then never.

On my arrival. I secured my car one of the free places to park. Not very far from Fort George. Then I devoured a lunch that I prepared at home. Prior to leaving on the trip. Which is a great idea to bring a picnic lunch with you. Not very many fast food choices in this area. A great place to enjoy lunch in some of the best beautiful surroundings that Canada has to offer. There are also lots of picnic tables provided and some charcoal barbecues as well.

II now present my pictures of riding my bike along the "Niagara River Recreation Trail". I rode about 20 KM for the afternoon. To the village of Queenston Heights and back to Niagara On The Lake.\

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Hiking "The Red Trail"

Today I enjoyed one of the beautiful pleasure you can enjoy in life. Walking (hiking) through a pristine beautiful natural area.
I'm enjoying being on holidays this week. Even though I didn't travel anywhere this time around. I am still trying hard to enjoy life my way.

After a very relaxing bike ride this morning. I set out in the afternoon. To visit "Glen Haffy" Conservation Area. This very nice recreational area is located 10 KM (6 Miles) north of Caledon East on Airport Road.

I purchased a nice sub at Subway. Then drove to the park. I enjoyed a nice lunch. Which included boiling water on my Esbit Stove. To make some Apple-Cinnamon Tea. An Esbit hiking stove burns a solid fuel tablet which was invented in Germany in 1936. The tablets consist of a substance called hexamine. Hexamine fuel tablets are lightweight and are easy to ignite, and burn clean. After I enjoyed lunch. I headed out to complete the 2.7 KM hike on the "Red Trail".

I have included some photos of my hike on the "Red Trail".