Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Vermont Bumper Stickers

Here are pictures of 3 cool bumper stickers. That I photographed during my most recent Vermont vacation.
I have two more great Vermont Bumper Stickers to add;

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Living in 3/4 Time!!!

I'm home now. Back to the reality of my real life. I just have to do the best I can, to survive. Until it is possible to sail away again! That is the way I survive! In this crazy, modern, and computerized world we all live in.

My 6th trip to Vermont was a real pleasure! Living in 3/4 time always is. Jimmy Buffett who I will always be a real fan of the man's music and persona. Sailed away to survive to Key West Florida, in 1972. Going to Key West was a real life altering situation for Jimmy Buffett. The peaceful and easy living life style. Also the beautiful natural scenery and atmosphere of the island. Always gives your body the natural endorphin's. That help to keep life fun and exciting. No matter what curve balls life throws your way. Key West helped Jimmy Buffett to create such fan favorite songs as; Tryin To Reason With Hurricane Season, Come Monday, Margaritaville, Cheeseburger In Paradise, and The Wino and I Know, etc! Jimmy was able to live his dream of being a popular and successful musician.

I have found the same peace and serenity traveling away to the state of Vermont. There are real similarities to what Jimmy Buffett found. Went he sailed away to live in Key West in 1972. To what I find in Vermont today. The Green Mountain State will relax, rejuvenate, and inspire you to live and enjoy your life. No matter what comes your way. Vermont will always bring you to a peaceful state of mind. Where you can depart your negative problems of the real world. Isn't that what special vacation time, should be all about?

I would like to thank for making this amazing summer vacation possible. The able and friendly staff at the Hotel Coolidge. You always go out of your way to look after your patrons. Second I would like to thank Kathleen and Rick. That run the "Gathering Inn" located in Hancock, Vermont. It is always a real pleasure to stay within your friendly confines. I would to thank Carol for being a great host. Carol owns and operates the "The Old School" B & B and hostel. Which is located on Vermont's version of Key West. The island is named "Isle La Motte". I have to keep paying tribute to my 2001 Corolla. You are my wheels that get me to where I want to be! Oh yes and thanks again to those Green Mountains. I will always dream about living life in the place they call "Vermont"!!!

The pictures posted are of; the original poster from the 1978 live Jimmy Buffett Lp "You Had To Be There", My rare copy of Jimmy Buffett 4th Lp "Living and Dying in 3/4 Time" (1974), and the final picture is of the gate-fold picture.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunset Over Champlain

Enjoy some photos I took of tonight's sunset over Lake Champlain. This magnificent lake is part of what makes the state of Vermont so special!

The Mountains Green!

Enjoy some great pictures of the "Green Mountains" I took. While I enjoyed my eating experience at Ruthcliffe Lodge. Pictures can speak more then a thousand words. A thousand green words, that is!

Skinny Tires & Wires!

Had the most amazing day. Enjoying the islands of Vermont. The weather is perfect, which translate into sunny skies, light wind, and temperatures about 80 degree's (26 C.).

After enjoying another nice breakfast at "The Old Schoolhouse". I set out on my Norco road bike. I cycled all the way to the General Store, located on North Hero Island. Then I turned around and peddled all the way back. The total distance covered was about 22 miles (36 KM). I enjoyed a very good chicken salad sandwich. At the Irving Gas station located where highway 2 meets highway 129. There is a nice general store located there.

I then returned to the Old Schoolhouse, and soon after set out for a second bike ride. The Isle La Motte is famous for having some of the oldest evidence located on our planet. The remains of a ancient reef. Which is millions of years old. I went to observe this ancient history at two locations on the island. I then rode West Coast drive back to to School Street. Then back to my digs at the Old Schoolhouse.

It was then time to just kick back and relax and rejuvenate. After I regained some energy. I spoke to Carol about my dinner plans. Carol recommended. A quality restaurant located on "Isle La Motte" named Ruthcliffe Lodge. Now, who am I to ignore good advise? When I hear it. So I went to Ruthcliffe Lodge and enjoyed the experience! I dined on crab cakes, served with garlic mashed potatoes and zucchini. The appetizers were a cup of tomato vegetable soup and tossed green salad. What a great way to celebrate what has been an excellent holiday!

The title of this post represents an excellent and not very well know song by Jimmy Buffett. The song was written by Jimmy B. in 1973. About the gas shortage crisis. That happened in the U.S.A, that year. Jimmy Buffett loves to ride bikes and so do I! They will get you to the special places. That you really want to go!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Isle La Motte

Had another great day enjoying my trip. After breakfast I set out on my bike to explore the island. First I rode down the end of School Street. Then I enjoyed a leisurely ride along the West Coast Road.

When I returned to the Old School. I hoped into my car and drove to have lunch on North Hero Island. Like a lot of Vermont's Country Stores. The food was excellent and reasonably priced. I purchased a package of exotic tea. Also a bottle of Apple Wine. That will be enjoyed at home with a good dinner.

I then had a look around the town of Swanson. I stopped at there historical society. To visit an there old train station that had been restored. It was interesting. I have always been interested by past events, and past societies.

My next move was returning to The Isle La Motte, enjoyed a breather. Then I was on my bike yet again to explore the northern part of the island. I rode past the "St. Ann's Shrine". Which is located at the northern tip of the island, and is a very important place in the history of this scenic and peaceful place.

After completing my second enjoyable bike ride of the day. I enjoyed a special treat. There is a locally owned pizza restaurant located on the island. They feature a cool and refreshing desert know as a "Cremie". This desert is thick soft serve ice cream that has been flavored with real maple syrup. It went down very well, on a warm beautiful summer day.

I again relaxed at my island home, I went out for my nightly entertainment, tonight. Carol the friendly owner of the "Old School Hostel". Advised me of a local auction that was taking place in the town of Aurlberg, tonight. So I enjoyed a veggie pizza. From the local pizza shop for my dinner. Then I set out to try and purchase some treasure at this local auction.

The auction began at 7pm. However the auction ended early, just after 8 pm. As the cantankerous auctioneer. Refused to continue selling the merchandise. As he accused the crowd that showed up, of just being spectators. That were not interested to bid on the junk he was selling.

That is all I needed was buy more junk. It was an experience. The old saying' Nothing ventured, nothing ventured!!! It was still an excellent day!!!