Sunday, October 8, 2017

Toronto Islands & The Waterfront Biking Trail

I had the chance to go on an outstanding day trip to visit downtown Toronto. A rare occurrence for me now. As driving a car in the "Greater Toronto Area". Can be a very unpleasant experience. Long time friend of mine Harold. Who use to work in downtown Toronto. Was the perfect guide driving into and out of downtown Toronto. I was the prefect guide for cycling on the picturesque and beautiful Toronto Islands.

Harold and I parked near Sunnyside Beach. Then we departed our parked vehicle. Peddling towards downtown on the "Waterfront Biking Trail". The weather at this point was very overcast and cool. By the time we finally reached the Toronto Islands Ferry Docks. I couldn't wait to leave behind the overcrowding and concrete skyline of Toronto. For the peace, serenity and beauty of the Toronto Islands.

After we arrived at Center Island. We rode our bikes to the southern most point of Center Island.  Then it was a very leisurely ride to reach the island residential community of "Ward's Island". It is just like living in cottage country. When you are enjoying island life, living on the Toronto Islands.

This is really a great time to go cycling on the Toronto Islands. The "Centerville Amusement Park " is closed. Also during the weekdays. The amount of day trippers is very low. Plus you are allowed to bring your own bikes over to the islands, on the ferry boats. Avoiding the unnecessary cost of renting bikes.

After enjoying the relaxing atmosphere on Ward's Island. Harold and I peddled along the boardwalk until we reached the path and then the bridge that took us over to visit the residential community of Algonquin Island. Beautiful homes looking straight towards the skyline of downtown Toronto. Along with the same peaceful and very green environment can be found living on AlgonquinIsland.

Then it was time to move to the western part of the Toronto Islands. Which is Hanlon's Point. Where the Toronto Island Airport is located. We enjoyed some peaceful and relaxing time hanging out on Hanlon's Point. Until we finally made the decision to return back to the Center Island Docks. To return to the hustle and bustle and very fast pace of the normal and real world of today.

On our return to the mainland. Harold and I enjoyed riding back to where Harold's vehicle was parked at Sunnyside Beach. During this part of the trip. We enjoyed a more scenic ride as we passed through what remains of "Ontario Place" Theme Park. Which has been closed since 2012. The only parts of Ontario place this is currently being used is the; marina, the Budweiser Stage and the historic Cinesphere. This early Imax theater has gladly survived the demise of Ontario Place.

It was great being reacquainted with the Toronto Islands. A beautiful part of Toronto that remains unchanged. Since my earliest fond memories dating back to the 1960's. It is and always be fun. To created new and happy great memories!
The contrast between "Green and Concrete"

The Concrete of downtown Toronto.

The beautiful Green of the Toronto Islands.
Ward's Island Boardwalk
The Gibraltar Point Lighthouse- built in 1808 is the oldest existing Lighthouse on the Great Lakes.
Hanlon's Point Ferry
1971 Cinesphere Imax Theater 
On the way home!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Island Lake- Orangeville Ontario!

A very beautiful place to enjoy! During a very nice sunny day. Is located in Orangeville Island Lake Conservation Area.Ontario. A great place to get away from the rat race and gridlock located in the Greater Toronto Area. Their was great boardwalk built throughout the park. Which connects a trail that goes all the way around Island Lake. A great place for a hike or bike ride. Also fishing, boating, swimming or just enjoying a nice picnic meal. Can all be yours on a visit to Island Lake. I have included some photos from a visit enjoying the peace and beauty of Island Lake Conservation area!

          A playful and enthusiastic "Ranger"having a blast enjoying Island Lake!

The Home of Champions. National Horse Racing Hall of Fame!

During our summer visit to Saratoga Springs New York. To enjoy horse racing at the Spa. My brother John and I paid tribute to a lot of the contributers. That have entertained and make horse racing such of a fantastic spectacular sport. I have to admit their were lots of great memories that came into my head. Both from a fan and as a participate in the Sport of Kings.

I have included some of my best photos from my experience during my visit. I can definitely recommended a visit to this great museum. During your visit to the Spa!

The National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame is located at 191 Union Ave, Saratoga Springs, NY, 12866

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Living History!

I have to say it was a great experience having the chance to enjoy the classic old race track. That is located in the town of "Saratoga Springs" N.Y. One of the world's greatest horse racing venues. That was created in 1864. In the world we live in today. In the year 2017. A world where the sport of horse racing. Is being replaced by casino gambling. As the popular addiction people have, for pushing buttons playing the slot machines. A world where the old and classic sporting venues have been replaced. With bigger and more modern venues. That contain all of the modern convenience. That most sports fans of today demand.

However one of the best examples of the old traditions of a sport. That is still alive and reigns supreme. Can be found on Union Avenue in Saratoga Springs New York. For when you reach Saratoga Race Course. Affectionately nick-named "The Spa". And pass through the turnstiles. You will quickly become apart of living history. You have now been transported back to another time into our distant past.

Saratoga Race Course was designed to be a place where the athletes that compete. The racehorses that put on the show.  Feel at home in a peaceful and natural environment. Also the race fans are very well treated. Where they get the chance to picnic relax and get away from the real world for awhile. Located in the expansive area around the paddock and walking ring. Allowing the horses and people to interact in a very positive way. If you are a race fan enjoying Saratoga. Just like visiting a classic Baseball Park from the past. You truly wish you can never leave! The tradition of allowing the fans to bring their own coolers into the track remains. As fans are allowed to enjoy their own food and alcoholic beverages and enjoy the provided picnic tables. This is a great idea on a visit to the "Spa" as the choice for food and beverages at the historic track are plentiful. But the prices are sky high! This is the only real reminder that you are in the year 2017 and are not back in the year 1920.

Just a great venue for horse racing should be. When you look out at the racetrack and beyond. You won't see a city. Or a "Concrete Sea". Including pavement, high rises and modern inconsequential distractions. All you will view is Mother Nature at her best! Total green beauty. Which will help to relax the body and the mind. The only excitement you will witness. Is when Larry Collumus says "Their Off". And a race at "The Spa" has begun. I have included some photos from my experience enjoying Saratoga!

The following photos are of the "Big Red Spring". The natural Spring that is located at Saratoga Race Course. For all to enjoy! This mineral water has a unique taste and naturally carbonated.

The "Big Red Spring" is named after "Hall of Fame" racehorses "Man 'O'War" and "Secretariat". The Spring has been available at Saratoga Race Course since 1975.