Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Cup & The Saucer.

Anybody that knows me. Knows that I love to collect. Weather it be Lp's, nostalgia, time pieces, and etcetera. That I am fascinated by finding and purchasing interesting or historic items.

It has been a lifetime hobby. That has been throughly enjoyed! The searching has been a lot of fun. It is possible to find and purchase treasure shopping in; thrift stores, garage sales, or even pawn shops. People can be very lazy or wasteful! Making possible to find valuable collectibles, or high end items. Just discarded by there previous owners for various reasons.

This post is dedicated to my mom. Who I received the rare gift of being a collector. As my mother from when she was a young lady. Started to collect fine English Cups and Saucers. During my searching. I would come across and purchased some nice additions to my mom's collection.

A few years ago I came across a nice Royal Doulton Tea Cup, at a garage sale. It was a in nice shape and was selling cheap. I think I paid 1 dollar for it. As the saucer was missing. This Cup was used as just a paper weigh and to put odds and ends in. Sitting on my mother's night table.

Then one day. I decided to do some research on this Royal Doulton Tea Cup. The pattern is named "Rosamund" which was made in 1941. The pattern number is "H4494". Then I did more searching on the Internet. If I could find the matching saucer for sale on-line. Sure enough I found a seller in Australia who was selling the original saucer for the cup. I made the decision to purchase the saucer. That to reunite the saucer with the tea cup would make a perfect Christmas Gift for my mom.

Great news. The original "Rosamund Royal Doulton Saucer" survived the long journey from the land "Down Under" to be reunited with the Tea Cup that I found at a garage sale. Who knows what stories they could tell if they could talk. Just maybe they lived through the "Battle of Britain" and the savage bombing of London, during World War 2. They have lived a lot and survived. Now this Cup and Saucer have been reunited. The only Royal Doulton Cup and Saucer in my mom's collection. Are now a very valuable part.

This will be a Merry Christmas! Cheers!!! Everyone!!!