Thursday, January 10, 2013

Florida Keys- Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another trip for this Travel Wolfe is in the planing stages. If all is well. My departure date is set for January 17. I will fly on Sunwing Airlines for the first time. I will fly from Toronto Pearson Airport to Ft. Lauderdale Airport located in Florida. A rented car has been reserved and and is waiting for me. I return home on January 24.

This trip will be another dream, to come true. As I will have the chance to explore and enjoy "The Florida Keys".

I did enjoy a day trip to visit Key West during my Florida vacation in 1984. Being a big fan of Singer-Songwriter Jimmy Buffett. I just had to visit Key West. I must say I enjoyed the experience. Always dreaming of the day I could go back.

That day is now quickly approaching. With of the turmoil. Not only in my life. But the whole world that we all live in. It is always very beneficial to have the opportunity to get away from it all. Even for a short time.

The cost of everything in life is always on the increase. Which alone is a big part of the problem we all must come to grip with, in our lives. This reality will continue to have a negative effect on most of us.

Even for an experienced budget solo traveler like myself. I constantly have to try and stay one step ahead of the game. To try and make these dream vacations possible. Hosteling still is my main source of finding interesting and affordable accommodations. Also my investment in purchasing state of the art lightweight luggage has proved to be a great advantage.

When I planed and booked this adventure. I looked at the idea of staying in Key West. The problem is that Key West is now a retreat for the wealthy. It is no longer a cool hangout for free spirits and rebels. Like it was back in the good old days. That enjoyed the chance to avoid living a normal life. When Jimmy Buffett moved to Key West in 1971 to put his life and his music career back on track. Jimmy "B" rented a room in a historic old home in Key West for $80 a month. Today the worst dive in Key West can be rented for $50 a night! You can easily see how expensive is has become to live in the year 2013. I checked the reviews of this budget place to stay. They were all terrible. Plus friends and fellow travelers Al and Christine. Stayed in what they thought was a nice hotel in Key West. Which set them back $150 per night. They both found the place mediocre and dirty. So I found and booked a very nice and cheap hostel located very close to Key Largo.

I will use this hostel as my base. To adventure into "The Florida Keys" and to try again to enjoy my life to the max!!

I have included a picture of the Overseas Highway 1. It is the path that leads you all the way to Key West. Which is located 113 miles south(182KM)from Key Largo and takes you over 42 bridges.

Of interest my 1984 Florida trip was my only vacation. That I damaged and lost all of my pictures. Now with the advantage of digital photography. This will not happen again.

Where will this adventure take me? Who will I meet? Will I get to enjoy being a peddler and not a pusher? Will I enjoy a cheeseburger in Paradise. The only way to answer these questions is venture out and live it!!!! To try and produce more fantastic memories. Isn't that what life is all about?

The photographer for this great photo of U.S. Highway 1 leading south to Key West is unknown.

With the deepest sadnest. The Wolfe Family suffered a great loss, as my mother Charlotte died suddenly last night of an aparant heart attack. My trip to Florida will be cacelled.
I was very pround to love a mother so rare!