Monday, March 13, 2017

Thank You "Land of Enchantment"

The drive into Carlsbad Caverns National Park

Reminiscing about wonderful experiences is always good! I have to admit I selected another fantastic destination for my vacation to visit the U.S. State of New Mexico. For the American State of New Mexico. Includes all of the elements that can create a dream vacation!

The "Land of Enchantment is a place of extreme beauty! Where the  natural desert scenery combined with the mountains that are predominant throughout the state. Is what makes New Mexico a very wonderful place to be.

Also I enjoyed two of the very special places that are a big part of the "Land of Enchantment". Which includes "Carlsbad Caverns National Park" and "The White Sands National Monument". Both are very high on the Travel Wolfe's list of must to enjoy places located on our Planet Earth! Driving an automobile in the wide open spaces in New Mexico is a pure joy. Where you get to drive for miles surrounded by nature's beauty. A lot of the time not even seeing another vehicle. This is a huge contrast to driving in today's urban environment. Where you are almost completely overwhelmed by gridlock and drivers that are in a desperate hurry. Are also driving distracted without using any common sense.

New Mexico also has a charming and interesting history. The town of Los Alamos is the place where the atomic age became a reality. I found it to be a very compelling experience. To actually be in this place. Where sadly the development of atomic energy became a necessity. For us human beings to have survived and made it to the year 2017. A huge thanks to Albert Einstein, and Dr. Robert Oppenheimer. And to all those who participated. Helping the U.S. to devise and construct the "Manhattan Project". I also found myself during my trip. Only a very short distant away from the "Trinity Site". Where the first test of a nuclear devise took place on July 16, 1945. For the continuation of mankind to survive. I do hope that nuclear weapons of any kind will never be used again!

A big plus on this wonderful adventure were the warm and sunny days. That were almost my constant companion during my time spent in the "Land of Enchantment". The fresh and clean air and some of the bluest skies that I have ever enjoyed. Where a very special part of this journey. A huge thanks to "Mother Nature". I couldn't enjoy all of the wonderful time I have spent traveling. Without your precious help! The "Travel Wolfe" is very grateful!

To all of the wonderful people I met in New Mexico. It was great meeting you all. Hoping I will get to see you again one day soon! The wonderful New Mexican Cuisine I did enjoy during this trip. Was my fuel for enjoying this wonderful time!

Yes traveling can be a wonderful experience in our lives. Thankfully it has been in my life! For traveling is worth all of the expense and effort to make it possible. Because it is one of the best chances we have. To enjoy "Quality Time" in our lives! The "Land of Enchantment" will now and always be. A very special part of my life!

The 1793 "San Felipe Church" located in Old Town Albuquerque.

Behold the "White Sands"

Full Moon Over Carlsbad

Exploring Carlsbad Caverns

The Travel Wolfe enjoying The Rio Grande Gorge Bridge.
On the drive up to visit Los Alamos.

Driving in the "Land of Enchantment" is an incredible experience!
 Total miles driven in "The Land of Enchantment" 1,466 Miles.