Wednesday, July 17, 2019

"Vermont" Beauty Spot of Planet Earth

         Looking South towards the village of Hancock.
The time to reflect on my recent  holiday in the "Green Mountain State". Lots and lots of very happy memories have been achieved traveling to and enjoying quality life. In this beautiful and tranquil beauty spot of our world.

I have to admit with all of the turmoil in our ever troubled world. The more and more appealing it has become. To run away, hide away in this beautiful place that was properly named Vermont! As the human world keeps getting closer to falling apart at the seams! This elegant and beautiful place. Seems very undeterred, unmoved and resistant to all of the troubles that seem to. Be getting worse and worse in our human world.

The international community seem to becoming evermore divided. The political leaders of the world can't seem to solve any of the underlying problems that plague our humanity. People seem to becoming evermore divided. On what is the proper direction politically to proceed. To the left or to the right. That  could create proper leadership. That may prove productive and come up with badly needed solutions. To solve some major problems with real and positive ideas. Sadly like history has proved in the past. The Human existence must achieve hitting rock bottom. Before any concentrated or combined effort to solve any problems. Will ever come to be!

There are a lot of places of beauty that are located on our Planet Earth. Some that I have already had the pleasure to experience during my life! For example my great trip to Switzerland in 1986. The unique beauty of Iceland in 1991. The Lake District located in England in 1998. The extreme beauty of France in 2000. The wonderful tropical beauty of St. Vincent and the Grenadines in 2001. The grandeur of Barbados in 2012.  Also the other great trips I have enjoyed to the Max. Visiting; Washington State, California, New Mexico, Florida, Arizona, Texas and Oregon in the United States! I have enjoyed lots of beauty during my life.

But the State of Vermont has become very and every-more special to the "Travel Wolfe". When ever you are in Vermont you will always be reminded that you are there! For the State of Vermont has a special charm. A unique atmosphere that is pure, and clean and real! The State of Vermont is Mother Nature's finest achievement located on on our beautiful Planet Earth! In my opinion. It has survived with us human beings living among and within the Green Mountain State. People have prevented to spoil Vermont's beauty or her resolve to remain natural and free!

When you are within the Green Mountain State and have the pleasure to live in this beautiful place you will be free of the rat race that we human beings have created! You will have the opportunity to live and enjoy life in unity with nature. The way that life was intended to exist! Always remember. That yes Vermont is a U.S.A State. But in my opinion. Being and living in the Green Mountain State of Vermont. Will always allow you to achieve. A very special State of Mind!
          "Battery Park" Path- Burlington
        Mount Mansfield- Stowe
     Moss Glen Falls- Granville

Monday, July 8, 2019

Living the Life! Green Mountain Style

                                                          Vt. Route 100 northbound
I enjoyed just an awesome day on my 2019 Vermont Vacation. Thanks to Mother Nature, and Thank You Green Mountains. You have both done a superb job making me very welcome and thankful. That I get to enjoy more quality time. Enjoying a great vacation! Visiting the "Green Mountain" State of Vermont. Which has become very essential to enjoying our lives in this rat race world. That our world has become!

But let me not dwell on the negative and just enjoy the positive! I woke up very relaxed. Enjoyed a nice simple breakfast at the Gathering Inn. Then enjoyed a very nice bike ride up to the village of Granville. When I arrived back at the Gathering Inn. I put the bike rack back on my car. Loading my Peugeot bike on the rack. Then set out for the town of Stowe which is located 38 miles north of the village of Hancock.

On arriving at Stove and after parking my car. I enjoyed a very nice lunch at the "Cafe On Main". Which has become a very good habit. During my visits to Stowe. Then I set out to enjoy my second bike ride of the day. Enjoying this picture perfect day. Not a cloud in the sky, bright sunshine, clean and refreshing air, and lots of beautiful green scenery, to enjoy! The rat race, does not exist within the State of Vermont. It is so refreshing not to feel and behave like a rat any more. Even if it is just for a short time. It is so refreshing and wonderful to live and enjoy life. In this extraordinary place of  eloquent beauty! On the return trip back to Hancock. I just had to stop, and enjoy a wonderful and refreshing swim in Blueberry Lake.

Enjoy the photos. I look very forward to tomorrow!

                                                           The "Rec Path" in Stowe

                                                                The "Little River"

                                                            Mt. Mansfield

                                                          Blueberry Lake

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Beauty Spot of Vermont- The Village of Warren

One of my favorite places to hid away when I get the chance to visit and enjoy "The Green Mountains State"! Is the beautiful and idyllic village of Warren. I took some photos of my recent visit. Using my newly acquired G2 Motorola Smart phone. Also I enjoyed my delicious lunch at the Warren Store. The Village of Warren is the perfect combination of all that Vermont Green and the Mad river which winds it;'s way through the Village!

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

A Green Bike, In A Very Green Place

First day of my Vermont Vacation 2019. Has gone very, very well. It is great to back in the "Green Mountain State". I am here with a new bike. I found this great Peugeot Saguenay bike last year, in a thrift store. I have been hunting and shopping in thrift stores for years. Holding the thought in my head. That one man's junk, is another man's treasure! I have found 2 great vintage Peugeot bikes in thrift stores. For a very nominal amount of money! This Saguenay 12 speed bike, just needed some new tries and some tender loving care. And this great bike can be enjoyed for years to come! No sense at all for spending big bucks for a new bike!

I have included some photos of riding this Green Peugeot Bike in a very, very Green Place! Enjoy the scenic ride!

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Appointment with Dr.Vermont

A ritual and a way of life to me. A way to survive and enjoy some more time in my life has arrived again. Yes I am back in the Green Mountain State of Vermont. To enjoy some more quality time! The peace and serenity of Vermont. Has become part of my DNA. Trying to enjoy life in what has become a rat-race  on steroids. Is making it very hard to enjoy life. Which is a terrible shame! This has made going on vacation and holidays not a luxury. But a necessity to survive all of the stress and unpleasant elements of life. That has become the new normal.

So I am having and enjoying my appointment with my favorite Doctor.With the extreme beauty and peace of Vermont. Where every shade of green comes alive. To treat any problems that ales us. Weather it be, body, spirit or soul. Dr. Vermont with find your problem, and find the proper remedy. Until you are well again. To return back and survive in the real world of today. For the Green Mountain State. Truly has the medicine no regular doctor could prescribe!

Monday, July 1, 2019

Cooperstown N.Y.- Home of the Baseball Hall of Fame

Today I finally made it too Cooperstown. To enjoy visiting the Baseball Hall of Fame. That was established in 1936.

The drive was very interesting. Garmin GPS did a great job. After leaving my hotel. The GPS put on a highway for 10 miles. Then it was winding and twisting up and down hills. Until I finally arrived in the beautiful and scenic town of Copperstown, New York.

I found the Hall of Fame without any problems. I quickly found out that there was no parking for the Hall of Fame. However they do have a good system of 3 free parking lots. A shuttle bus picks you at at the lots and drops you off at the Baseball Hall of Fame. Then it is easy after you have finished your visit. To get a bus ride back to your vehicle. The charge for the trolley bus service is $2 and you can use it all day. Admission to the all of Fame is $25. But they do stamp your hand your hand. So you can leave the Baseball Hall of Fame and re-enter for free!

I spent a lot of time taking photos of some of my all time favorite players enshrined in the Hall of Fame! Also looking at exhibits on 3 levels of the Baseball Hall of Fame. I enjoyed seeing the photo of Hank Arron home-run jog around the bases, after hitting home-run 715. In April 1974 and is joined and congratulate by two young and ecstatic fans! Also I enjoyed seeing to souvenirs from Ebbets Field. The former charismatic home of the Brooklyn Dodgers. Enjoy my photos from Cooperstown and the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Tomorrow morning. I leave for the beauty and serenity of The Green Mountains of Vermont.

Some of my favorite inductees:

Some of my favorite exhibits!

From the original scoreboard at Comisky Field

The great Brooklyn Dodger Catcher Roy Campanella

An original Babe Ruth uniform.

The original visitors bullpen home-plate. From Ebbets Field

The cornerstone from Ebbets Field.