Friday, January 8, 2010

Hello Texas!!!!!

Well I'm back at it, again. I just purchased my ticket to fly away. On what I hope will be another fantastic trip. My destination this time is Texas, "The Lone Star State". Another place that I have never been and always wanted to go.

Here is my itinerary for this exciting trip. I fly with Delta Airlines on this trip from Toronto. I leave on Saturday February 6, and fly to the city of Houston, Texas. I plan to spend a copy of days looking around Houston. With the hope of obtaining a cheap decent bike that I can throw into my rented car. To be used and enjoyed on my Texas adventure.

Then on February 9th I will start to meander south along the Texas Gulf coast. I may stop and look around in the coastal city of Corpus Christie. By February the 9th I will be in Brownsville, Texas. I will have a look around there. This is the furthest south you can go in Texas. The temperatures should be very pleasant for enjoying life at this point. From Brownsville I will head on over to South Padre Island. This island is one of the best kept secrets in the U.S.A. for getting away from it all!!!!! South Padre Island gives her visitors the gift of really enjoying the Gulf of Mexico. Miles of excellent sandy beach and vistas of nothing but various shades of blue water. Can be found on this island in abundance. Sound excellent right?

After I have reached an incredible state of relaxed euphoria. I will have to head north again. I should reach the city of Laredo, Texas by the 16th of February. By the 18th I should have arrived in the classy and old city of San Antonio, Texas. This city is the home of the most historic place in Texas history. The Alamo is the place where an undermanned mostly volunteer force of Texas patriots. Tried to defend the Texas from the Mexican Army. The Texas Army and The Alamo were both lost on March 6, 1836. But not the spirit of Texas. For the spirit of the Defenders of The Alamo will forever live in the people that proudly call themselves Texans!

The last part of this journey will be spent in the state capital of Texas. Which of course in the city of Austin. It is also suppose to a very nice city. It is considered the music city of Texas. I can only dream of obtaining a ticket to see Austin City Limits. Which is a long running live PBS music show. Isn't fun to dream? Keep dreaming, and it is possible that a dream can come true. That's what I say.

The tittle for this post is of an appropriate but obscure Jimmy Buffett song. Here is a verse to really put your mind somewhere in Texas . Here's to hoping I leave a piece of my heart somewhere in Texas!

"You know we ain't knockin' the rest of the country
No we really think it's great
Just seems I left a part of my heart
Somewhere in the lone star state"