Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oregon Gone, But Never Forgotten!

When you have visited a wonderful and beautiful place. No matter what your reasons are for going. That place will be become a part of who you are. The happy memories will last in your soul forever!

Oregon happily has become a part of me. The Oregon Pacific Coast is one of the finest and most scenic ocean coasts in the world. This coastline is diverse and will constantly take you mind and breath away.

Driving all the beautiful roads and byways will always be a new a joyful experience.

Being at Crater Lake. This natural wonder of our world is one of the special pleasures, for going to Oregon in the first place. Just make sure and visit in the peak of summer, for the ultimate experience.

Mt. Hood and the Columbia River Gorge. You will never get tired of being in this area. Hiking, walking, biking, driving. It doesn't matter. All modes of transportation will be enjoyed to the max!!

The city of Portland. I love this city! Thanks for being the city of "Roses"

I would like to thank great friends Al and Christine for inspiring me, to visit the Pacific Northwest. What a great gift! I have to return the favor and get you both to visit Vermont, one day soon.

I would like to thank a special travel friend. Joey L. You told me Joey about the Oregon Coast being the best. I knew you would be right on, Joey! It will always be a great memory meeting you. Also getting to meet and know, this wonderful American State know as Oregon!!!

Total distance traveled in Oregon, 890 miles.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Cascades

Before and during my Delta fight leaving Portland International Airport, on Saturday the 12th. I took some amazing pictures of 4 of the most famous mountains of the Cascade Range. The mountains are; Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens, Mt Rainier, and Mt. Adams. Here are the pictures.

The pictures from top to bottom are;
picture 1 Mt. Hood taken as my plane it taxiing for take off.
picture 2 Mt. St. Helens, with Mt. Rainier to the north.
picture 3 Mt. St. Helens.
picture 4 Mt. St. Helens in the clouds.
picture 5 Mt. Adams with Mt. Rainier to the northwest.
picture 6 Mt. Adams

Hiking Latourell Falls

On the afternoon of June 11th. New friend Tim B. and I went to visit the Columbia River Gorge. We finished our visit there by hiking Latourell Falls. The main waterfall is 249 feet from the basalt cliff above to the ground. However there is an upper falls that can't be seen unless you go on this hike.
The Latourell Falls hiking loop is about 2.5 miles in distance. Every step of the hike was enjoyed to the max! Here are the photos. Enjoy!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Back In The "Green Zone"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jim Croce, famous singer songwriter had a favorite saying. Jim use to say "If you dig it, do it. And if you really dig it, do it twice".

So with that thought it mind. On the afternoon of June 11 Tim B. and I went into the "Green Zone". I refer to the "The Columbia River Gorge" as the "Green Zone". Really it is. This beautiful green place. That is located about 14 miles east of Portland, and overlooks the awesome Columbia River. Is a place full of wonder and total tranquility. It may be the most beautiful place in Oregon, and one of the most wonderful places I have ever been. For me it was my second year in a row to be in the Zone!!!! Enjoy the pictures.

The "Oaks"

One of the oldest continually running amusements parks in the United States. Is located in Portland. It is named "The Oaks" and originally opened in 1905. The 44 acres of land is located right on the Willamette River, 3.5 miles from downtown. This historic amusement park is designed to amuse little kids. However the park still features a 100 year old roller rink. Which I wished I would have tried. The rink still has it's original Wurlitzer Organ. Which I'm sure is quite rare. Also the park features a historic dance hall. This place brings back popular memories of "Crystal beach amusement park for me.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Portland "City of Roses"


The weather was rainy on Thursday the 10th of June, and I made the decision to travel right back to Portland. This way I would have a good chance to visit Oregon largest city.

This handsome and attractive city has been nicknamed "The City of Roses". It is a very fitting handle, as Portland is the greenest city I have ever had the pleasure to visit. With one exception. That would be the city of York, located in England.

Soon after arriving in Portland you feel like you do in the rest of this great U.S. state. As plants and trees of all shapes and descriptions are everywhere. The residential streets are adorned with with beautiful trees, and all of the homes feature beautiful gardens, and yes most people grow roses. These famous and colourful flowers enjoy growing in the temperate climate that Portland enjoys. As the city is located where the Willamette and Columbia Rivers converge. Also the city is 100 miles away from the Pacific Ocean, and 60 miles away from Mount Hood. There prize mountain of the Cascade Range.

Also like the rest of Oregon. This city is famous for keeping it's history alive and well. There are still many ornate bridges still in use, crossing the Willamette River. Oregon seems to go with the great philosophy to "Treasure and to go back to the past. Because the Future looks so dull". I wonder what great singer-songwriter said that?

I stayed right in the Hawthorne Distract. So when I arrived in Portland. I had the chance to drive over the 100 year "Hawthorne Bridge". I also had the pleasure of riding over the bridge on my bike. Here is a little bit of the history of this Portland landmark. The Hawthorne Bridge is the oldest vertical lift bridge in United States. It is the oldest highway bridge in Portland. It is also the busiest bicycle and transit bridge in Oregon, with over 4,800 cyclists and 750 TriMet buses daily.

The Hawthorne Distract was enjoyable for me. Because the shopping was great. With two Lp stores, book stores and other interesting stores there, to browse in. This is what I did on Thursday, as the raining in Portland on this day was almost non-stop.

My Friday and last day of this trip was a great way to end my Oregon Expedition. I completed a 10 miles bike ride. Mainly enjoying the scenes along the Willamette River, in the morning. In the afternoon. New friend Tim B. and I set out to explore (The Green Zone). My name for the beautiful and unique "Columbia River Gorge". We also managed to get in a great hike. As we hiked Latourell Falls. The hike distance was about 2.5 miles.

Now sit back and enjoy some great pictures of the "City of Roses" Portland, Oregon.