Saturday, September 12, 2009

8 Days of Peace and Beauty

Happy to say. I am now in the final planning and preparations for yet again. Another fantastic vacation. If all goes well on October 3rd, I will be back in the State of Vermont, for the forth time!

This time I will not be traveling solo. I will have the advantageous of a companion on this journey. The person will be long time friend and fellow traveler, Howard S. Howard and I have been great friends since we met all the way back in grade 5, in 1972. Howard is also an ardent outdoor person. Who is very at home on the ski slopes, or riding a bicycle. He has been skiing in Vermont on a few occasions. However this will be his first time to visit the Green Mountains during Autumn splendor. He is in for a special time.

On our arrival in Vermont, we will venture to my Vermont home. The old railroad town of White River Junction. This tranquil and historic town is a pleasure to call home, and has lots to offer. We will be staying at The Hotel Coolidge, which is on the list of historic buildings in the U.S.A. A Vermont holiday wouldn't be complete without a stay there. Howard and I will spend 4 days in the Junction. Then we will venture southeast to the mountain town of Ludlow for a two day stay.

The final two days of this trip will be spent in the village of Vergennes, which is located south of Burlington, and very close to Lake Champlain. It will be another fantastic Vermont experience for sure. As Howard and I will staying in the 3 major areas of Vermont. On the Connecticut River, in the mountains, and close to Lake Champlain. Only 14 days to go, and we will be on our way. It will be up to Mother Nature help to provide beautiful weather over the green mountains for our trip. I do have faith in the good lady. She will come through!

The first European to discover Vermont was Samuel D. Champlain, in the year 1609. Legend has it. That Samuel and his colleagues were crossing by small boat from what today is New York State. As they were crossing the lake, that bears his name. Half way across the lake. Samuel stood up in the boat and said to his fellow travelers.

"Regardez cette terre de beauté. Regardez les belles montagnes vertes".

"Look at this land of beauty. Look at the beautiful Green Mountains.

I do believe this legend, is true!