Friday, July 29, 2011

Finding Holiday Beach

The Sunday of our two day trip to the most southern region of Canada. Was suppose to of been spent on Pelee Island. That plan was changed. Due to the very warm temperatures. Also there are only set times. That the ferry boat runs between Leamington and Pelee Island. So plan B included a drive heading further west along the coast of Lake Erie.

Our hostess Bea recommended a another nice recreational park named "Holiday Beach". So that was our second idea. Was to chill and relax in the Holiday Beach park. Also the second part of our good idea was tour the Pelee Island Winery. The main part of there operation is located in the town of Kingsville. Bea had given us a free pass for wine tasting and a tour. The Essex County area is now home to 16 wineries. So to enjoy some wine tasting and a tour is great idea, on a really hot day.

The swimming on Holiday Beach was disappointing. The temperature of the water was not the problem is was the cleanliness of the water. it was recommended to to submerge my head in the water. So I did not. I also had a shower after my short swim on the beach, to rinse off. The beach here is no as nice for swimming compared to Presqu'ile Provincial Park.

The first 5 pictures of this post are from Holiday Beach Park. The last picture is a picture of Pelee Island. Taken during our tour of the winery located in Kingsville.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Where Canada Begins!

Today I write this post from "Where Canada Begins". The most southern region of Canada. The most southern part of mainland Canada is "Point Pelee". Which is located at most southern tip of Point Pelee National park.

This weekend trip was very exciting for me. As I have the company of great friend and fellow traveler, Peter V/D W. Peter is enjoying the beginning of his North America holiday. It was my suggestion to visit Point Pelee National Park for the opening weekend of his trip.

We had a early start and arrived in the Ontario town of Wheatley, at about 10:45 am. After we enjoyed a sub, and regained some energy. We biked over to enjoy Wheatley Provincial Park. The park was nice and relaxing. But the weather was hot. The temperature about 32C. We enjoyed to be protected my the shade of the trees. I attempted to go into Lake Erie for a swim. But I was disappointed at the temperature of the water. The water felt frigid! So I did go in the water!

They we peddled back to our accommodation for the weekend. After getting checked in the B and B Bed & Breakfast. Then we were off to visit Point Pelee National Park. The experience was beautiful! This very interesting National Park has a lot to offer. The park is a sanctuary to various migrating birds, and the Monarch Butterfly. This park is located on the shores of Lake Erie, in Essex Country.

After arriving in the park. We arrived at the visitors center. We watched a 15 minute movie on the history of Point Pelee National Park. Which was enjoyed! We then started to watch a feature movie on the Monarch Butterfly. The movie was also very entertaining. But it lasted for 1 hour. So we decided continue with our day.

Our next move was to visit the most southern land in Canada. That would be the southern tip of Point Pelee national Park. Peter and I biked for 2 KM. And walked the final .5 KM out into Lake Erie. It was exciting to be out at the place "Where Canada Begins"!!!

Enjoy the pictures! They are; the top 7 pictures are from Point Pelee National Park, and the bottom 3 pictures are Wheatly Provincial Park.

Here is the link if you care to enjoy the documentary on the incredible journey of the Monarch Butterfly.