Friday, July 17, 2015

My Tour Of The Chantry Island Lighthouse

My final full day. Of my visit to the Bruce Peninsula was enjoyed. I stated to with a hardy breakfast at Jean's Family Restaurant. Which is located a very short distance from my digs located here in Kincardine, the Knight's Inn. The ham and eggs were enjoyed, and the coffee that they serve at Jean's is also very good!

Then I attended the antique show that was being held Port Elgin. I did have a good look around at this show. There were not a lot of interesting items at this show. Which proved to be a disappointment.

Then I drove onto Southampton. First to enjoy some pizza at Roberto's located at 232 High St. I got a tip from a local person to try this restaurant. The tip was a good one! The sauce and crust of this pizza were both excellent. Then I moved onto the highlight of my day. I had booked a day trip to visit the Chantry Island Lighthouse. Located only 1 KM from the coast of Southampton.

My tour was scheduled to leave Southampton Harbor at 1pm. I arrived in plenty of time. To board the tour board. Which would transport us to Chantry Island. To have an opportunity to tour this historic lighthouse. The "Chantry Island Lighthouse was built in 1859. There has been more then 50 shipwrecks in the vicinity of Chantry Island. Due to the shallow water and rocks and sandbars that surround the island. Combined with storms that take place on Lake Huron. Can prove a disaster for mariners. The Chantry Island Lighthouse was automated in 1950's, and remains in service. The island was declared a bird sanctuary in 1957. The weather proved to fine for the tour. It had rained earlier in the day. But during the day-trip the conditions were now overcast and pleasant. The captain of the tour boat Rick and our tour guide Matt. Both did a great job.

The tour was enjoyed and will be a lasting positive memory of this trip. It is always a great opportunity to visit historic that is still a part of our world.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Bike Ride in the Woods!

Today was an exceptional day of this holiday. It began with I going onto a web site. Giving information on biking in the Bruce Peninsula. The site recommended to go biking in "Macgregor Point Provincial Park". Which is located very close to Port Elgin. This is how great days on a trip evolve. You start with an idea. Then try and take it to a completely different level. And it happended!

This is how this day unfolded. Oh yes and Mother Nature when again at her finest! Thanks again Mother Nature for your contribution to this wonderful day. That was oh so enjoyed by the "Travel Wolfe"!

After I consumed some breakfast. I set my GPS for Macgregor Point Provincial Park and was on my way. I arrived in "Macgregor Point Provincial Park" before 10 am. I found out from the park staff that there were trails in the park. That were dedicated to cyclists. I had that feeling coming on. The kid in a candy store feeling. That the day is going to be great, and your going to have a fun time. Also I found out that "Macgregor Point Provincial Park" has it's own convenience store. Providing everything you could ask for from firewood to ice-cream!

I was also told that there was an off road route to take me into Port Elgin from Macgregor Point Provincial Park. So I now set my plans for the day. I would ride to Port Elgin from the park. Then continue to ride from Port Elgin along the "North Shore Trail" all the way to downtown Southampton.

I started riding though the woods from the convenience store on the "Deer Run Trail". Which then connected me to the "Rotary Trail". I was now riding in the direction of Port Elgin. Then when the Rotary Trail had come to an end. There was another trail. The "Gore Drain Trail" that led me to highway 21 and almost to downtown Port Elgin. I then decided to stop for lunch at the "Union Burger" place. Which offers high quality burger and fries for low prices. After another great lunch at Union Burger. I then rode to the beach in Port Elgin and relaxed there for awhile.Then continued on the "North Shore Trail" all the way following Lake Huron to downtown Southampton. I inquired about going on the Chantry Island tour. Which I will be doing tomorrow.

I enjoyed a very relaxed pace on the return ride. back to the Park Store located in Macgregor Point Provincial Park. I celebrated the fun and unique bike ride. Enjoying a frozen coconut yogurt from the Park Store. The bike ride today. Has made my list of all time favorite bike rides! I have included the photos from today!

Here is the site I found on net. Which helped to create this great day!

The Lone Wolfe & A Walk In A National Park

Yesterday I finally made it to Tobormory. It was a beautiful day. Mother Nature was at her best to create a great day!. It is a 2 hour drive from Kincardine to get to Tobormory. You are inland all the way. There are no scenic spots where you get some views of Lake Huron, or Georgian Bay.

Tobormory is a very small town. I believe the population is 3,800. Tobermory is a very popular place in the summer. The main purpose of the town is a gateway to get Manitoulin Island by boat. The Ferry Terminal takes up a large area of Tobermory. Also very popular is the boat cruise/tour to get to "Flowerpot Island". This popular island is a short boat ride from Tobermory and is a part of "Fathom 5" National Marine Park. Yes Tobermory is also very popular with scuba divers with all of remains of shipwrecks that can be found here.
I did a short bike ride around the town. I had to decide the best plan for today's activities. I took a pass on a visit to Flowerpot Island. I got a tip from a local lady who recommended a fish & ship place. Located a short distance south of Tobormory. The place is called "Lone Wolf". With that name I just had to check it out. The Lone Wolf fish & chip wagon is also located very close to the "Bruce Peninsula National Park". So I decided after lunch I would pay a visit to my second National Park located in Canada.

I found the Lone Wolf without any problem. Was greeted my a very nice young lady named Merissa. The fish and chips were good. Very casual eating. But it was a good experience. Then I drove into the Bruce Peninsula National Park. The park is located on Georgian Bay. The Bruce Trail, Canada's premier hiking trail runs right threw the park. On it's way to where it ends in the town of Tobermory.

You drive about 5 KM to get to the parking lot. It was a perfect day for doing a hike. Not a cloud in the sky, no humidity. Really a perfect day to do a walk in the park. I hiked the Georgian Bay Trail to get to the "Bruce Trail. Very scenic views of Georgian Bay. Mostly young people were swimming in Georgian Bay on the rocks below. Not really a hot day. Swimming in freezing water is not my idea of fun. But a lot of people were swimming in this beautiful and unique place.

I walked along the coast which is very rocky, as a part of the "Bruce Trail. After a short distance. You reach "Boulder Beach" which is also a part of the Bruce Trail. You have to cross the beach until you reach the Marr Lake trail. Which takes you back to the parking lot.

After the hike. I made the decision to head back to Kincardine. To enjoy the sunset on this picture perfect day. I first stopped off and had dinner at the "Lighthouse Restaurant" located in Southampton. Very good family restaurant at a very good price. Restarants like this are almost a thing of the past in the Greater Toronto Area. It was a very nice sunset enjoyed. But very cold out for July. A great day. Like where I'm staying here in Kincardine. It is a good place to call home during this vacation.