Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wonderful Oregon!

My recent trip to Oregon went so well. The vagabond way I have enjoyed to travel since 1986 is so rewarding. So much can go wrong however. So when everything goes well. There is so much to be thankful for!
My itinerary was well planed for this trip. Mother nature again welcomed my back to Oregon with open arms. The weather was good for the whole trip. On October 7th which was a Friday. The rain came. So I went to visit the high desert region and the city of "Bend".
A lot of great memories were created by going on this trip. The city of Portland. I would get very boring saying all the great things that make this city so special. It is all the Oregon green, the Willamette River, the old bridges, the friendly people. That make this city so great!
When you are living in Portland. You are oh so privileged! As you are so close to some of the best beauty on our planet. From the "Columbia River Gorge", Magnificent Mt. Hood, the high desert or the ocean coast. The possibilities to enjoy nature are endless!!!
Here is my thank you's for being back in Oregon. My thanks to all the people that I met in Portland, and also staying at the Hawthorne Hostel. That made my trip so enjoyable. The Hawthorne district is a great place to call home.
A special thanks to the "Hawthorne Bridge". Thanks for being there all these years. You are a special part of "The City of Roses".
Thanks to the "Pacific Crest Trail". It is always important to find the right path through our journey in life. It makes living life a whole lot more enjoyable!
I have to again thank Mt. Hood! You are magnificent! You do represent the pride and spirit of the great state of Oregon!!!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bike Ride The River

Today for my last day on my Oregon experience 2011. I did what most locals do. To enjoy this great city. They just get on there bikes, and ride and enjoy life. That is what exactly I did today. Also the weather turned out warm and sunny. Which made this great day possible.
I rode to to the Willamette River and enjoyed the sights and sounds of life in Portland. I also ate a bag of cashews to give me the added energy needed for the bike ride that lie ahead. I did successfully ride the Springwater trail heading south on the Willamette River. Then I crossed the river on the Selwood Bridge and rode back towards downtown on the west side of the River. Riding on the "Willamette River Trail" After arriving back downtown I rode my rented bike over the Hawthorne Bridge back to the east side. Then I rode my bike over the to Steel Bridge back to the downtown side. That bike riding was all very much enjoyed. It was now time for lunch. I decided to have lunch at "Fuller's Coffee Shop". I found this 1947 Portland eating institution with the help of my handheld GPS. Lunch consisted of a ham and veggie omelette, served with home fries, and homemade rye bread. The beverage was lots of "Boyds" hot coffee. Boyds has been giving Portlanders there coffee comfort since 1900. Boyds coffee is excellent!
After lunch I rode back to the Hawthorne Hostel. I used the Burnside Bridge to cross the Willamette River on my ride back. Total distance of the bike ride today was 18 miles.
Enjoy the photos I took of this wonderful experience!

Friday, October 7, 2011

I Went To Bend!

Today I was planing to do one more bike ride today in "The City of Roses". However Mother Nature didn't agree as an all day rain looked imminent. So I started to think like my great friend Al. So I checked the local radar. Looking at the the weather situation for Oregon.
The high desert region of the State looked clear of precipitation. So I was off to Bend. The drive was long. Also it was difficult in parts. But the whole trip was well worth it. Just like the Radar showed. The skies were clear and sunny over the high desert of Oregon.
Here was my driving route for those who wish to follow this journey. I actually drove on 3 different Oregon Scenic Byways. Which were; West Cascades, McKenzie Pass-Santiam Pass, and I did 1/2 of the Mount Hood Loop. On the drive back to Portland.
I did enjoy my short visit to Bend. I also enjoyed a great lunch a pint of beer at Deschutes Pub located at 1044 NW Bond Street. The sunny weather and unique scenery was also very much enjoyed.
I did take an amazing picture of the summit of Mt. Hood on the drive back to Portland. This has been an outstanding holiday.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Bonneville Dam

After my great hike. I made another good decision and went to visit the Bonneville Dam. Why not? It is located only a few miles away from the starting point of my great hike to visit Dry Creek Falls.
The Bonneville Dam is also on the list of National American Landmarks as of 1987. Commercial production of hydro electric power began in 1938. This historic Dam is named after Army Captain Benjamin Bonneville. Credited with completing exploration of the Oregon Trail.
Enjoy the pictures.

Dry Creek Falls via the Pacific Crest Trail

I am on a positive roll on my Portland adventure. Today I went on another dream hike. This hike was to find and enjoy Dry Creek Falls. To find this pristine beautiful place. It meant hiking on the world famous "Pacific Crest Trail" This incredible hiking trail runs for 2663 miles (4268KM)from British Columbia all the way to Mexico.
The PCT Trail was conceived by Clinton C. Clarke in 1932. It was designated a National Scenic Hiking Trail in 1968, and was not completely finished until 1993.
During the hike I did meet some other friendly fellow nature lovers. They gave me some advise on finding the Dry Creek Falls. After arriving at the falls and taking some great pictures. I used my alcohol hiking stove to cook up a great lunch on the trail. My lunch consisted of; some dried turkey, a hot chicken vegetable noddle soup, a cheese cracker, and a instant hot coffee was my beverage. An average meal, never tasted so good!!
After lunch I completed my hike. By retracing my steps back to my rented Toyota Camry. Distance of today's hike was 3.12 miles.