Saturday, February 28, 2015

Life Is A Beach!

This post is dedicated to my finest time enjoying life on a exotic and beautiful space, located on a Beach! The mixture of sand, beautiful clear blue water, and beautiful surrounding. Are some of the magical ingredients that can make a vacation so fantastic.

I will present these wonderful beaches that I have discovered and enjoyed during my travels. These beaches are presented in chronological order. They made the grade based on; exotic location, peaceful and beautiful surroundings, and the cleanliness and clearness of the water!

We start this post with a fantastic beach that was discovered during my adventure in France. In the  summer of 2000. This trip was made possible as I traveled with friend and experienced traveler Peter V/D W. Peter and I had enjoyed the coast of Normandy. Then we moved further west along the Britteny coast. When we spent a magical afternoon in a place named "Pointe de Pen-Hir". gorgeous cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The views of the surrounding area, the ocean and the beach below were fantastic. I remember very well. That the cliffs were populated with beautiful violet colored wild flowers. I did complete the hike to the beach and back up the cliffs. Sadly I did not swim in the water. But I do have some of my own pictures to share of the is extraordinary place.

The next fantastic beach experience occurred on my first trip to the Caribbean. Which took place in 2001. When I spent two weeks exploring St. Vincent and The Grenadines. While I was spending time on the island of Bequia. I met and became friends with some nice people from Spain. These fellow travelers had chartered a boat and had arranged to tour and visit the island of Mustique.  A very rare and unique opportunity was now taking place for the Travel Wolfe. I joined the tour with my new friends from Spain. I would soon be visiting. The exotic island of Mustqiue. One of the most beautiful and pretentious islands located in the Caribbean. Home to the very wealthy and hidden completely away from the rest of the world. Famous rocker Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones maintains a home on this exclusive island. After completing a guided tour of the island. We were given some free time to enjoy swimming on "Macaroni Beach". This divine piece of sand that contributes a lot to the euphoric conditions that prevail on the island of Mustique!

The next fantastic beach experience comes from my January 2012 getaway to the island of Barbados. The west coast or Caribbean Sea side of the island is lined with fantastic beaches and swimming opportunities. My favorite beach during this trip was "Settler's Beach" which is located in the town of "Holetown". The beach is very easy to find. Because all of the bus-stops in Barbados are named after ladies. So all you have to do. Is to find and get off at the "Hedi" bus stop. There is an adjacent lane way. That will lead you to one of my favorite beaches of all time! When you get to the beach. You will see a dilapidated home on the beach. Right beside is a 5 star resort. In Barbados all the beaches are public land. So you can enjoy swimming any where. I just loved this beach! The water was clear and warm. It was like swimming in a saltwater tropical swimming pool. 

Next wonderful Beach is located in the U.S. State of Florida. In November 2013 I returned to visit the "Florida Keys". To enjoy that special part of the Sunshine State. Being a long time Jimmy Buffett fan I just had to visit the city "Key West" again. What a special place it still is. Even though Key West is not a hidden away gem anymore. The city of Key West still retains lots of charm and charisma! To make the most of my time during my holiday visiting the Florida Keys. I went on a organized tour of "Fort Jefferson". Which is located 70 miles due west of Key West in the "Dry Tortuga's". In 1847 The United States government built Fort Jefferson on "Garden Key". Historic Fort Jefferson is a National Park today. It is worth the visit on your vacation. During your visit to Key West. One of the best parts of the day trip to Fort Jefferson was a swim in the Gulf of Mexico from the wonderful beach. That was located adjacent to Fort Jefferson. No commercialism will be found here. Just crystal clear warm water, lots of clean warm sand. Combined with an interesting place in American History.

The final wonderful place to enjoy life on a Beach. Took place in January 2014. During a badly needed getaway to the Caribbean island of "St. Maartan". I have to give credit to "Mullet Bay" located on the Dutch side of St. Maartan". It is also a wonderful place to play, relax, and swim in a beautiful setting. However my day trip to enjoy the exotic, and very expensive French island of St. Barths. Produced number 5 on my all time list of favorite beaches. "Shell Beach" is an exceptionable tropical beach. One half of Shell Beach is made up of sea shells. Then the other half of this exquisite place to frolic in the Caribbean Sea is black volcanic sand. Also the lovely and beautiful woman who were swimming and sunning themselves in various stages of undress. Added to the charm and beauty of this dream come true place!

I will finish this post with "Martha and the Muffins" popular 1980 new wave hit tune "Echo Beach" "I can't help it, I'm a romantic fool! The only thing that helps me past the time away. Is knowing I will be back on Echo Beach again one day. Echo Beach is far away in time!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2015


Other then the difficult time I spent flying home to Toronto. My Europe winter trip 2015 went very well. The only problem really was with the weather. However I have been so fortunate on past wintertime vacations. I really have no right to complain.

Again I have to thank long time friend Peter V/D W. For making another pleasant trip to visit The Netherlands possible. An enjoyable day trip to Rotterdam was made to visit a "James Bond" Expo being held there. The city of Rotterdam is also an excellent city located in The Netherlands to visit. Visiting and exploring the mining history in the Dutch province of Limburg was enjoyed. Also visiting my old friend. The city of Amsterdam is always a real pleasure. The great atmosphere in this classic European city is very unique. Our visit to the The Dutch Resistance Museum (Verzetsmuseum) was a memorable experience.

The visit to "The Eternal City" of Rome was another a great experience. A forever romantic history enthusiast like myself. I loved being within the living history of ancient Roman Society. The Roman Coliseum, The Pantheon, Palatine Hill, and Piazza Navona and Popolo and The Mouth of Truth have become everlasting great memories! Also have a chance to live within the smallest nation on Earth "Vatican City" was a fantastic experience! The Vatican Museums protect and display some of the rarest art and items in our world!

Sicily was the final part of this adventure. I enjoyed 3 days in Palermo. Despite all of the rain. I enjoyed visiting the largest city on the island of Sicily. Palermo is also full of lots of impressive history. Also the city has some very beautiful and impressive parks. I enjoyed two great meals at the "Cafe' de Paris". The service and food were both great there. Then I traveled to the northeast side of the island. To enjoy the wonderful town of Taormina. Which overlooks the Ionian Sea. While Mt. Etna overlooks Taormina. It is very special part of Italy. Thanks to the ladies who run the Hostel Taormina. Who made sure I had a good time visiting Taormina! I would like to visit again one day. When the weather is nice and I can enjoy swimming in the warm Ionian Sea!

All trips just like real life are not perfect. You have to overcome and survive obstacles along the way. So you can still enjoy life. Yes the weather for a lot of my vacation was rainy and cold. Also I did pick up a virus while I was visiting Rome. But I did overcome these problems and did enjoy a very nice time on my trip. I again enjoyed being given the chance to enjoy living life in Europe. Thanks to all of the friendly people who I met during my travels in Italy! I say grazie and Arrivederci! Hoping we will meet again!