Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My 2nd Bike Ride of the Day!

My  final activity for the day. Was in fact my second bike ride for this day. This time the route would be a northbound trip up route 100. Which would take me the Country Store located in Granville. Then I would ride the 4 1/2 miles back to "The Gathering Inn".

I can honestly say. What pure joy it is. To be away from the Greater Toronto Area! "We must be In Heaven, Man!"

The Drive into Waitsfield

After spending some very special quality time in Warren. I then drove the scenic route. North on The East Warren Rd. To arrive in the village of Waitsfield. I have included some photos of that journey. Plus a quality rest stop at the historic round barn. That is located just before arriving in Waitsfield.

The last part of this route was driving over the Waitsfield Wooden Bridge. That crosses the "Mad River".

Hiding Away From It All in Warren!

The weather was a little more fall like today. However it was an incredible day for the Travel Wolfe. I started the day with my normal daily bike ride to Sandy's after my breakfast the Gathering Inn. Then after the bike ride. I drove my Elantra north on route 100 to the Idyllic village of Warren Vermont. Warren has developed into a favorite place for me. Not only located in Vermont. But in the entire world. A place to just escape real life completely. A place of total tranquility and beauty. That will always leave you in a natural euphoric mood. Thank you very much Warren, Vermont. The Travel Wolfe needed that!!!

Also a big thanks to the Warren Country Story for providing me with a chunky chicken sandwich. Which was not only delirious. But very nutritious!

The Warren Store and my chunky chicken sandwich that was enjoyed!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Bob's Place! "The Waybury Inn" 1982-1990

Popular comedian Bob Newhart became character Dick Loudan the proprietor of The Stratford Inn, located in the State of Vermont. The T.V. show "Newhart" aired on CBS from 1982 until 1990.
In reality the fictitious Stratford Inn was actually the historic "Waybury Inn that was used for the T.V. show. The "Waybury Inn" in was originally built in 1810 and is on the list of historic places in the U.S.A.  I did pay The Inn a short visit today! The Waybury Inn is located in East Middlebury, Vt. Very close to where you would start your journey heading east  up the mountain on scenic route 125 (The Middlebury Gap). Oh yes! The answer to your question is no. I did not bump into Bob Newhart during my visit. Or Daryl or his brother Daryl!!!

The final episode of this funny series can be viewed on Youtube.

Autumn Splendor in Vermont

Photo from the Gathering Inn- just prior to sunset.
Today I was again able to enjoy the fantastic fall warm weather that is holding on. Also I completed my first bike ride today. One of my favorite rides from the Gathering Inn to Sandy's Bakery located in Rochester and back. The distance is about 8 1/2 miles. This time I had the chance to enjoy the ride in (A) great fall weather, and (B) during the time when the Green Mountains explode in all shades of red, gold, orange and yellow! I have included some photos of the bike ride from this morning!

Then I drove up onto Vt. Rt. 125 to the Long Trail. I completed a short hike going north. The colors on the top of the mountain by the Long Trail were striking. So I have added those pictures as well.

Part 3 of this pictorial comes from Hancock and my home in Vermont. The Gathering Inn. Just as direct sunlight was now shinning on the mountain located behind the Gathering Inn. Kathleen owner of the Gathering Inn alerted myself and new travel friend Kelsea. To view all of natural beauty. I quickly ran for my cameras. I was able to record this special scene to share with all of you!

part 1- the bike ride.

part 2- by the "Long Trail" on route 125.
 part 3- taken behind the "The Gathering Inn" just prior to sunset.

My Vermont Hometown- "White River Junction"

After the experience at the Quechee Flea Market. A visit to the town of White River Junction. Was the next part of my day. I did say hello to the proprietors of historic Coolidge Hotel. This was the place where my trips to Vermont began in the fall of 2007. So for that reason. I will always consider White River Junction my Vermont Hometown!
I have included some pictures of rolling down the hill off of Vermont Rt. 4 into White River Junction. Also some pictures of my lunch at the cafe at the Hotel Coolidge. Also a few shots of walking around the town.

Where the White River comes to an end, and flows into the Connecticut River. Which is the boarder between Vermont and New Hampshire.