Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Take Me Out To The Ballgame, Buffalo Style!

This past Saturday evening my brother John and I. Enjoyed the National Pastime in the U.S.A. As we shuffled off to Buffalo. To enjoy a baseball game. Between the Buffalo Bisons and Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs. The Bisons are AAA affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays. The Iron Pigs are the AAA farm teams of the Philadelphia Phillies.

The trip down to Buffalo went well. It only took about 20 minutes to enter the United States, after our arrival at the "Peace Bridge". Then only a short drive after crossing the bridge to find "Coca Cola" stadium. The home of the Buffalo Bisons. This baseball park is fan friendly. Also there was no problem purchasing a $13 ticket for the game. Which put John and I slightly above the dugout of the visiting team. On the third base side. Food was the next order of business. John and I enjoyed a Buffalo specialty "Beef on a Weck". The slang "Weck" stands for a kummelweck roll. The food was good. A combo which consisted of the sandwich, and small bag of chips, and a small lemonade set me back $11. Not a bad deal at todays concession prices at a professional sporting events.

The game was a competitive and low scoring affair. As the Buffalo Bisons defeated the Iron Pigs of Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania 2 to 0. Not sure how many future major leaguers we witnessed in the game. I was impressed with the throwing arm of Iron Pig catcher Cameron Rupp. The Bisons tried but failed to steal a base on him. If he learns how to be a decent hitter. We will see him in the major leagues.

Playing for the Iron Pigs was there third basement Pete Orr. Who is born and raised in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. Pete Orr has enjoyed a 7 year stint in the major leagues. Not sure why he is now playing in the minors. Maybe he is coming back from an injury. Or maybe his major league baseball career is nearing it's end.

There were 4 fellow Canucks. Who were sitting in our proximity. The 4 passionate baseball fans were cheering for the Bisons. With one exception. When Pete Orr came up to bat. The four fellows would let loose with a great rendition of "Oh Canada". Even with that kind of support. Pete Orr could not muster or create any kind of offense for his team.

I have to commend the four passionate baseball fans. For there enthusiasm at the ballpark. For there loyalty to our home country of Canada. Also for not starting a international incident at the baseball park in Buffalo!

"Conehead" who is a very experienced and inspirational beer salesman in the ballpark. Did a brisk business during the game. A large can of good brand name beer only cost $6. Another great price these days for beer sold at the ballpark.

After the game was over. The management of the Bisons put on a fireworks display. Which added to the enjoyment of the evening. The only down side was the drive to get back home to Brampton. There was a forty minute wait at the Peace Bridge to get back into Canada. Then we got delayed another 40 minutes due to construction on the QEW. Which does not stand for (Quick and Easy Way).

A Buffalo Specialty- Roast Beef on a "Weck"

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bike Ride in The County!

An enjoyable part of the weekend was doing some bike riding. Prince Edward County is a perfect place to enjoy this activity. The County's terrain is flat. The scenery is picturesque, and the roads in most cases are very lightly traveled.

I also got to enjoy to ride my new addition. Which is a vintage "Supercycle Commuter". That I picked up at a Garage Sale on Saturday morning for $10. The bike was in decent condition, and all ready to enjoy. This Commuter is a six speed. The bike is a perfect fix for me, and was fast and conformable to ride!

Keith and I did a short ride in the Consecon area, on Sunday. After our brief swim. Then on Monday. I completed a solo ride. Also in the Consecon area. As Keith and a local friend. Went scuba diving looking for treasure, in Weller's Bay. I had my handheld GPS with me. Along with the handlebar mount for it. It was easy to attract the GPS to the handlebar of the Supercycle Commuter.

It was a neat experience as during my ride on Monday. I found and rode into a Winery. By the name of "Redtail". I rode in was given a free wine tasting. There are lots of very good wine producers, located in Prince Edward County. I enjoyed my wine tasting. I rode back to meet up with Keith and Gord. They drove me back to Redtail. So I was able to purchase and take home a great bottle of there wine.

I have included some photos I shot of bike riding in the county!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Exploring Prince Edward County!

Sunday was a fantastic day of this long weekend. Keith and I set out after breakfast to explore. One of the best parts of Ontario, "Prince Edward County". If you like scenic, peaceful and beautiful places. Then you will enjoy relaxing and enjoying life in this rustic and historic area.

These posts are long overdo. I have to admit. As I have had the privilege to enjoy the great company of friends. In this great area of Ontario. And have many fond memories that have been accomplished along the way.

One of these memories occurred several years ago now. But it seems like yesterday. As Keith his father and I. Set out for a day of boating on "The Bay of Quinte". Keith had acquired a vintage wooden boat. That boat helped to create a special day. Which began cruising the waters off of Trenton. Then from there we moved through the Murray Canal. Which allows boat to move from the Bay of Quinte into Lake Ontario. Without having to go around Prince Edward County.
When we reached Presqu'ile Bay on Lake Ontario. The feeling was surreal! For a person like myself who enjoys days of adventure. This day was one to remember and cherish by the Travel Wolfe!

Keith and I did a lot during our day of adventure. Keith stopped to find some Geo-cash locations. The first was located on "Millennium Trail. That is one of the prime hiking and off road biking trail, located in Prince Edward County. We also stopped at some garage sales. I through good luck purchased a vintage Supercycle road bike for $10. That would be enjoyed during the weekend. We enjoyed a relaxing lunch at the old general store located in Milford. Then we checked out the Mariners Park Museum. Which was very interesting. Preserving the boating history which is a big part of life on the island of "Prince Edward County". After the museum we headed south to visit the remains of the Point Traverse Lighthouse. We enjoyed a short hike to get to see the old historic lighthouse in very poor condition. Also beware of the poison ivy that lies lurking around the old lighthouse.

Another great day of quality time. Enjoyed in Price Edward County!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

George's Fish & Chips

Anybody who enjoys a great Hamburger. Will enjoy eating at George's Fish & Chips. During a visit to Prince Edward County. George's Fish & Chips restaurant. Which has been serving great food on a seasonal basis in the county for the past 20 years. Is enjoying fast food at it's best. This unusual restaurant is actually made out of some old buses. But don't let this deter you from enjoying the experience of eating at George's. The Cheeseburgers are first rate. The French Fries are fresh cut. The onion rings are excellent. Oh yes and the fried fish is also very good quality.

George's Fish & Chips is located at 4 Old Portage Rd
Carrying Place, ON K0K 1L0, Canada. Where the Loyalist Highway 33 intersects with Old Portage Road.