Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Travel Wolfe Did Go To Paris!

Dianne Pratt
During my 1991 2 week holiday to Europe. I got my chance my chance to visit Paris France for 3 days. I also had the company of a very nice fellow traveler from New Zealand named Dianne Pratt during my visit to Paris. Dianne had the advantage of visiting Paris as the member of a Kon Tiki tour. Before meeting her in Brussels, Belgium. So she was very helpful to moi during my Parisian experience!

I had a great time visiting the capital city of France. I did visit most of the popular and historic tourist attractions. Which included; The Arc de Triomphe, The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, The Palace of Versailles. Also strolling along the main street of Paris "Avenue des Champs-Élysées". Enjoying this walk at night is also a must to do. While visiting the "City of Lights"!

My journey to visit the City of Paris. Was inspired by prolific singer & songwriter Jimmy Buffett song "He Went to Paris"! My fond memories of Paris has helped to contribute to my list of magical experiences. During my journey through life!

This post is also dedicated to all of the innocent victims who died and were injured in Paris, November 13th 2015. Due to the terrorist attacks on the people of France and the rest of the Civilized World!
The Eiffel Tower- built in 1889.
Views from the top of the Eiffel tower.
Notre Dame Cathedral
Arc De Triomphe
A walk down the Avenue des Champs-Elysees.
Palace of Versailles

Sunday, November 8, 2015

My 10 Favorite Bike Rides!

This post is dedicated to one of my favorite activities. That is riding a bicycle! Like most kids. Their first taste of freedom is by way of transportation. When they learn how to ride a bike. Then when we grow up and are transformed into adults. You progress to a more sophisticated modes of transport. Usually by car, motorcycle or by airplane.

In our lives. We try and make well calculated decisions. That we hope will bring about good results. Which will add to the quality of our lives. What turns out to be one of my best decisions. Is when I decided to become a kid once again. And starting to ride a bicycle again.

There has been many bikes over the years and many rides. During trips all over the United States and Europe. Plus riding here locally at home in Canada. That have brought me lots of pleasure! During all of the fantastic trips that I have gone on. On this post I will relive and present to you. Ten of my all time favorite bike rides. It is not an easy task for me. Because I have been on so many great rides! So put put on some comfortable clothes. Strap on your helmet. Make sure you have a good quantity of drinking water and get ready to ride!

All of these great bike rides are not in chronological order. Or in any preference of enjoyment.
#1 "North On Dixie Into Caledon"
My Ozark Raleigh Mountain Bike (15 speed)
This ride remains one of my favorite and longest rides of all time. The total distance is about 50 KM. One of the best parts of this bike ride is that I started and finished the ride from my home in Brampton, Ontario.
I started by riding doing a loop through Chinguacousy Park. Which brings me back onto Dixie Road. I then starting riding north on Dixie up into Caledon. You get to leave Urban Sprawl behind finally. To enjoy beautiful unspoiled farm country that still exists in Caledon. I rode my bike as far as "Old Baseline Road". Then I continued east on Old Baseline Road until I arrived at Bramalea Road. I then rode south until I arrived back in Brampton. Heading west on Williams Parkway taking me back home. Most of the terrain on this ride is flat. They are just a couple of hills that you must transverse. I have included a few photos from this enjoyed and exhilarating bike ride.

#2 To Ride in Holland!
This classic bike ride took place February 2009 during a European vacation. I had the pleasure of a doing a bike ride with long time friend and fellow traveler Peter V/D W. We rode from his home village of Best to the village of Oirschot and back. The distance was about 25 KM. The weather was great for that time of the year. Their are well organized bike paths all over The Netherlands. Riding bicycles in Holland is part of the culture. Of this progressive European country. So it is very easy to ride there in comfort and safety. I rented a really nice bike for only $7.50 euros. The scenery was very nice and it was a bike ride that I will always enjoy the memories!

#3 The Caledon Trailway
Located in the town of Caledon, Ontario. Is "The Caledon Trailway". Which is a 35 KM hiking and biking trail. That was established in 1996 and made from abandoned railway lines. The trailway cuts from east to west across Caledon. The trail touches all major landscape features in Caledon: the Humber &;Credit Rivers, the Oak Ridges Moraine and the Niagara Escarpment. You will also pass through the villages of; Caledon East, Palgrave, Cheltenham, Inglewood & Terra Cotta. I have created tons of enjoyment for myself cycling on this wonderful trail. Which I'm sure is one of the best off road cycling trails located in Canada!

#4 Portland, Oregon
My favorite city located in the United States is the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon. There are lots of reasons to enjoy and love Oregon most populated city. It is a very clean and green city. The Willamette River flows right through Portland. You have to love all of the classic vintage bridges that cross the Willamette River including the historic "Hawthorne" and the "Steel" bridges! Also Portland is one of the most bike riding friendly cities located in North America. There is no problem or danger biking through and around Portland. I just loved ever minute I spent being there!

#5 The Golden Gate Bridge
In 2008 I went on a extensive 3 week tour of California. The trip began in San Francisco and ended 3 weeks later in San Diego. I have only great things to say about my visit to the city by the Bay, San Francisco! I stayed in a great hostel located right by Fisherman' Wharf. The Fort Mason Hostel remains one of my favorite hostels I have stayed at in the United States. There is a bike path located very close to the hostel with great views of San Francisco Bay. Riding west on the path from Fort Mason takes you by the Crissy Field Recreation Area. Which takes you to the Golden Gate Bridge. Riding Across the Golden Gate Bridge 3 times during this trip. Will always remain one of my best Cycling Experiences. Nothing but praise for the rare views while I was traveling across the bridge. Also lots of respect for the designers and the workers who completed this construction wonder of the world that was opened in 1937. After I finished my first crossing of the Golden Gate Bridge. I then rode my Dahon folding bike into the town of Sausalito. Then took the ferry back across the Bay, to San Francisco. Enjoy the photos.
Alcatraz Island View from the Golden Gate Bridge

#6 Kincardine To Point Clark Lighthouse
One of the best places to cycle in my home Province of Ontario is along the shores of Lake Huron. Making my list of favorite bike rides. Was riding from the town of Kincardine to Point Clark Lighthouse. The distance is about 40 KM round-trip. You will enjoy lots of variety of scenery on this ride. Plus very pleasant views of Lake Huron will help guide your way. The Lighthouse offers an interesting museum plus you can also enjoy some very good pizza for lunch at the "Village Pizzeria".

#7 The Warren to Waitsfield Ride
This blog post could easily be represented by many assorted excellent bicycle rides I have enjoyed over the years in the "State of Vermont". For Vermont can be easily called the bike riding capital of the world! The Green Mountain State is an ideal place to enjoy a very nice bike ride. It is because of the beautiful natural scenery which is your constant companion. Also because is so clean in Vermont. Even some of the main roads are not very busy with cars and are safe to ride on. Also you are never very far away from a village with a classic country store. Serving great coffee and fun and healthy food to enjoy! This fantastic Vermont ride starts in the tranquil village of Warren. Then you bike north on Vermont route 100 to the village of Waitsfield. After arriving in Waitsfield. You then take East Warren Road back to Warren. It is a fairly steep uphill climb going south on the East Warren Road out of Waitsfield. However there is a great downhill glide which takes you back to your starting point. The old country store located in Warren.
Yours Truly and my Raleigh Serengeti Mountain Bike (24 speed- hybrid tires)after completing this great bike ride!

#8 North Padre Island- National Seashore
Amazing bike ride number 8 comes from trip to south Texas in 2010. I completed a wonderful itinerary on this trip. First arriving in the city of Houston. Then heading south on the Gulf Coast. Which included stays in; Corpus Christi South Padre Island, Larado, San Antonio, and Austin. While I was enjoying the city of Corpus Christi. I paid a visit to the National Park located on North Padre Island. During my guided tour of the park. The lovely lady named Chelsea who was my guide. Educated me to the fact that the dense sand on the beach located on Padre Island. Makes it very suitable for biking! After the tour I couldn't wait to be on my way biking south on the beach. It was just a delight beyond belief! A picture perfect day. Nothing but sun, sand, and ocean! I biked south for about 12 miles. Before I stopped and found a great place to have lunch on the beach. I was in a complete state of euphoria for this entire bike ride!

#9 River Ride- San Antonio
During the Texas trip. I enjoyed the pleasure of being in the historic and wonderful city of San Antonio. Where one of my all time favorite bike rides took place! I rode from the Knight's Inn where I was staying on the outskirts of downtown San Antonio. Using my portable GPS I found my way to the downtown area. I enjoyed a great tour of the Alamo!To absorb the beginning and the important history of Texas! All of the great rides I enjoyed on this vacation. Were made possible by the "Giant" Mountain Bike that I found and purchased in a pawn shop in Houston. The ride back to the Knight's Inn was the icing on the cake for this incredible day. I rode along the banks of the San Antonio River (The River Walk) out of the downtown area. Enjoy my photos!

#10 The Burlington Bike Path

What a way to end this post with one of the most outstanding bike rides anywhere. Riding the Burlington Bikeway. Along the shores of Lake Champlain, in the Green Mountain State of Vermont. You start this ride in downtown Burlington. The trail heads north taking you though some wonderful scenery and views of the lake and the Adirondack Mountains. You can ride for miles until you will finally reach the causeway that takes you out into Lake Champlain. Originally this bike path was railroad lines. The bike path causeway will take you to a gap. During the summer months a small ferry boat will transport the cyclists across the gap. So you can reach South Hero Island. I biked the entire trail to the gap and then back to downtown Burlington. Enjoy my pictures!

I have now presented to you. Some of my favorite bike rides that I have had the pleasure to enjoy!. Their are so many rides that should be on this post but have not been included. Rides that include; riding the Niagara Parkway, riding the Islands of Vermont, on the islands of Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket. Just to mention a few. Cycling can be so rewarding! You can ride in so many places of natural beauty. Which you get to enjoy in an intimate way when your on a bike. The sounds, smells and all of the scenery are all taken in as you pedal. It is a great way to get and stay physically fit. I hope you have enjoyed all of these great rides. Always happy to hear from fellow bike riders if your have your own great bike routes that you would like to share. I finish this post with one of my favorite philosophies. "The Longer You Ride, The Longer You Will Ride"!