Saturday, April 10, 2010

Destination- Oregon

I am at it again. I'm happy to say. If all goes to plan. I will on my way. to experience another amazing journey. This time the destination will be the U.S. State of Oregon.

Why pick Oregon for my next holiday? Well the answer is a very easy one. You see, I was there briefly last summer. last June I had an excellent time visiting the Pacific Northwest. I did a brief tour in Washington State. One of the best days of that trip was my full day spent in Oregon.

During that fantastic day. I enjoyed a visit at Seaside, Oregon. Located on the Pacific coast. I then drove inland to Portland. From there I did a tour through the Columbia River Gorge. But wait I wasn't finished yet. I drove to the town of Hood River. To complete the drive around Mt. Hood. It was all spectacular!!!

The symbol of this incredible place that they call Oregon. In my mind is Mt. Hood. This wonderful mountain. Which I have nicknamed "The Magnificent One". Is the ambassador for Oregon. For Mt. Hood represents; beauty, peace, courage, and adventure. That is what Oregon offers the people who are lucky enough to live there, and also the fortunate people who get to pay Oregon a visit.

My planed itinerary will be. After arriving in Portland, on June 5th. I will head to the Oregon coast, and work my way south. Visiting various places along the way. At a undetermined point. I will head inland through the cascades to visit Crater Lake. This lake is touted as one of the most beautiful lakes on our planet. Crater Lake is the deepest lake in North America. Crater Lake is 1,949 feet deep. From there I will start my return trip back to Portland. I return back home to Toronto on June 12th.

My posted picture is of "The Magnificent One" Mt. Hood