Monday, July 30, 2018

International Hockey Tournament Quebec 1971- Don Valley

The Grand Champion winning team 1971! My brother John is to the left of team Captain Steve Harrison.
Reliving and remembering great memories is always a fun experience. In 1971 My brother John played on the world champion Don Valley Channel 9 team. Who won the prestigious  International Pee Hockey Tournament, played in Quebec City! We are fortunate and kept a lot of the photos, programs and newspaper articles from the games that led to the Don Valley Team's great victory. I was there cheering and supporting John and his teammates. I can still remember all of the excitement. When Don Valley prevailed 3 to 2 over Shopsey's for the AA title. It will take awhile to complete this post. But hoping it will be accurate and entertaining when it is is finished! Also a fond memory of this experience was traveling by train. From Toronto to Quebec City. Staying at the Ch√Ęteau Frontenac Hotel. Also getting to experience the winter carnival! I will try to remember as much as possible of the great memories!

The summer of the games;

Game #1 Saturday Feb. 13, 1971. Quebec Colasee Att.- 15,000

Don Valley 3- Goulding Park 0

Don Valley Completely Dominated Goulding Park. Before a Large and Enthusiastic Crowd. Danny Stothers And Steve Harrrison Led A hard Checking Team To Their Big Win. Danny Had A Goal and An Assit. John Played Well And Along With Glen Knight Played A Strong Game.

Game #2 Monday Feb 15, 1971 Y.P. Att. 1000

Don Valley 3- Mississauga 2

In A Very Fast And Tense Game. Don Valley Prevailed By A Goal. But Not Before They Were Extended To Their Limit. With A Two Goal Lead In The Second Period. Don Valley Suddenly Faded And The Cookies Came Back Strong To Tie The Score On Excellent Plays. And Only A Brilliant Save By Abernathy In The Third Period Saved The Day. Stockman Played A Strong Game With Two Goals Including The Winner.         

Game #3 Wednesday Feb 17,  Quebec Colasee Att. 12,000

Don Valley 7- Ted Reeve 0

Ted Reeve Were Soundly Beaten As Glen Knight Led His Team With A Powerful Display On Defense And Offence, Scoring A Hat Trick. John Had A Goal On A Tip In, From A Knight Shot. But Felt He Did Not Want To Take Away Glen's Hat Trick. John was Moving Very Well Setting Up Two Goals.

Game #4 Friday Feb 19 (10 am.) Quebec Colasee Att. 20,810

Don Valley 10- Boston 3

Boston Gave The Boisterous Capacity Crowd A Tremendous Thrill  As They Battled Back From A 3 -1 Deficit. To Tie The Score In The Second Period. They had Given All They Had And Tired Badly In The Third Period. As Don Valley Led By Steve Stockman, Steve Harrison And Mike Anderson Scored 7 Goals To Win Going Away. John Was Skating And Checking Very Strongly. 

Game #5 Friday Feb 19, (6:30 pm.) Quebec Colasee Att. 21,000

AA Championship Game

Don Valley 3- Shopsy's 2

The Arena Was Jam Packed And Smoked Filled, As The Game Started. Shopsy's Fore-checking Strongly Completely Dominated The First Period. And Took A One Goal Lead. On A Goal Brilliant Play By Mark Murphy. As The Second Period Started. Don Valley Started To Carry The Play To Their Opponents. And At About The Five Minute Mark. John Deflected A Glen Knight Shot In, To Tie The Score. Later In The Third Period. With The Team Really Moving! John Rounded The Defense And Set Up Stockman, And He Made No Mistake! After The Rest Period. Shopsy's Came Back Strongly And The Play Ranged From End To End. With Both Team's Missing Several Good Chances. With 5 Minutes Left In The Game. Pat Morrison On A Tremendous Effort  Tied The Game With A Good Hard Shot. The Game Ended In A Tie. With John Almost Scoring The winner As The Buzzer Sounded! At 12:13 In The First O/T Period. Mike Anderson Cut In On Goal. And Backhanded In The Winner, On A Great Effort! A Great Win In The Double A Championship Game. Both Teams Gave All They Had!

Game #6 Saturday Feb 20, Quebec Colasee

Don Valley 6- Richmond Hill 1
The Don Valley Team Gave a Powerful Performance in Demolishing The B Champions. The Boys were Determined To Win It All After Defeating Shopy's. John Had His Most Rewarding Night of The Tournament. Setting Up 5 of The Goals. With Stockman Getting Three Goals. A Great Pay Off Man.

Game #7 Saturday Feb 20, Quebec Colasee

Grand Champion Game

Don Valley 5- Sault Ste. Marie 0

Don Valley, Though Tired Were Not To Be Denied By a Game But Over matched Soo Team. Steve Harrison Gave A Brilliant Display of Lugging The Puck Out Of His End and Scored A Nifty Hat Trick! 
Le Grande Champions- 1971
A Wonderful Finale TO A Very Exciting Tournament!

Stephen Harrison scored three goals Saturday to lead Toronto Don Valley to a 5-0 win over Sault. Ste Marie. Steve Stockman and Doug Raseberry had the other goals. Mark Locken and James Abernathy shared the shutout.

Game Descriptions by my father, Sheldon Wolfe


More great memorabilia from our wonderful trip to Quebec City in 1971!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Nice to be Back!!!

Crossing Lake Champlain by ferry boat from Plattsburgh N.Y. to Grand Isle Vt.

The title of this post is referring to how great it is to be back visiting Vermont! The Land of Green! Being away from the out of control Rat Race! That the greater Toronto Area has now become. Is so beneficial indeed! Plus spending more amazing time in Vermont. Where the sheer beauty of this place is overwhelming! Everytime I have a holiday here in Vermont. I can't believe all of the natural beauty that creates this magical place! But this place, that I refer to as "God's Country" and "The Land of Green". Has become a very positive in all of the travelling. The Travel Wolfe has enjoyed!

I have included some photos of my experience enjoying the "Green Mountains" yet again! The title of this post has been borrowed from humorist Larry David. Creator of The Seinfeld Show and his own show; "Curb Your Enthusiasm". Having the chance to live in Vermont. Always has assisted in getting my enthusiasm back, for enjoying my life!

2 photos from Lake Dunmore.

It's great to be staying back in the village of Hancock!

One of my favorite views. South on Route 100. Looking at the Gathering Inn.

The Village Green located in the town of Rochester.

Wonderful "Blueberry Lake"

Monday, July 23, 2018

Rehoboth Beach

I wanted to add some photos from our day trip to visit the south beaches area of Delaware. Sadly the weather was not very nice on this day. The weather was cool. The wind was strong. The weather was not good for swimming on this day. The Rehoboth Beach was very nice. But lots of overpriced and tacky stores and eateries also take away from the natural beauty of this place!

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Beautiful Delaware Park- Est. 1937

My brother John and I recently paid a visit to one of the most beautiful Horse Racing Venues located in North America. Beautiful Delaware Park was opened for racing in 1937. It is located in a very nice suburb of Wilmington, Delaware. 30 miles south of Philadelphia, Pa.

Like a true gem of a horse racing. A genuine version of the "Friendly Confines". You the racing or betting fan will be taken away from all the problems. The turbulent and troubled human world has to offer! You will be immersed in a more peaceful and kinder world of serenity!

I have enjoyed the classic great racetracks located in the United States. Like wonderful Keeneland and Churchill Downs located in Kentucky. Also the historic Spa located in Saratoga Springs New York. However Delaware park for me creates the perfect ambiance to enjoy the action packed spectacle of watching the horses and jockeys battle!. To find out who will be the fastest during the race.

I was introduced to Delaware Park back in 2004, While I paying friend Charlie Maier a visit in Philadelphia. I met Charlie through the internet, As Charlie was famous for repairing jukeboxes. Charlie Maier was astute in repair and maintenance of these famous music machines. I will always be thankful to Charlie for the great visit I enjoyed with him back in 2004.
I have included some photos. Displaying the true beauty of Delaware Park. Which is truly the "Friendly Confines" of horse racing!

Top 3 photos are of 'Blue Hen Madness" winner on this day at the races.

More photos showing the unique beauty of "Friendly Confines" of Delaware Park!

Driving in Vermont!

I wanted to include some photos from my recent May trip to visit the Green Mountain State. I was on my way to arrive in my travel destination of Morrisville, Vermont.