Monday, May 19, 2014

Biking in the Woods

Holiday Monday here in Canada turned out to be a beautiful Spring day. A day to enjoy two of my favorite pleasures. Which include biking and being in a country environment. So in the afternoon. I drove up to the village Cheltenham. Located in Caledon, with my old mountain bike. I enjoyed a great sandwich for lunch at the historic General Store.

Then I rode my bike on the Caledon Trailway heading west to the village of Terra Cotta. The ride was enjoyed! On the return trip. The idea suddenly popped into my head of trying to find some Trillium in full bloom. For I have not seen Ontario's flower in a natural setting since I was very young. Riding back towards the village of Cheltenham. I had no luck. I do know that Trillium are a forest wild flower, and have to have shade in order to grow. Then I found a side trail. That was heading north into the woods. The trail was rideable and easy to follow. Sure enough I didn't have to ride for very long. Until I found one single Trillium standing tall and proud. I was elated for my success! Then I thought how strange to find only one flower. Then I rode some more. Until I found a healthy path of Trillium. I snapped some photos, on my Blackberry. Then rode back to the General Store. Proving that some of the simplest pleasures we can enjoy in life. Can be so rewarding.