Monday, August 6, 2012

The Bike Ride De Terra Cotta

Today was a great day of what was the last day. Of a 3 day long weekend.

I made the most of it and rode one of my favorite bike rides to-date. I rode from where Horseshoe Hill Road meets the Caledon Trailway. To the village of Terra Cotta. Which is located some 9 miles (14.5 KM), riding to the west.

The summer weather today was near perfect. Bright sunny skies. The temperature was about 26 C. and no humidity. I have been frequenting "The Forge Park" located at 215 King Street in the picturesque village of Terra Cotta. To try and survive during the horrible hot summer we have had to endure. By swimming in the Credit River. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Today proved a challenge to get to The Forge Park. As the "The Tour De Terra Cotta". A big biking event was on today. Which used the roads that circled Terra Cotta. I could not drive my car to get to Terra Cotta. However I was able to ride there using the Caledon Trailway.

I enjoyed ever part of the ride. The scenery is varied and beautiful. It is very good luck that one of the best parts of Ontario. Is so close by to visit. When I reached the village of Cheltemham. I stopped in at the historic general store, and picked up a nice Montreal Smoked Meat sandwich to enjoy for my lunch. Then continued my ride to get to Terra Cotta.

On arriving in the village. The bike races were in full swing. Security had to O.K. me to cross to the south side of King Street. So I could walk my Raleigh Mountain Bike to The Forge Park.

I enjoyed my sandwich by a nice shaded spot by the Credit River. Then after lunch I enjoyed a swim in the river. How fantastic the water in the Credit River feels when you dive in. I was surprised that the park was not very busy. What with all of the competitors of the bike races, and the spectators that were on hand.

After enjoying my refreshing swim. I crossed to the north side of King Street. Then rode up Isabella Street to get back to the Caldedon Trailway. I then road back east. I stopped in the village of Inglewood, and indulged in some strawberry Kawartha Dairy ice-cream. The Inglewood General Store is nice. But not as nice as the historic General Store located in Cheltenham. Plus the Inglewood store prices are a little higher.

I then completed my bike ride back to my parked car. My Bike Ride De Terra Cotta was one to remember!
Enjoy the photos I took during the bike ride today.