Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Home Of The Green

Flag of the Vermont Republic- 1777-1791

Another amazing trip has come and gone. But the great memories of spending more quality time in Vermont will continue for the rest of my days. I have to admit that I enjoy being a Vermonter quite a lot. The thought of running away for good, and getting to call Vermont my permanent home is now part of my psyche.

As the rest of world is caught up in the computer age we now live in. Vermont lives in it's own time. Where the simple life reins supreme. The natural beauty of the land and it's importance for it to remain. Is on ever Vermonters' mind. Where the production of organic and good food to eat. Will always be one of the best natural resources of the State Of Vermont. Enjoying the natural environment of "The Green Mountains" is also a way of life in this unique and great place to live. The people of Vermont living in there small communities, and scattered all over the State. Seem to have a sense of loyalty and respect for each other. And are quick to come together and help each other. During times of trouble.

Yes there are problems living in the State of Vermont. Both economic and social. But I always get the sense. That the people living in Vermont are proactive in trying to solve the social, economic, and environmental issues. That are continuing to plague mankind. These serious issues that may cause us all. A lot of serious grief. Because these problems are being left unsolved. Problems that are maybe not that far away. From seriously effecting the quality of our lives. That we have come to enjoy and take for granted.

Saying all that. Spending quality time in Vermont will always have special meaning. The special pleasure of enjoying; to see the Green Mountains, breathing in the clean air, and living life at a much more relaxed and reasonable pace. Why live in a hurry? When you get to enjoy living in "The Green Mountain State".

On this trip I will enjoy to remember; my bike ride around Lake Dunmore, and in Stowe on there "Recreation Path" is unforgettable! Hiking to the Great Cliff and Pleiad Lake were special. Also enjoying the Shelburne Museum was fantastic! Driving the Morrisville Loop was a great ending to this trip.

I have to be very thankful to my 2001 Toyota Corolla. For making this trip possible. My car has been a stable force in my life. My old ride is showing no signs of slowing down. This car has been a major contributor. Creating a lot of pleasure in my life. We have logged almost 300,000 KM together. Which includes 7 trips to the "State Of Vermont". For some strange reason. I believe my car enjoys going to Vermont almost as much as I do.

A big thanks to Kathleen and Rick. Who own and operate "The Gathering Inn", located in the hamlet of "Hancock". I enjoyed your hospitality and staying in your great home in Vermont. Kathleen and Rick are both fine examples of True Vermonters. Who both exemplify the spirit and the beauty of living life within "The Green Mountains".

Thank you again "Vermont" for showing me a wonderful time! I again enjoyed the opportunity to live the life in "The Home Of The Green"!!!! I look forward to seeing you again soon!