Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thank You Green Mountains!!!!!!!!

Our life's journey should be a fascinating and enjoyable experience. I think that the trick is in life to try and come up with the best game plan. That will make this possible, for you.

For me. Travel has been the ticket to my success. For traveling around this big world we live on has brought so much pleasure and delight. It has made life a lot of fun. It has always helped me to keep my work ethic. I believe you have to set goals that are achievable. Like a fantastic vacation. It is important to try and keep achieving, and to try to make good things happen.

I have learned so much from traveling. A lot about people and the world, and a lot about myself. My own strengths and my weaknesses. I have met some many amazing people along the way. That if I would have stayed at home I would never met. I made some fantastic friends. My life would be not the same. For not knowing you, and having you as part of my life.

The amazing destinations I have chosen to visit. A lot of these places I would enjoy very much to call home. If I ever got the chance to relocate. Vermont is one of those places. For ever time I visit the Green Mountain State. I enjoy it more then the time before. I will always look forward to visiting this peaceful and beautiful "Land of Green".

On this amazing trip. I would like to thank my 2001 Corolla. We have logged many miles together. Thanks for taking to where I want to go. The old car just keeps running like a new car. What an inspiration!!!!

I would to thank the Staff at The Hotel Cooledge for always showing me a good time.

I would like to thank Tom Paxton and Geoff Bartley for there great show!

I would like to thank Sarah & Giles at the Hostel Tevere. It is a great place and location to stay.

Also Kathleen and Rick at the Gathering Inn. It was great staying with you.

Lake Champlain is one amazing Lake! Being on the shores, boating, or the biking paths. Lake Champlain will never cease to amaze and inspire!

Also last but not least I would like to thank the "Green Mountains". It has occurred to me with all the time I have now enjoyed in Vermont. That a unique echo system exists on the land located between Lake Champlain and the Connecticut River. Because of the length and height of the Green Mountains. There is a successful relationship going on between those mountains and Lake Champlain. I would call it a true love affair. Also a unique way to live exists. By all the people who get to call Vermont home. Maybe one day I will get to call Vermont home. It is sure fun to dream!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Panoramic Vermont

Here are a few panoramic pictures I took during Vermont holiday #5. I took these photos using my old and outdated Panoramic film camera.

The pictures are from the top to the bottom;
1. Reaching Lake Champlain at Rouses Point, New York- Looking north at the bridge leading into Vermont.
2. Driving South in interstate highway 89 towards Burlington.
3. Driving Route 5 South, towards Battleboro.
4. Hiking on "The Long Trail" enjoying a great view.
5. The Beautiful "Green Mountains"
6. St. Albans Bay (Lake Champlain)
7. Another great picture of St. Albans Bay

Monday, October 11, 2010

St Albans, Vermont

For the final day of Vermont trip number 5. It was like the rest of this journey, very special. I was planing to go biking in Stove. But then I though about it. I have already been to Stove, and yes it is very beautiful there. But it was also the holiday weekend. When I was there two years ago. It was packed with fellow tourists on a very beautiful October day.

So I made the decision to visit the town of St Albans. Which is located about 25 miles to the north of Burlington. It was a wise choice. I had an excellent last day.

When I arrived in St Albans. I drove down to see there beautiful Bay. There was a pub-restaurant located there. I went for a bite to eat. And To try and get online with my laptop computer. I enjoyed the Bayshore Pub. I got online, enjoyed a good meal, and got some guidance from the nice lady proprietor, and some locals who were also there.

I was allowed to park my car in there lot. So I could use the pub, to start and to use as my finishing point. I did a nice 10 mile ride. First along the Bay. Then up the Mill Road to Route 7. Back into St Albans. Then St Albans back to the Bayshore Pub.

Then When I was done the ride. I made another great choice. I drove back to Burlington. Enjoying all of the beauty Vermont has to offer. Hugging the coast of Lake Champlain all the way back to Burlington. "Wow" is all I have to say. Enjoy the pictures from my final bike ride, through Vermont.

Eating Great- Vermont Style

On Friday evening. I had the opportunity to cook my own dinner. While I was a guest at "The Gathering Inn". So I made the 4 mile trip to Rochester, from Hancock. Located in Rochester is a very nice food market named "Mac's". I purchased an excellent Delmonico steak. To accompany my steak. I fried up a yellow pepper, one shallot, and some mushrooms. The results was an excellent on the road dinner. Maybe there is some hope one day opening up my own Diner. So I can get to call Vermont home.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Burlington Bike-way

At the Gathering Inn. I met a very friendly Vermonter named Jerry. Jerry gave me a great tip for biking the Burlington Bike-way. Unknown to me. There is a long causeway. That extends well into Lake Champlain. Extending almost all the way to South Hero Island. There is a small gap in the causeway to allow the boats get through and continue there journey on the lake. In summer there is a ferry service that takes bikers across the gap to South Hero Island.

So I did it! I rode the Bike-way all the way from downtown Burlington to the Causeway. Then I rode the whole Causeway. It was very windy on the Causeway. But the ride in was a lot easier.

I then enjoyed the rest of the day. After showering and getting cleaned up. I enjoyed a nice dinner at the Vietnamese Bistro. The food was good. However the restaurant was packed. Being the holiday weekend. I then went to the "Black Crow" bookshop. Made a few interesting buys. Then went to "Ben and Jerry's for desert. And enjoyed some raspberry frozen yogurt . Somehow an amazing visit to Vermont. Would not be complete without enjoying a special frozen desert. The perfect icing on the cake!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Texas Falls

I went to visit "Texas Falls" prior to my hike on the Long Trail. Here are a few pictures of the Falls.

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Long Trail established 1910

Today was another great day on my Vermont adventure #5. The sun was shinning over the "Green Mountains". That is a great way to start the day for sure. I headed off to Rochester down the road for breakfast. I hit the bakery/bookstore for breakfast.

I was not disappointed as I enjoyed a great breakfast. I had a nice veggie omelette with a piece of toasted homemade bread. For desert I enjoyed a homemade muffin, and washed it all down with two cups of terrific coffee. The young lady who served me was also very nice. I was now ready for my day's activities.

The first part of the day was hiking on the Green Mountains. Which is one of the special pleasures, when you are living in the is great place. I drove up route 125. Which is very close to "The Gathering Inn". I drove up to first visit "Texas Falls". It was easy driving access to get up to see the falls. I snapped a few pictures of the Falls. Then I continued west on route 125 until I came to the famous "Long Trail". I parked the car, and was ready to go for a hike.

This the 100 anniversary of the Long Trail. Being on the Green Mountains and hiking the Long Trail is truly a special enjoyable pleasure.

The famous Vermont "Long Trail" is the oldest long distance hiking trail in the U.S.A. It was established by the Green Mountain Club in 1910. The Long Trail travels 270 miles from Vermont's boarder with Canada, until the trail reaches the boarder with Massachusetts. Some 270 miles of pristine natural wonder. That travels over all of the major peaks of "The Green Mountains"

For my hike I headed south on "The Long Trail". I traveled for about 2.5 miles. Until I reached one of the tops of the mountains. I then pulled out my trusty mini alcohol burning stove. Boiled up some hot water, and made a cup of hot chicken broth. I then made my way back down the trail, until I reached route 125 and my car. I did take some amazing pictures of my adventure.

I then drove back to "Gathering Place". Enjoyed a nice bagel with Cabot Cheddar Cheese. Then I was ready for my bike ride. I rode my bike north on route 100 until I reached "Moss Glen Falls". I took a couple of pictures of the Falls. Then I road back to "Gathering Place". To come up with the words for this blog.

"Trying to Reason, with living in the Rat Race". Maybe I have an idea for a hit song. Maybe not. Maybe I should just stick to what I know. How to travel and enjoy. Amazing travel destinations, like Vermont!

The bike ride to Glen Moss Falls and back was about 14 miles. Not a bad day burning calories and enjoying "The Green Mountain State at the same time.

Route 100, The Green Road

After another very nice breakfast at the Warren General Store. I headed south to my new Vermont home, located in the hamlet of Hancock. It was no problem finding "The Gathering Place" as it is located right off of scenic road 100. Route 100, which I nicknamed the "Green Road" . Runs through the interior of Vermont. Located on the east side of the beautiful "Green Mountains". What a marvelous trip this has been. And it is not over yet.

I met the proprietors of "The Gathering Place" Rick and Kathleen. Both are very friendly, and made me feel welcome right away. The start of this day weather wise was off to a rough start. As it was pouring rain. I moved into my private room in this historic old Vermont home. Which I get to call home for a couple of days.

After getting settled in. I was off on my bike. By this time it was early afternoon, and I had decided to do a short bike ride. I rode south on Route 100 to the town of Rochester, which is 4 miles away from Hancock. I just continued about another 1 past Rochester. If you love Vermont the I do. Every breath you take. Every sight you enjoy. Makes you very thankful and happy. That you are alive, and you are in this wonderful place.

Dinner today was a very enjoyable experience. Kathleen had invited me to have dinner with Rick and there dinner guests, only charging me $3. It was a great vegetarian meal that Rick and Kathleen whipped up for dinner. I enjoyed the meal and the company very much.