Thursday, February 21, 2019

The Las Vegas Strip

 One of the rare classic neon signs that remains on the Vegas Strip!

My first time visiting the city of Las Vegas, Nevada was back in 1985. A lot of things have completely changed, since back in those days. The hotels of that time in Las Vegas still offered luxury and fantasy to the customers who enjoyed these bygone Vegas venues! Hotels like : The Desert Inn, the Frontier, The Desert Inn, the Dunes, the Rivera, The Sands, and Stardust! Offered some of the best and classiest of the Las Vegas casino's! They were elegant and offered style and class! Also the hotels of that part of Las Vegas history. Offered amazing food on lavish buffets, for very cheap prices!

Sadly Las Vegas was forced to change to survive! To compete against all of the legalized Casino gambling that has become main stream in our society today! Really very sad that this change has come about. I believe we were much better off. When you wanted to enjoy the excitement of casino gambling, combined with the lavish entertainment that has become a Las Vegas tradition! That you had to go to and visit Las Vegas to experience this kind of fantasy and excitement!

Sure the new Las Vegas has been rebuilt. The lavish and extraordinary has been developed to a whole new level. But almost completely lost is the style and class of old Las Vegas. When slot machines had spinning reels! You had to put real coins in them. To operate them. Hoping to win your fortune! And if you did hit the jackpot. You were paid out with real money. The special quality of gambling in a Las Vegas casino has been diminished in my opinion!

I did most of my gambling during this visit. In the "El Cortez" casino, located on Freemont St. In this location you can still find a little bit of the old Las Vegas that is still fighting to survive! I also enjoyed some good meals in the El Cortex Casino Restaurant!

I have included some photos I took of the Las Vegas Strip as it appears today!

In the elegant and luxurious "Fashion Show Mall"

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Freemont Street at Night!

My home during my recent holiday visiting the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. Was a motel located very close to the El Cortez Casino & Hotel located on Freemont. Just east of the "Freemont Expereince". I have included some photos I took walking a long Freemont at Night!

Monday, February 18, 2019

To The Stratosphere via Las Vegas Blvd.

This photos were taken along Las Vegas Blvd. To visit the Stratosphere Hotel. The highest structure that is located in the city of Las Vegas. The Stratosphere is 1,150 feet high. Enjoy my photos. all photos are the property of DRW Media and cannot be used without permission or written consent.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

"Valley of Fire" Nevada State Park

I enjoyed a great day trip from Las Vegas. Enjoying one of the most scenic and unique places located in the U.S. Located in the State of Nevada. They call this place 'The Valley of Fire". It is the first State Park established in Nevada in 1935, and become a National Natural Landmark in 1968! I feel so fortunate I got the chance to enjoy this place of extreme beauty! It one of the best examples of the beauty of our Planet Earth. That I have ever enjoyed! Thank you Mother Nature!