Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I'm Just Tryin' to Get By Being Quiet & Shy, In A World Full Of Pushin' & Shove!

Strange title for a post on a blog. This title happens to one of my favorite musical lyrics written by Jimmy Buffett. From one of my all time favorite Jimmy Buffett songs.
The song is "The Wino and I Know". Which appeared on his 1974 Lp "Living and Dying In 3/4 Time".

I have been a Jimmy Buffett fan of a long time. This man and his music has proved to be a valuable mentor and guide for me. Through the journey of my life. Jimmy Buffett Musical success. Began during a trip to Key West Florida in 1971. During a time when his life and his musical career had reached a dead end.

With the encouragement of friend and fellow musician Jerry Jeff Walker. Who convinced Jimmy Buffett to seek refuge in the Florida Keys. Go and live in Key West. Relax and enjoy a little fun. Start to enjoy your life! Then your life will turn for the better! Well that good advise paid off big time for Jimmy Buffett. The man from Margariteville!

I did have the pleasure of visiting Key West briefly. During my 1984 trip to Florida. Which was the first solo adventure I ever went on. I must say I was impressed with my first look around Key West. Sadly I ruined all of my pictures I took during that Florida vacation. It was long before digital photography ever came into being. I always have had the ambition to venture back to visit the Florida Keys.

This year 2013 has been a tough one for my brother John and I. As we lost the leader our family. My wonderful mother Charlotte suddenly in January. Then we lost my dad Sheldon in late May after he survived a long time. After suffering a major stroke 10 years ago.

So like Jimmy Buffett. I am now stranded on a sandbar. Time for me to do what I do best. Venture away to visit a beautiful place. Leave the world of Pushin' & Shove far behind. To try and enjoy a little fun!

The trip and plan are in place. I leave on November 16 and come home on the 23th. It will be great to be back in Key West!

My souvenir "Key West" tea-shirt from my 1984 Florida trip.