Saturday, June 24, 2017

By An Angry Lake

On the way back to my my home. I stopped into Trenton, Ont. To visit long time friend Keith. Which was a big help in breaking up a 9 hour drive to get back to Brampton.

It gave me the chance to relax and renew my confidence. And to let all of the beauty I had adsorbed during my holiday in Vermont to be absorbed! Also a very nice dinner at the Yukon Galley. Which is the main place that provides great food for all the hard working staff. At the Air Force Base located in Trenton. The general public is also allowed onto the base to enjoy the great food served at the "Yukon Galley". Only when their is a security alert in effect. Is the general public restricted from visiting this part of the Trenton Air Force Base. I have enjoyed many a great meal at a great price at the "Yukon Galley"!

For our entertainment in the evening. A visit to a secluded beach on Lake Ontario. Near the town of Consecon was exactly a perfect choice. To enjoy the last part of my late Spring vacation. Terry a good friend of Keith went along to enjoy the sites and sound that Lake Ontario was going to provide to us. When we arrived. The wind was blowing and the waves were riding high. The sea birds were in a state of euphoria. As they were looking for food and enjoyed flying and gliding all of the swift moving currents of wind! I did my best to catch the monuments that were enjoyed! Using my Canon Camera. Viewing a very angry but surreal Lake Ontario.
Video and a great memory of a very upset Lake Ontario!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

A Visit to Stowe

photos from the morning bike ride.

Today was another marvelous day of this holiday in Vermont. The weather was again near perfection. With Mother Nature providing the right amount of; temperature, sunshine and humidity. Just a wonderful job Mother Nature!!!!

I started the day was a nice breakfast at the Gathering Inn. Which consisted of a nice fresh Vermont yogurt topped with a nice healthy cereal. Then oatmeal toast topped with all natural blueberry jam. And a nice cup of freshly brewed coffee. Made by yours truly! What a great way to get the required energy to enjoy a great day of vacation. Enjoying here in the Green Mountain State!

I completed a bike ride to the village of Granville. Located just to the north of Hancock. Then cycled back to the Gathering Inn. I was then ready to have a nice day trip to visit the most famous of the towns located in Vermont. That would be the town of Stowe. This part of Vermont is renowned for it downhill skiing in winter and it mountain biking in summer!

I arrived around noon and enjoyed a very nice lunch at the "Cafe on Main St.". Then I set out for a leisurely bike ride on the "Rec Path". Which has become a Vermont tradition for me. A valued part of a wonderful Vermont Vacation!

Then I paid my second visit to the "Von Trapp Family Lodge". Which over looks the beautiful valley and surrounding mountains that make up the beautiful Stowe Area! This high end place to stay in Stowe. Is owned by the original Von Trapp Family Singers. There real life story was the inspiration for "The Sound of Music". A classic movie to watch and enjoy! I have included some photos from my wonderful day today!

photos from the "Rec Path" located in Stowe.
Overlooking Stowe Vermont is Mt. Mansfield. At 4393 ft is the highest peak in the Green Mountains.

The Von Trapp Family Lodge and views overlooking Stowe, Vermont.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Warren -Blueberry Lake Loop

The "Warren Store" The beginning and end of this great bike ride.

Yesterday I came up with an idea of creating my own Vermont Bike Ride. And why not I have spent so much quality time here. I am very privileged to feel like a Vermont local. This ride combines my favorite Vermont village. Which is Warren and also the beauty and serenity of Blueberry Lake.

I am hoping to complete this bike ride tomorrow. The route will consist of; Starting in the village of Warren. It is a short ride to get to Vermont Route 100. Then turn left or south on Route 100. There are some uphill and downhill sections of this 6 mile stretch of Vt. Route 100. Until you reach the Plunkton Rd. Then you will have some uphill  peddling traveling up Plunkton Rd. until you reach Blueberry Lake. Go for a wonderful swim in Blueberry Lake if the weather permits. Continue on the Plunkton Rd. past Blueberry Lake for about 3 miles. Most of this route will be downhill until you reach Brook Rd. Turn left onto Brook Rd. Most of this part of the journey is also downhill and will take you to where you began this bike ride. At the Warren Store in the village of Warren. Enjoy!

The distance for this exhilarating bike ride is 12.6 miles or 20.28 KM.

This ride was excellent! The weather was a perfect Vermont Day for enjoying being outside. Also I wanted to alert other cyclists who will do this ride. That shortly after you start heading south on Route 100 after you leave the village of Warren. You will pass by "Warren Falls". Voted one of the best places to swim in the U.S.A on a hot summer day. I myself prefer to swim in Blueberry Lake. One of the best reasons is. That Blueberry Lake will always be less populated than Warren Falls Also the water in Blueberry Lake is usually warmer then Warren Falls. I have included my photos from the great bike ride today!

The following photos are from the beginning of this ride. Leaving the village of Warren then south on Route 100.

Part 2 of the bike ride- East on the Plunkton until you reach Blueberry Lake. Please note that Plunkton Rd. Is a dirt road. Usually it is grated and kept in good shape.

The final part of the bike ride. Takes you on a downhill odyssey continuing on Plunkton Rd. Until you reach Brook Rd. Turn left on Brook Rd. And you will glide downhill until you reach Main Street. Turn left on Main St. and you will arrive at the Warren Store. Where you can enjoy a wonderful Vermont Lunch!

Monday, June 12, 2017

A Day in The Life of Vermont!

                                        Moss Glen Falls- Granville

                                     Looking towards the Gathering Inn- Hancock
Very hot today but a great day of this vacation. I'm sure most people would be totally bored on vacation in Vermont. After all where I am located in the village of Hancock. There are no fast food restaurants, no posh nightclubs, no gambling, no decadent shopping, and no movie theaters. The only element that you will find the abundant of in the Green Mountain State. Is sheer and stunning beauty. In a very clean and natural vibrant environment. Yes I love to be here in Vermont. For me it is the perfect place to enjoy life and to hide away from a human world that is both losing a positive direction and perspective. Maybe this will change for the better in the future. We can only and always hope for the best! I have included some photos of my day in the life of Vermont!!!

                                A fun afternoon at the Beach- Lake Dunmore