Friday, June 22, 2012

Panoramic Pictures

I shot a roll of film during my recent trip. Visiting the islands of Cape Cod. Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket Island.

The camera I used was "Vivitar AF 400. This camera was a recent thrift store find. I purchased this camera from the past. Because it has the ability to take pictures in panoramic format. Great advantage to have. When you are taking pictures of beautiful scenery on a holiday. Also this camera runs on 2 double "A" batteries. Which is also an advantage for of a camera of this vintage.

The pictures are;
1. The Vivitar AF400 camera
2. Flying over J.F.K Airport NYC
3. Taking of from Martha's Vineyard, heading east towards Nantucket Island
4. Great Point Beach, Nantucket Island
5. The "Travel Wolfe" on Great Point Beach
6. Overlooking Moshup Beach, Martha's Vineyard
7. Gay Head Cliffs, Martha's Vineyard
8. Gay Head Lighthouse
9. Gay Head Cliffs, Martha's Vineyard
10. Bike Path, Martha's Vineyard
11. Fisher's Island, off of coast of Connecticut

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kid In A Candy Store!

My trip to visit the islands of Cape Cod is over. But the great memories from this trip. Will stay with me always. That is the objective when you travel. To try and create those special moments that could not possibly occur. If you just stayed at home.

The title of this post comes from a travel friend I met in 2008. During my trip to Arizona. I was in the mountain city of Flagstaff. I met a friendly fellow traveler, from Spokane Washington. Who was telling me about the joy that was achieved. When he goes mountain biking at a place called Moab. Located in the state of Utah. This friend told me. When he goes biking at Moab. "He feels like a kid in a candy store". That comment describes how much fun traveling to a beautiful or exotic location can be.

I enjoyed being on both islands. During my recent trip. Martha's Vineyard is lush and green. Also it has it's shares of beautiful beaches. I will remember the special time being on Moshup Beach. Located in the "Gay Head" area of the island. I will remember the pleasure of strolling thorough the streets of Edgartown. The biking around the Vineyard is also a special memory.

Visiting Nantucket was also very special. I lived close to a great beach named "Surfside". Biking to the village of Sconset was special. And I did it twice! Being on the misty beach located on Madakat was unforgettable. The historic town of Nantucket is a living museum. A chance to enjoy a time. From many years ago. I just love having the chance to live that. Going out to try and visit the Great Point Lighthouse was special. I didn't get to visit the lighthouse. However being out on that beach on that day was truly amazing!

On this trip I would like to thank the helpful and friendly staff at the "HI" hostels located on Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket. Without the support and help of these great places and there staff. This trip would not of been possible.

I would like to thank Delta Airlines. When after this trip got off to a rough start. As my flight to Martha's Vineyard from New York City was canceled due to bad weather. Delta arranged for me to get the place I really wanted to go!

Also a special thanks to "Cape Air". This great regional airlines. Does a super job. There service is professional friendly and relaxed. I truly enjoyed the 3 times I got to fly with "Cape Air" during this trip. You really were my wings!!!!

Where will I go from here. I not really sure. I certainly hope to keep traveling and enjoying life my way. As I long as I can. My philosophy is simple. Never stop dreaming. To make good things happen. Never stop trying to be. The kid let loose in the Candy Store!!!!

The pictures are; the logo of "Cape Air", me on Great Point Beach Nantucket, me at Edgartown Lighthouse Martha's Vineyard. The "HI" hostel on Martha's Vineyard, and the "HI" hostel on Nantucket Island.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fly To N.Y.

Just after 2 pm on Sunday June 10th. I took off from Martha's Vineyard Airport. On a Delta flight. Bound for the JFK Airport located in New York City. My Air Canada flight to return me back to Toronto departed at 5:20 pm.

I have included some aerial shots I took from the CRJ 200 i was a passenger on. As we took off from the island of Martha's Vineyard. I also snapped some more photographs as we flew south en route to Kennedy Airport. Also I took some pictures during the landing at JFK.

This was the 6th flight on an airplane during this holiday. The Air Canada flight home would be number 7.

The final two pictures of this post is of Terminal 3 at Kennedy Airport. This airline terminal building was originally built in 1960 for Pan American Airlines. The building is scheduled to be demolished in 2015. To make way for the new terminal 4 building.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Do The Walk

Sunday June 10th was the final day of my holiday. Visiting the islands of Cape Cod. I am happy to admit. That I am taking home some great memories of my visit.

On the final time I had to spend. Before I left for the Martha's Vineyard Airport. I took a walk from the hostel along the bike path. Heading in the direction of West Tisbury. I have included some photos of this walk. The weather conditions were perfect!

Saturday, June 9, 2012


In 1975 Peter Benchley's book about a rogue great white shark. That terrorized a small eastern tourist town. That was turned into a highly successful major motion movie by Stephen Spielberg.

Unknown to me. Most of the action scenes were produced and filmed right here on the island of Martha's Vineyard. Another good reason for being uncomfortable about going for a swim on one of the beautiful beaches located here.

I have included some photos that hang in the Martha's Vineyard hostel. Pointing out where the important scenes from "Jaws" were shot on the island.