Sunday, March 22, 2009

Riding The Tube!

This post is dedicated to the better way to travel in London. Affectionately know as the tube. This huge transit system has been transporting people around London, since 10 January 1863. It is the oldest and longest commuter train system in the world. The London tube has 250 miles or 400 KM of track, and has 270 stations. The system runs both above and below ground.

Some people hate the system, and some people love it. I am on the love side. There is no better way to get around London, then riding the tube. Yes the trains get crowded , even late at night. Also transferring between lines, can mean walking a long distance. Of course when you are learning the system. Finding the quickest way to get to your final destination. Can be a guessing game at times. Also there are routine closures for maintenance work, and also breakdowns of the system. Which can cause commuter chaos.

However in my opinion. The system is historic, some of the tunnels are located deep below London, and it is part of the London experience. Also music fans will be entertained, by a wide selection of talented buskers. The sound quality deep under London is fantastic. The picture at the top of this post, is of Miss Hadar Manor. I did watch the Queen of the Underground perform, and she is very talented. So go ahead a ride the tube! Oh yes, and don't forget to "Mind The Gap". When you get off and on the trains.

If you fly into Heathrow Airport. The Tube is a direct and cheap way to get into central London, on the Piccadilly Line. The train regularly stops at terminal 4, terminal 5, and terminal 1, 2, 3.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


I made it home in one piece, and that is always a happy end to any holiday. I must say I had a really good time. There were no surprises. The holiday is what a holiday is suppose to be. I enjoyed the chance ; to relax, to enjoy life, to enjoy the company of great friends, to eat great food, to visit fantastic places, and to enjoy a special or unique environment. I accomplished all of this on this trip.

To be honest. The way I enjoy to travel is not for everyone. I seek adventure and the challenge that is involved in trying to make that happen. For most people. They are content to travel to a conformable location, with comfortable amenities. And to have it all easily provided for them. I don't have the mind set or the bank account to travel that way. My way requires more imagination, resourcefulness, and courage. To make my travel dreams become a reality.

For this to trip to happen it required the help and support of a special friend to make it possible. That friend is Peter V/D W. The year 1986 was a very good year for me. I made two of my best friends that year. Peter and Ethan Allan S. remain fantastic friends to this day. Thanks Peter for making me welcome at your home in The Netherlands. It is always a great pleasure to visit and the chance to live, in your excellent country.

Also I would like the chance to thank my new friends in London; Wanda and Barry is was great to meet you there. Steven C., thanks for the great day out. It is one I will never forget. The images of the beautiful English countryside will always be on my mind. Also Gary Flower, it was great meeting you. Thanks for signing my copy of your book, "The Lure Of The Silver Ball".

I will always enjoy quoting the Man from Margaritaville. "Sail away, that is the way I survive". I'm already looking forward to the next time, I get to sail away!