Saturday, February 1, 2014

Fly Winair!

My 2014 Caribbean holiday went very well. I am grateful for all of the quality time. That I got to spend in the sunshine on the island of St. Maarten. The weather was excellent and the people very friendly.
I did enjoy my accommodation at the Joshua Rose Guesthouse located in Philipsburg. The location on Backstreet was very convenient. As I was very close to restaurants, shops and a RBC Bank. Also I was only a 5 minute walk from the Philipsburg beach. I have been a budget traveler for all of my trips. My room at the Joshua Rose was excellent. I enjoyed a private room. That was both comfortable and clean. There was lots of hot water. Which is always a concern when you stay in a budget accommodation. Also my room at the Joshua Rose Guesthouse contained; a fridge, a color T.V. and safety deposit box, and free Internet.
I enjoyed my time in the Maho area by the airport. Trying hard to get that perfect shot of an arriving airplane, flying over Maho Beach. I also enjoyed my time relaxing and swimming on the beach. Located at Mullet Bay. I agree with the St. Martin locals. The Beach on Mullet Bay is the most beautiful beach on the island of St. Martin.
The only complaint that I have about holidaying on the island of St. Martin. Is that is too busy and crowded for my taste. When I leave on vacation. I want to leave the rat race completely! At times, that is a real challenge to accomplish when you are living on the island of St. Martin.
I enjoyed my day trips; sailing around St. Martin, and to visit the islands of St. Barth and Saba. Even though I hated the boat rides to both islands in both cases.
As always I have lots of people who contributed to me having a special time while I was traveling to a new distance land. I would like to thank the staff at the Joshua Rose Guesthouse for always making me feel welcome. I would like to thank Dave Herbert. Who helped me to make the most of my holiday during this trip. I would like to thank great friend Allan S. For giving me the inspiration for going to St. Martin in the first place. If you do visit St. Martin in the future. And if you want to do a day trip to some of the near by islands. Take Al's good advise and Fly with Winair, and do not go by boat. It is not worth the money you will save going by boat. And taking the chance of ruining your vacation. Due to motion sickness!
I would like to thank George. Who is a super nice man, and works as a taxi driver on the island of Saba. George helped to arrange my flight back to St. Martin on Winiar. For his kindness and his support I will always be grateful! A big thanks to the people who work hard to keep the Turbo Twin Otters flying. The people at Winiar make a difficult job look easy! My flight back from Saba to St. Martin. Will always be a special memory in the life of the Travel Wolfe.
Also a big thanks to my late mom and dad. Charlotte and Sheldon Wolfe. For my birthday present at age 9. I received my first flight in a Cessna 172. What a special present that was! Which has contributed greatly to all of my great trips. All these great adventures all started as a dream. Now they have all become very happy memories. My life has been one hell of a lovely cruise!

Dave Herbert can be reach by his e-mail;
Winair can be reached by; 1 (866) 466 0410 From the USA and Canada. Or by e-mail